Friday, December 28, 2007

Note from the author

Hey, The author here... Listen , no I am not abandoning any of my blogs... School has been a nightmare and I have been very busy. Phobia has been very patient for me to continue her story, but some more of Catia's story must come first before her's can continue. there is a reason for this I can assure you I ust beg you all to bear with me and be patient. Between school and all I will ty to at least eek out one post before the end of winter break which is the 4th for me.. then until school ends sometime in june I wil post when I can but I cannot see that being too often.. jsut to let you all know what has been going on... and for those of you who read I love you all and those of you who don't , well go back to 05 and start reading... you need to..


Pho's author

Friday, November 16, 2007


I finally arrived at the temple, black robe hiding my face, eyes peering out at the world before me. I went to the garden and sat, trying to meditate. I looked up as I heard footsteps draw nearer. It was Peter
He whispered my name and that did it.. my resolve cracked that I wasn't going to cry.

I jumped looking at him" Pete.. I .. I just found out.. I'm so sorry..I came to tell you straight away" I held my breath, scared to death

"Cat, you have to tell me what's wrong... I can't help if I don't know what the problem is" You have no idea I thought, feeling green allready and my stomach was wrapping itself in knots.

My hands shook as I cupped his face, finding his eyes" Peter..I'm .. I'm pregnant" I whispered eyes wide with fear

I broke down crying in his arms" Oh god Pete I'm so scared! I don't know what to do!" and I didn't. I was the most hunted woman in the galaxy right now. I shook hard" You, you're not angry?" I asked in a tiny voice.I had never cried, not since.. well. him
I nodded listening to him, being comforted by him " I believe you" I kissed him softly, only finding peace in his arms." We need to leave Coruscant, and quickly, but I'm not sure where to go. The Avengers will kill me if they find out, so will the Jedi council. They will believe our child will be the next sith lord or lady, depending on if it's a boy or girl"

When he asked me where would we could go my mind started to work thhough it was like a turning of wheels in an empty shoebox.

My voice was cracking, I was loosing it" We could go to Ryloth, Tatooine, Danthomir, Endor, Corellia..We'd have to be on the run always. They always find me" I whispered eyes full of fear

"They won't stop until I am dead, they will hunt me forever" I whispered" There is always changing sides..." I whispered mind frantic
He pulled me up and led me back to the quarters the temple had given him. I was starting to shake I was so cold I never felt the cold or the heat, ever.

I could only nod, feeling slightly calmed" Ok" I wrapped his coat tight around me, shivering

" Things will all work out" he whispered " I promise"
What had I done to deserve someone as caring as he was?

I nodded" I believe you.. Your the only thing I believe in right now"
"No one will harm you, or," he rested his hand on my stomach " our child" man that had a nice ring to it, maybe after 6,000 years I was ready to be a mom?Well ready or not in 9 months I was going to be one.

I smiled, truly smiled" I don't know if it's just one Pete" I said giggling
He grinned mischievoulsy.. God If I had any doubt I was in love with him then it went out the window, I love that smile. "We'll be certain to have our hands full, then, won't we?,Not that we don't allready"

I grinned" got that right" When we got to his room I sat down feeling a bit dizzy. My head snapped up when there was a knock on the door
He said he would get it and the second he was out of the room I hid myself under the bed shaking like a dog in a thunderstorm none the less.

I heard whipsered voices and I could hear the woman, that twit who I tried to kil comming closer, why didn't I finish her off when I had the chance? She'd be my death. Just like Bane had been....Who was still out there, I had to stop him before it had become aparent what I had done.
"Hiya, Spidey... I haven't seen you without your mask before," she giggled. "Uhh, hi... Listen, right now's not a good time for an Avenger's meeting, can we talk tomorrow?"

" Dr Strange was insistant you come now. Catia is in the temple, it seems Dr Strange has this crazy idea she's after you" she snickered" Crazy old crackpot"
I heard every word , letting out a tiny whimper shaking covering my head

" What was that?" she asked hearing the small whimper in his room.
My hand snaped for my saber. I would kill her to defend my child
She nodded" ok, I'll tell him, just be careful Spidey" she walked away
I was shaking as I crawled out, saber handle in a deathgrip" I always hid under the bed as a padawan"

I grinned" yah.." I leaned my head on his shoulder, sniffling softly. I was petrified
I nodded. Suddenly I felt sick. Running to the bathroom my lunch and breakfast came back up on me my whole body shaking
I looked up at him wiping the back of my mouth" Thank you.. thank you for everything... " I threw my arms around him huggung him tightly

I couldn't help but cry, falling into his arms" ergh I feel so bloated in this outfit" I muttered waving a hand at my body. I did and I saw the room spin before my eyes
I rose, just stripping off my outfit as I went, pratically falling onto his bed" Got a spare shirt I could borrow? " I asmed, underneath I only had on just some skimpy underwear

I moaned in protest at having to get up but I did and rummaged through the dresser On finding one I muttered" Yano what would be good? Chicken Alfredo with Escargot and chocolate" I mutered absently

I smiled" mmh thanks" I snuggled into the covers, beckoning him to join me. I was so tird right now.. so sleepy.. and these sheets were so comfy....

I nodded, eyes sleepy" Yeah, your going to be a daddy pete. " I kissed him softly, one hand cupping his cheek
My eyes were closing fast, but I wanted to share this with him, this perfect moment

" We will find peace Pete... We can go back to your world... I know you have a city to protect..I could hide there...mmh send Goblin after the Avengers.."
My arms wraped around him holding him close against me. I could live as a normal woman.. all I needed was him..

Saturday, October 20, 2007


It took an age it felt like to get back to the temple. I was greeted by Belda who was almost etatic to see us.

" Master you're home!" she cried, beaming from ear to ear. I scooped her up into a big hug tiwrling her around the hall. My back objected but I didn't care I was glad to be home . Godfrey had my bag so I didn't have as much to carry. I was getting so big it was a chore just to go to my morning classes.

" I'm really hoping you get to stay here for a while now master. I missed you"

I smiled huging her again" And I missed you too Belda. I should be able to stay for quite a while, but I have a meeting. And I think you ought to come along.There are some visitors here who might be able to help us catch Catia. I expect you to be on your best behaviour. Ok?"
Sh nodded and together the three of us made our way to the council room. I knocked and we were admitted by Master Windu.

" Phobia these are the new Avengers. Spider Man, Ronin, Ironfist, Wolveriene, Spider Woman and Dr Strange.."

The man called Dr Strange came forward and I bowed. " I am Jedi Master Phobia Auora Deimos. This is Jedi Master Godfrey Zebulon and to my right is my apprentice Belda Pinik." Belda bowed to Dr strange. I smiled. She was learning fast.

" What can you tell us about the sith Emperess? The more we know the closer we can come to catching her"

I sat down on one of the benches, smoothing out my robes. Belda sat on one side and Godfrey on another. Calmly I began to speak of the past 12 years in detail. What she had done, of her power and knoweledge, all of it

Every kill she had made using me as a vessel, I recited names, dates and places.I could see some of the Avengers were unnerved by my calmness of the whole affiar Espically Spider Woman .
When I finished I felt as though a great weight had been lifted from my chest.I would have leaned on Godfrey's shoulder but we were in public, so I just leaned my back against the wall.

" You're sick" Spider Woman muttered
My eyebrow rose" excuse me?"
" You're sick How can you sit and talk of death like you're discussing tomororw's stock prices? It's psychotic!"

Master Windu jumped to his feet but I shook my head " Tell m somthing Spider woman. How many buildings have been destroyed becuase of a villan you failed to stop?
She stared at me blankly.

" My point excactly. Death is commonplace for me as destruction of cities is cmmonplace for you. I do not question you so please do not question me." I could see Spider Man looking at me , eyes meeting, knowng mine.

Dr Strange bowed to me" You truly posess the wisdom of ages. But for now I think you ought to rest. Perhaps your apprentice can asist us in finding our way around the temple"
Belda nodded and we were excused by the council As soon as all of us were outside I leaned heavily on Godfrey's shoulder. He wrapped an arm around me, a light smile on his face. Footsteps behind us caused us to jump apat. It was Dr Strange.

" I .. uh.. I ws just tired.." I said trying to make up an excuse.
Dr Strange smiled " It's allright, the Jedi Council wil not hear a word from me .But you should truly rest, your little ones are tired as well"

I looked at him for a long moment, before I nodded" Thank you"

Spider Man smiled behind his mask I could tell " Leave the grunt work to us, you've done too much as it is"

My eyes drifted closed, and when I woke again I was tucked in bed, out in the living room I could hear the dull thud of computer keys as Godfrey worked on another Senate report. He had dressed me for bed in my favroite pair of pj's. I couldnt stay awake for long , so I snuggled down into the warm blankets and in a few minutes I was asleep again..

TBC( I promise!!)

Black Heart's twilight

Mustafar, 2 days later

I had made my escape from Coruscant , but I knew I would go back. For many reasons .

Firstly I wasn't going to allow the Avengers to thwart my plans. Second there was something I needed there.

And third, this was the most ludicrous of all.

I found myself obsessed with Spider Man.

I don't know why this was but every moment I was thinking of him. Even as I dialed in some numbers of freinds who owed me favors. They wanted to send the Avengers after me ? Fine! I would bring those of equal power against them. I dusted my hands and began the transfusion. Slumping against the wall my newest project rose from his place on the table" I brought you back out of my good graces. you will obey every command I give you. If you do not I will not hesitate to strike you down where you stand. " I snarled comming closer to the 7 foot tall man.

" Yes Master. What would you have me do for now?"

I glanced halfheartedly at his current state" For now get dressed. though it's not like I haven't seen it before"

As I left Bane to his devices I walked into the holo projection room to speak with my " asscoiates" I might be crazy but not crazy enough to try and take on the whole Avengers squad by myself. I needed help. And I knew who to call.

" It is good to see you again" I said softly" I call on you now to cash in my one favor with each of you. Help me destroy the Avengers and you will have what you desire. Taskmaster. Fame beyond your wildest imagining. Each of you a planet of your own to rule..they are here on Coruscant after me. I need your help"

I cringed just saying it. I hated asking for help.

" What do we have to do?" Moonstone asked , clearly skeptical.

" Just come here to Coruscant. I will provide transport. Then follow my lead, but do what you do best. in short. Arrive, Raise Hell .Leave"

Deathstrike smiled" And you say I will get my hands on Wolveriene?"

" All that my dear and more."

" that's all we have to do?" Diamondback questioned.

" that is all. And I will provide it all, including gold and a safe place to hide." I stepped aside to show them the mountain of Telosnosian gold behind me" All of this I have much more.. One roomful of gold to each of you. "

They all nodded and the holos blinked out. I grinned rubbbing my hands together. Good.. The wheels were begining to turn at long last.

Bane came back out now dressed again. I smacked his old lightsaber into his hands" Make sure everything is prepared. We're having company. "

I stalked over to the end table and picked up a black glass looking ball and it's twin, , pure white. I placed each onto it's respective box. I did not dare clash the orbs together without Dr Strange being present. I could rip the galaxy to pieces.I locked both boxes the keys dangeling down into my suit. If anyone dared get that close to me they would be dead.

With the arrival of my new" apprentices" the end was comming for the Avengers. This thought made me giddy as a drunk.

But why then did my stomach clench in knots and my vision want to blink out at the thought of any harm comming to Spider Man? What the hell was wrong with me?

" Damnit! I don't need these kind of distractions!" A glass vase late 6th centuary hit the wall smashing into a million pieces So ? there was more than that one came from. I needed a nap but in this heat that was as likely as it starting to snow.

Sure enough I look out the window and Mustafar has iced over. The volcanic planet is one of a frozen wasteland.. And .. it was snowing WHAT IN ALL THE SEVEN MONKS?

Bane returned and knelt before me" Master they have arrived"

Finally something going right.

I petted the parts stacked carefully in the corner. I was only missing two more things until the cannon was complete. I had the main pieces and the couplers now. one the charging generator for the startup boost and the second was the power crystal. Without it the cannon would not operate. A cursed gem, now residing on a planet called Earth. It had changed many hands ofver the millenia.

The Hope Diamond.

Black heart's dawning

So I figured, they'd send a strike team after me. Is the best they can do? pfftt I've decimiated entire armies with out breaking a sweat and they send a strike team? What am I a child?

Anyway I guess I should go back a bit. After I had made my escape from the eyes of the temple I knew I had to lay low on the lower levels for a while. It was too dangerous to try and leave the planet with their forces out looking for me. So I rented a room at one of the more shabby hotels and kicked back , one foot lying on the bed, counting the cracks in the ceiling.

The Black Hawk had been seized instantly by the Jedi, so my old baby was going to have to bite the dust taking a few with her. The remote in my pocket ensured that she would reveal none of my secrets. The screams of the dying were music to my ears. It was then I decided I would make my way to the Orange district and wait there til nightfall then steal a transport and slip away.

But I didn't count on him.

Apparently I had gotten too careless. He sniffed me out like the dog he was. though he wouldn't have remembered me. He was just a boy back then. Right after he had been gifted with his adamantium skelton. Wolverine.

" The Jedi Council wants ta see you lady. Yer commin with me" He said stepping into my room, blocking off my only means of escape. Well time to play the charm card.

" I would gladly go with you but I'm afraid we haven't been properly introduced. I'm Catia.. but some others call me Kit.. a select few.. And you're the great Wolveriene right? Part of the X men?" Hey I do my research.

" Part of the New Avengers now. But it doesn't make a diffrence yer still commin with me!" He snarled stepping closer to me, claws comming out.

I smiled" I'll go quietly.. but first.. a beer? I have Canadian.. Rare import these days"

He nodded" Yah thanks.. chasing after you is thirsty work"

I sauntered over to the fridge. I knew he was watching my hips moving against the leather. " I'm sure it is " I mumured popping the top on the beer can. An old slight of hand trick sent a sleeping pill strong enough to take out a heard of thirty bantha into his drink and I handed it to him taking a beer for myself. I never really drink the stuff but this time I needed to play the part.

" To a good hunt, and an even more successful capture" I said raising the can in my hands.

He nodded and chugged the thing down without even a thought. Odorless , colorless , and tasteless. The only way verilium would be dectected is by a talented force user.To my known knoweledge only Mace , Yoda, anakin and Obi Wan could pick it up. Possibly Godfrey and Pho too, but other than that no..

" So tell me.. which bike do you prefer.. A chopper or a Harley?"

He raised his hand " Harrleeyy" he slurred before he slumped to the ground.

I got up quickly and knelt over his head extracting information from his mind. I found out about the Avengers . Dr Strange, Spider Woman,Iron Fist,Spider Man and Ronin. My greatest possible threat would be Doctor Strange. His powers nearly rival mine. And I could not afford to throw it all on the line again. The others would not be a problem.

Rising I raced from the room. I needed to put as much distance between Wolverine and myself as possible before he woke. I doubled back and put my scent everywhere. One of the upper level hotels near the 500 Repbulica. I needed a change.. and a plan.. I knew where I could get the materials I needed to defeat Doctor Strange. and I would need to return to the kilms on Mustafar.

I needed my old apprentice back. Together with the power orbs of creation Doctor Strange would be neautralizied . Iron Fist and the others were no problem. Merely child's play. I had to be careful that Iron fist didn't stick with Godfrey, then I might actually have some trouble.

I saw their diffrences, their weaknesses.. So why was it as I sank lower into the rose and hycanith scented bubble bath that my thoughts were on Spider Man?


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Stepping back through the ages part 2

(Ctd from last post. Sorry for the lack of updates, school is hetic)

" I don't know for certain. But the only person we could ask is Lady Death herself. And I prefer if you didn't get that close. Once one passes through the gate they can never return" he mumbled lowly, dropping onto the couch next to me.

I nodded" but still, even though I might hate her and wish her dead. I have to try and save her. It is my duty as a Jedi. We forgive. Even if the person or thing has caused us multitiudes of pain and suffering, somehow I must find it in my heart to forgive her.She was only using what she knows to survive. She has only been taught hate and loathing. She was jealous of the good fortune the force gifted me with.She sought to take it for her own"

He stared at me like I was out of my mind" Pho have you lost it? Look at what she's put you through! Years of agony! She almost pushed you to the brink of insanity! She would've wrecked your reputation in the order not to mention possibly Obi Wan and several others!"
I smiled calmly" It was because of my resistance to her attempts I found you"
He stopped, stuttering for a moment " Well yeah, there's that.. But but.. what about the time she tried to kill you? And the twins?"

" She made our trust stronger than ever. I know that if anything happens to me you would move heaven and hell to save me and I would do the same, pregnant, sick or not"
He stopped thinking " What about her causing you to withdraw into yourself? So that you pratically speak to no one? And this running around after her and Marasha? Don't tell me you have a reason for that too?"

I nodded" I do . Withdrawing into myself gives me time to watch and observe without effecting the ripple. I interact when I must. I do not disturb the ripple with inaction nor action. Marasha was a lost soul who called for my aid. When someone asks for me I cannot deny them help.Even if they do not vocalize it. Take Vader for simply being in that suit of his he hides from the world. He hides from the many many mistakes he made and feels he cannot attone for. One day he will realize this and ask for help. I can only hope DJK can find it in her heart to help him banadge his spirit"

He sighed and wrapped his arm around my shoulders, batting away a strand of hair. " Phobia.. darling.. If more people in the galaxy were like you the world would be a much better place and there would be no war. "

I let my head rest on his shoulder. Perhaps, and perhaps not. The world would never know.
Just then the com rang. I answered it my voice a bit hoarse. " yes?"

I was told we were needed back at the Jedi temple immeditly. The council had called in reinforcements to help track her down. Apparently someone had mentioned to them I had been looking ill and needed rest. Damnit if it was anyone I know...

I told them we would be there by late tomorrow afternoon. I explained it all to Godfrey. So looks like our vacation would be cut short. No matter. If this was where I was supposed to be, out trying to save her , I would do so.Rest wasn't all that important, just so long as I did sleep when I absouletly needed to I'd be fine. I'd functioned some 5 odd months this way. a few more wouldn't hurt. I just had to be careful.

That night as I slipped into bed I gazed up at the stars and the small blinking planets in the distance. Perhaps we'd go to Geonosis and Naboo yet. I didn't know. All we could do was take one day at a time

Sunday, September 09, 2007

The gears begin to turn

So I figured, they'd send a strike team after me. Is the best they can do? pfftt I've decimiated entire armies with out breaking a sweat and they send a strike team? What am I a child?

Anyway I guess I should go back a bit. After I had made my escape from the eyes of the temple I knew I had to lay low on the lower levels for a while. It was too dangerous to try and leave the planet with their forces out looking for me. So I rented a room at one of the more shabby hotels and kicked back , one foot lying on the bed, counting the cracks in the ceiling.

The Black Hawk had been seized instantly by the Jedi, so my old baby was going to have to bite the dust taking a few with her. The remote in my pocket ensured that she would reveal none of my secrets. The screams of the dying were music to my ears. It was then I decided I would make my way to the Orange district and wait there til nightfall then steal a transport and slip away.

But I didn't count on him.

Apparently I had gotten too careless. He sniffed me out like the dog he was. though he wouldn't have remembered me. He was just a boy back then. Right after he had been gifted with his adamantium skelton. Wolverine.

" The Jedi Council wants ta see you lady. Yer commin with me" He said stepping into my room, blocking off my only means of escape. Well time to play the charm card.

" I would gladly go with you but I'm afraid we haven't been properly introduced. I'm Catia.. but some others call me Kit.. a select few.. And you're the great Wolveriene right? Part of the X men?" Hey I do my research.

" Part of the New Avengers now. But it doesn't make a diffrence yer still commin with me!" He snarled stepping closer to me, claws comming out.

I smiled" I'll go quietly.. but first.. a beer? I have Canadian.. Rare import these days"

He nodded" Yah thanks.. chasing after you is thirsty work"

I sauntered over to the fridge. I knew he was watching my hips moving against the leather. " I'm sure it is " I mumured popping the top on the beer can. An old slight of hand trick sent a sleeping pill strong enough to take out a heard of thirty bantha into his drink and I handed it to him taking a beer for myself. I never really drink the stuff but this time I needed to play the part.

" To a good hunt, and an even more successful capture" I said raising the can in my hands.

He nodded and chugged the thing down without even a thought. Odorless , colorless , and tasteless. The only way verilium would be dectected is by a talented force user.To my known knoweledge only Mace , Yoda, anakin and Obi Wan could pick it up. Possibly Godfrey and Pho too, but other than that no..

" So tell me.. which bike do you prefer.. A chopper or a Harley?"

He raised his hand " Harrleeyy" he slurred before he slumped to the ground.

I got up quickly and knelt over his head extracting information from his mind. I found out about the Avengers . Dr Strange, Spider Woman,Iron Fist,Spider Man and Ronin. My greatest possible threat would be Doctor Strange. His powers nearly rival mine. And I could not afford to throw it all on the line again. The others would not be a problem.

Rising I raced from the room. I needed to put as much distance between Wolverine and myself as possible before he woke. I doubled back and put my scent everywhere. One of the upper level hotels near the 500 Repbulica. I needed a change.. and a plan.. I knew where I could get the materials I needed to defeat Doctor Strange. and I would need to return to the kilms on Mustafar.

I needed my old apprentice back. Together with the power orbs of creation Doctor Strange would be neautralizied . Iron Fist and the others were no problem. Merely child's play. I had to be careful that Iron fist didn't stick with Godfrey, then I might actually have some trouble.

I saw their diffrences, their weaknesses.. So why was it as I sank lower into the rose and hycanith scented bubble bath that my thoughts were on Spider Man?


Thursday, August 30, 2007

Steping back through the ages part 1

Later that same evening I found myself in the Alderanian library Doing more reasearch I looked through anything and everything. Myths I would've normally set aside I read through vorraciously time and again. there was one I found that excited me particularly "The Universal Keystones"

Godfrey entered the library wearing a loose shirt and a pair of thin sleep pants. The tempetures on Alderian were hellish for this time of the year hence our light state of dress. I balanced the book on my knees and turned to give him a kiss. Needless to say I almost ended up letting the book get knocked off my lap as he tried to pull me over the couch to him. After I finally managed to break away I pointed to the book" Godfrey listen to this. I might have something here. ;"

There were three sisters. One with hair of spun gold, one with hair of onyx and one with hair of fire. They were close, but they were also ambitious. One day while walking on a bridge they met Lady Death. Death said to them " I have come for you three. It is time to cross the gate" The flaxen haired one broke down weeping begging to be allowed to stay. the flame haired one stomped her foot in anger demanding" What right do you have to say when we must die?" But the onyx haired one said nothing but regarded death with a kind stare before she stepped past her sisters.

" I will make you a deal lady death. if I can answer three riddles you let us go free. " Death agreed then her first riddle was spoken.

"Time stands still but yet it runs on.Keepers of time reaching from dusk to dawn. "

The woman smiled" Simple. It is an hourglass"

Death looked a little suprised but then smiled" One riddle you have won but 2 more to come"
" Hidden both beauty and horror, a mask of many colors"

She titled her head and looked at death puzzledly then she grinned" Makeup"
Death was flabbergasted! No one had ever answered those riddles before ever! But her smile grew wicked. This one would not answer her last riddle.

"Wise beyond their years,these guardians possess no fears"
The ebony haired one stared at her"Jedi Knights"

Death let out a terrible shirek. Bested at her own game! But she sighed. " A deal is a deal" As the sisters made to cross the bridge she stopped them again" but I have a gift for the each of you, though your sister is the only one who deserves it."

She raised two glass balls from her hand" For you two. Theese are the power orbs of creation .Born from the stars at the creation of the galaxy.These orbs can strip powers from anyone, cause great pain. But they will only respond in need of justice and mercy. "

The sisters took them, greedy looks in their eyes.

The ebony haired one turned to death." I need no gift, the lives of my sisters are gift enough "
Death shook her head " You alone deserve a gift and a powerful one I bestow"
She took her aside " This key is the key to the library of knoweledge. Here you can find many many things. You are wise enough to use them when need arises. "

She waved to the three women" Farewell I take my leave of you"

The sisters took their leave of the bridge and went their seprate ways. The fire haired one went to a tavern . She got into a bar brawl and was killed for her orb.

The flaxen haired one went into town and met up with her lover. During the night he killed her as well and took her orb.

The ebony haired one upon hearing of the deaths of her sisters was sad but tracked down the orbs and locked them away in the library. Years passed and when lady death came for her again she was surrounded by her children, husband and her grandchildren. She embraced Lady Death as an equal and went unto her embrace.

They were reincarnated years later, their roles reversed. The flaxen haired and flame haired ones led good lives but the ebony haired one led a life of woe and misery. But when she died once before Death sent her back . This time with a promise of a good life but she must be patient and wait. She heard none and to this day death watches and waits to give the wise one what she deserves.

I turned to Godfrey" you don't think? Could this myth.. The ebony haired woman.... " I looked at the picture and I almost dropped the book.Staring back at me were shining blue eyes and a face with short black hair.

A shiver passed up my body. the woman in the picture bore the most striking resemblence to Catia it was scary. All except the eyes. The eyes were happy, full of love, joy and wisdom. Hers were always filled with saddness, hate , loathing and darkness..


Sunday, August 26, 2007

A little something for the avengers to consider...

If only if only.. then maybe I wouldn't be so evil.. He looks simply delicious here wouldn't you agree? *smirks*

Monday, August 20, 2007

Salvation and a vacation

Hours had passed dizzingly. I found myself walking down the gangplank of our ship to be welcomed quite warmly by Bail and Breha. The woman looked shaken and scared" She's here? Is it true?" she asked me, fear in her eyes.

" We would not have come it it wern't. I am sorry to frighten you like this Breha. We will either finish this here or chase her from this world. " I started forward but there was a sharp pain in my back and my knees buckled. Bail and Godfrey both rushed forward supporting me as I steadied myself on my feet" It's Catia, she's close.. "

Breha looked at me a determined look in her eye. " Scared though I may be you will not overexert yourself. At least not on Alderann. Come you need rest "

I was about to follow the woman's adivce when a lightsaber hissed to life just behind me. " Yes.. rest.. it will be your last!" I shoved Breha down and turned snapping my own saber to life as Godfrey rushed Bail and Breha into the palace. " Marasha don't you see she is misleading you? Listen to me!"

Marasha leapt at me and I swatted her saber aside easily." You're letting her mislead you!" Blue fire licked at my palms. There was something about her that made me want to cry. To scream that I couldn't do this. But duty came first and she was an innocent in evil's sway and it had to be done.

"Marasha please, take my hand! I can save you!"

" I'll need your help when hell freezes over you----------"

I sighed ,letting the flame blossom upwards and outwards.She had made her choice. I was sad it had to be this way but there was no choice.

"What're you doing ? stop! stop!" she screamed as she was pulled to me. Blue fire was clensing fire. In a person it burnt away any trace of evil like paper. since her core was evil.. I squeezed my eyes shut and prepared for that final moment. When the hate was burned away and she was the sweet innocent girl she had once been.That moement I didn't know if I could stand.

The flames engloved her I held onto her frail body as the saber rolled to the ground. I could feel the sweet girl struggling in my arms , then she burst like a ballon. Ashes caked my hands. Then for a moment the puff of ash spoke with a gentle voice.

" It was her.. she ruined you from the begining.. Catia"

She split my parents apart. She's been the cause of my nightmares since the begining. I didn't know weather to curse her or thank her. Godfrey ran out and pratically pulled me to the bench.

" Are you okay? What happened? Where's Marasha?" His face was a mask of worry.

"Marasha.. gone.. saved.. soul.. Catia.. still.. near.. " My back was in blinding pain . It was because she had saved me on Utapau that I could feel her presence now.I had to be above hate, above anger, above these petty things.. But I could feel it building.. I didn't want it.. The only thing I guess you could say I feared now is fear itself..

Godfrey lifted me clean off my feet. I'm still amazed he can make me feel light as a feather whenever I feel like a bloated beached wale.. pregnancy issues aisde I was never really comfortable with my body until we met.. Long story short he was the only one who could actually make me like myself for who I was no better or less.

"You're going to rest. I will deal with Catia. No arguments you hear me?" The hallway flew past as he strode into the room Bail had been gracious enough to give us apparently and dropped me carefully on the bed.

" But!- I wasn't letting him go this alone!

The next thing I knew I was sleeping.. again.

When I woke Bail was shaking me . " I'm sorry to wake you Phobia but Godfrey is back.. you.. you need to see this"

I lurched to my feet and ran to the entrance hall" where is he Bail?" I asked tensely.
He reappeared suddenly covered in wounds. Blood ran from a cut on his head, his shoulders were slashed up.. My fists shook in rage but as I came closer to him I found myself crying

" Don't you EVER EVER EVER do that to me again!" I threw my arms around him carefully due to his scrapes. He returned my hug without effort. Damn him he scares me more than I'll ever admit sometimes.

" she's gone.. "

" Dead?"

" No I chased her off planet.I think we're taking a small vacation Pho..I'm tired and I know so are you. Just a day or two.. Like it was before.. "He leaned very close" Just us"

My eyes probably popped out of the sockets at this. Though our wedding had only been six months ago give or take I felt like we hadn't gotten any time to ourselves in a while. We were always busy. If it wasn't a mission it was my training Belda. And with the twins draining what energy I had as it was ... Well needless to say Godfrey had been more than patient with me.. bless him.

I leaned against his shoulder" Yeah.. just us.. no council, no Belda.. just you.. and me"
He grinned pulling me to the other room. Bail nodded smiling" I'll see to it you're not disturbed . Dinner is at 7"

How lucky am I to have a man like Godfrey? I quit questioning a long time ago.. I just.. Live in the moment.


Monday, August 13, 2007

Lines on my face, blood on my hands

I love my ships and speeders. The faster the better.

Currently I was in my refurbished ship from the old days. The Black Hawk hovering over Coruscant.

My plan was clear in my mind. The first killing would be close, very close.

I pulled up the cloaking device and slipped past air traffic control around the upper atmosphere. I landed close to the temple and pushed open the hatch. I saw her in the gardens. She was nursing a sore head after Phobia had slammed her into the wall. I knew those bruises all too well.

I walked up to her, a smile on my lips but not in my eyes. " Hello Samantha"
Her head snapped up" How do you know me?"

" Oh I saw the little fight in the hallway. I want to help you teach that whelp a lesson. Your jealous of her aren't you?"

I saw the light in her eyes. Corrupt greedy woman. It would be her downfall. She nodded" Good follow me"

I began to walk away, towards a nearby back alley. It would suffice. If she resisted I could always place her under mind control. One of my specalties. She followed at a quick pace, zealous for knoweledge.

I stopped and my hand reached for my blade. " So you want to know how to teach little Phobia a lesson?"

" Yes, I want what she has. The blood scum. She doesn't deserve what she has!"

" You failed"


"Allready you have proven you are more stupid than she is. Lesson number one"

The red blade shot up, taking her head . It rolled to the ground, her eyes open in shock.

" Never trust a stranger"

I flipped off the blade and tucked it back on my belt. I retrieved her lightsaber from her body. Then I took her outer robes and tunics, leaving her in a pair of shorts and a shirt. For the next part of my plan to work I needed her Jedi robes.

I found a box and placed my suprise in it. After charming it to say what I wished, I hurried to the temple keeping my force signature down. If I wasn't careful Phobia or Godfrey could spot me from a mile off.

I knocked on her door and then dropped from the window across from her door into the gardens. From there I crept around the outer edges, avoiding the stupid politicians though my blade itched to cut down Godfrey who was sitting with them, talking to Bail Organa. Not now. I would have time enough for that later. For now I needed to get off planet and quickly. I had buisnesson Yavin.

I needed the power crystal and the couplers. Then I had to return to Rattak and do away with that fool Kipling, the so called Jedi assisian. there I could begin work on the greatest creation of the sith, and the bane of the Jedi.

The Gryphon Cannon. Then I would do away with these foolhardy " apostles" and plunge the galaxy into eternal night.


Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fading into grey

I wanted to rest so badly but there was work to be done. And I'm of the type I won't take a moment off if there are pressing issues. Right now there were two matters that demanded my immediate attention.

Catia and Marasha.

So the next morning I was up early before Godfrey even was and I was down in the archives. I had a holo map of the planets in front of me little red dots glowing where Catia had been that I knew of and blue dots where Marasha had struck as well.I sat there for hours staring at the map, pacing, trying to find a pattern. I pulled books on old sith symbols, even dating back so far to the founding of Coruscant. There HAD to be something here!

My eyes zoned in and out while I started getting frustrated . Why couldn't I see it?? Time was running out and it would be my fault if Catia or Marasha killed again. There was no hope for Catia this I knew from 10 odd years of experience. Marasha though...

I could save.

I sensed it in her, the only reason why she turned to Catia is she had no one, much like at one time Belda had no one. But because when she was ressurected she wa imbued with evil .. If I saved her I would kill her mortal body but I would set her soul free, beyond Catia's reach.I heard my spirit whispering while I was in meditation.. She told me how to do it, she showed me how to save her, with soul fire.
Now I just had to find her. The longer Marasha was out there the more and more she was falling beyond my reach.

I heard Godfrey behind me, a low growl meeting my ears. " I can't rest, not now.. She's shown me the path.. I can save Marasha. You know I would show the same devotion if it were Belda or one of my own children"
He caught my wrist, eyes flashing dangerously" You won't HAVE any children if you keep this pace up! Phobia you're wearing yourself thin! You've got to slow down, you're scaring me.. " I tried to slip away from him, to not look anywhere but in his eyes. I could see the hurt and the pain, and it made me hate myself for what I was all the more.

He caught my chin in his hand, forcing me to look at him " I will help you Phobia, just ask me, you know I 'd do anything for you. But I'm begging you, slow down before you kill yourself, before you kill our children"

That did it, I couldn't take anymore. I broke down crying in his arms.

I didn't care who saw me, who'd ask questions and who wouldn't.He let me rest against him while we headed back to the couch in the archives. " I don't hate you for wanting to help. I couldn't. That's one of the many things that made me fall in love with you in th e first place. But listen, I can take your burden as well if I need to. I'll just find someone to teach my classes for a few days. We can do this, together. Don't shut me out Pho.. please.. Force I want to be here for you.. for them"

He stared up at the map while one hand rested on my stomach. Today I was four months along. Pretty soon I was going to have to go into hiding as it were,only leaving my apartment at night and then only if nesscary. He was right, I needed to slow down.

He stood for a moment and walked to the map" I know this symbol, its of the Royal House of Corellia.. The old Sith Repbulic, you know what it looks like today.. "
I nodded eyes wide" Of course! I don't know why I didn't see it before! " I turned and threw my arms around him" Now this means if there's three points left in the symbol, then.. "

I traced the symbol in the air with my figner tips" There's three places they haven't hit. Alderann and Naboo are in the path of the lineup. As is Geonosis.. " I scribbled a list of the planets in the path of the last three points. I shivered as I remembered very clearly the day the clone wars started.I was with the 212 along with my master in the arena where Obi Wan ,Anakin and Padme were sentanced to death.

Mace had given me an important task, namely because Anakin and I had worked so well together. A high powered sniper blaster in my hand I was stretched up flat against the roof of the arena, taking careful aim at the top link of the chain that held Anakin. I raised my blaster just as Mace raised his hand in preparation to the Jedi who were hiding . I saw something just as I was about to fire. It was Dooku, his back turned, saber at his side. I could've shot him then. Put the war to an end.But in my minds eye I saw the pain of the force, the dead bodies of Anakin and Obi Wan.. The pain in my own heart too much to bear. It ripped at me like a wolf. So as much as I knew how many lives would be lost, I lifted the blaster and took dead center aim at Anakin's chain. As the shot echoed through the air I remember closing my eyes and a few tears falling. With that one shot I had sent over 150 Jedi to their deaths.

In a way I still hate myself for making that decision. What right did I have to decide who lived and who died that day?

We both left the archives and I headed back to my rooms . I was exhausted and pratically fell onto the bed. I curled up and fell asleep, not even bothering with my boots.
I woke to Godfrey shaking me. " I got clearence from Mace and Yoda. We're to check every planet in the sector that falls under the pinpoint line.. But we're posing as civillans.. or in our case.. Time to step back into the political ring.." He sighed exapsperently and ran his hand through his hair. " We just have to be careful.. and we 'll report to the council bi weekly. Hurry and get packed. Our transport leaves in a half hour." He left me to pack.

I was ready to go in 5 and met him down in the entrance hall.Our lightsabers were tucked safely away in a safety holster( mine under my dress) and his neatly tucked away under his shirt.We were met by Mace at the landing pad

" Go and find her quickly. We all know how dangerous Marasha is alone, coupled with her sith master .. I don't want to think on it.. May the force be with you both"

We boarded the ship quickly and I set the coordinates for Alderann. Godfrey comed Bail to let him know what was going on . After that we could do nothing but wait. I sunk to the couch on the ship.I couldn't even form 2 words before I was fast asleep.. I was really getting sick of sleeping all the time, that and having to cover half the galaxy looking for those pests.

She was loose because of me

And I was going to shut her back where she belonged. In limbo, for good.

No matter how long it took. But you can't blame a woman for being sick and tired of space travel.Can you?


Monday, August 06, 2007

Slipping through the fog

The ship shuddered and goraned as we landed in the hangar bay. I felt cold, very cold. Godfrey supported me as we walked down the ramp. I was shivering nonstop. Thngs were floating at random intervals and moving back to the floor. I recieved odd looks from the other knights passing me in the halls.

Then it happened.

A fellow knight who had been the bane of my existance since I was just a todler appeared seemingly out of the depths of my mind. " What's the matter Deimos? Still need people to baby you? I can't see why you're hanging ot with such .. respectable people as Ivan.." She clearly had the look of someone who had the odor of something bad under their nose. " you and that Skywalker guy are all alike. the prophecy is trash.. The only reason why the order wanted him is because they felt sorry for him . He's trash just like you.. all of you misfits.. You're not worthy of the rank of knight"

Now Samantha Harris made one big mistake there.

She picked the wrong damn day to piss me off.

The shaking stopped and I felt my hand burn.. and it kept burning until I screamed out in pain. What I felt wasn't rage.. You could call it anger I don't know.. maybe just simple .. fact?
" You picked the wrong day to make me mad Harris" I snarled, stepping away from Godfrey, eyes narrowed.

"Aww what's the widdle baby gonna do? go cry to Master yoda?"

I didn't even actually call on the force, it came to me with only a thought. Samantha hit the wall with a sickening force and slid down the wall. There was a crater sized dent in the wall where her head had hit. Godfrey ran over and checked her pulse. But I knew there was no point anyway.
She was dead.

I remember falling, being caught by Godfrey I think. When I woke up again. I was in my room . Alone.
A knock at the door. Who could that be? Anakin? Obi Wan? I ran to answer it. there was no one there but I did find a brown box on the doorstep. I picked it up in my arms and opened it. My body went rigid and I dropped the box onto the floor, the contents rolling out. I began shaking in a seizure as my eyes went totally white for what seemed like minutes on end . When I came to I saw what had happened. I saw her last moments.

For in the box was the head of the woman who I had just accidently killed earlier that afternoon. Samantha Harris.
********Earlier that Afternoon******************
When I woke up the first time Godfrey was with me in my room as was Master Yoda.
" Tell what happened you will" he said in a calm voice, clearly troubled by what I had done.
I explained all that had transpired on the Black Widow, down to Zan Arbor saving me from Catia. At that point Yoda interrupted.

" Why did you not tell the council of what you had done?" he asked.
I looked him straight in the eye" Can you honestly tell me that you would've helped me? Not kept me like a dnagerous dog at arms length only to be used as you saw fit?I know you wouldn't personally, but the will of many can override the will of one. I stayed silent bearing the torture on my own for my own preservation. And to save others"

He nodded for me to go on and I did, explaining how my powers had come back so viloently and so fast they had made me sick and how Godfrey tended to me on the way back.
Yoda turned to Godfrey" Just a freind she is?" with a look on his face that plainly said he knew more.
He blushed around his ears a little" Yes, just a freind. for now"

Motioning for me to continue I told of our encounter in the hallway and how other knights and masters had seen Samantha provoke me first into a fight when I had no quarrel with her. My powers had simply gone out of control. End of story. She should have known better than to push me.
"Speak to Master Windu I will about this. Rest you both should now" He turned and let himself out of the apartment with a small sigh.

Godfrey's com beeped. It was Bail" I'm so sorry hon but I have to meet Bail downstairs for a meeting. I will be back as fast as I can okay?"

I nodded" Just make it quick.. maybe once you get back we can find out the good uses for these new powers.." I trailed off meeting his eyes.

He smirked" I'll be back before you can even say quicksilver" He kissed me quickly and was off for his meeting. After pacing the apartment for a while I settled down to sleep on the couch. I had been woken by the door knock
************ present***********************
The eyes were open but she stared up at me with a malicious smile. " You're next bloodfilth!" she screeched before falling silent entirely.

I slumped to the floor in a dead faint.

Voices.. voices around me..

" Is she okay?"

" How long was she out for?"

" that's one nasty bump on her head!"

"Geezus who'd be sick enough to leave a severed head in a box?"

" She looks a little paler than before"

"Pho? Pho? you have to wake up.." I could feel the warm energy of his hands in mine. Slowly I managed to wake.

Crowded around my bed in the healer's ward were Belda, Mace,Cin and Godfrey. And hovering next to my head in a hologram was a welcome face I hadn't seen in some time .


He smiled thinly" Glad to see your awake Mis I don't sleep in past 9 am.. Geez and they said I was bad."

" It's good to hear your voice again Anakin. I've missed you"

Mace cleared his throat" um.. as much as I hate to break up a reunion here. there are more important matters at hand. "

Anakin smiled apologetically through the holo. I saw he had his headset on for his fighter. He must've been en route.

"Phobia tell us what happened" Mace said quietly, eyes searching my face.

Slowly I began to retell the story of what had happened with Samantha right up to when I had fainted in the hall. apparently Godfrey had come back from his meeting and found me passed out, blood seeping from the wound on my head. He had brought me to the healer's at once.

"How can we be sure she didn't have something to do with this? " Cin asked suddenly, the whole room fell silent.Tenshion was thick. I could tell this had been on everyone's minds. Well most everyone.

"Search the force Cin, Phobia would not do something like this. No matter how much she and Harris might not have gotten along. "

I breathed a sigh of relief, at least most believed me.

" We need to let her rest. Godfrey will you stay with her?" Mace asked turning to him
He nodded and the others were ushered from the room. Anakin smiled sadly" Bunch of nutters the lot of them. But I'm glad they aren't trying to pin this on you. I'll see you as soon as I can" With that the holo clicked off.

I shifted in my bed facing Godfrey for a moment." You know I wouldn't do this but you know who would?"

He nodded meeting my eyes" Catia, no question"

Had she broken into the temple to murder Samantha? or had she lured Samantha to her? The cut had been clean but the blood what there was of it had been applied after, like some morbid canvas.It was a lightsaber cut.

Was Zan Arbor releasing Catia such a good idea? It really didn't matter now did it? What was done was done. And there was a psycho Jedi slayer on the loose.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Song of the Black Phoenix Part 2

CTD form last post

So if you wonder, that's how I got to where I was. Dantooine in a warehouse at midnight fighting for my life.

Just how I like it.

I glared up at her with hate filled eyes, blood trickling from the corner of my mouth. in all her years I had never found someone who had actually posed a challange to me. " You have actually made me test my powers. For that you have my respect, however begrudging. " I grinned up at her through blodstained teeth her trap still running. " I don't run from anyone. It's your head I'll take today." my legs shot out giving me room to flip onto her feet.

" I want to fight. C'mon Inferna, give me everything you've got. I can tell , this isn't the full extent of your power"

"What do you know of power, leech?" she spat at me.. I could feel her anger it was as thin and pathetic as water and had no strength. She was angry just for the sake of being angry.She had no target. As I thought on this she went invisible. I stilled for a moment, panic almost overtaking my senses, keyword almost.

I couldn't see her, but I have never needed my eyes truthfully to see.. Not since... I reached out with my other senses.. my ears listened for the shift of her clothing, the tap of her boots. " Come out.. come out Inferna.. or are you as much of a coward as I know you are?" I slid a dagger into my hand waiting for her to strike. I would be a fool to move until she thought she had me. underestimating your opponent meant death. Many had met their deaths at my hands for underestimating me .

My head shot up as the trap had been sprung. I had been foolish, this was an apparent. I knew that one touch would probably kill me, so I resorted to an unorthodx method to free myself. I reached for a small capsule on my belt and tossed it onto the floor. Black smoke rose , making the trap impenetrable sight wise. I brought my force sugnature down, almost to a force hibernation .

I flipped my saber into my hands, igniting the blade. Plunging it into the floor I cut a wide enough circle around myself to drop into the lower level of the building. I ran underneath her, my boots hardly making a sound. I stopped where I could feel her the strongest. I waited, bringing my racing heart under control.

I heard her comming and I dropped into an easy stance, staring at her with unblinking eyes. "I’m completely defenseless beneath the sabers, Leech. I can do nothing to you… Do you want to risk it?"

HA! Like I would be that stupid to try. The moment I did she would dice me to pieces. 3 volume of the Rylothian master's fighting handbook, written circa 5,300 BBY .After all, it was Zahannah who'd written it.

"That's your choice, I'm just getting started. " I held the shoto out in front of me and my red bladed saber behind me. " I'm waiting.. though that's all I seem to do anymore.. sad isn't it?"

She started throwing her sabers at me , like a child having a temper tantrum. Was this the best she could offer me? And here I was tempted to kill her with some actual dark magic I had been taught by my sith master. I deflected them one after the other.then I felt it.
I'd made a miscalculation.

Her red blade penetrated the skin and bone of my shoulder. The pain made my brain come alive. I thrive on pain as many others thrive on pleasure. It's all I've known, pain.
"Still think I’m a Leech? Call me a Sith! Call me a SITH! TELL ME I’M INDIGO!"

Yup, temper tantrum.. Her own anger would be her downfall, it had no purpose , no target. Perhaps if we had come onto the same side I could've taught her this. Then she could've been a truly fearsome sith.

I smirked. " You wear the trappings of a sith, You carry the blades of a sith, but your angry is a falsity, a farce. you've never known true anger have you? Wanted someone dead more than you wanted your next breath? You are no more than a petty blue assisian who has delusions of granduer"I ran at her, sabers moving into a blurring cross. I brought my saber up into her stomach and blasted her with a bolt of sith lightning" What's wrong? Don't know what to do now coward? Poor little lamb ,break you under the fires of hate.."

Cutting the lightning off I punched her straight in the ribs,I sliced outwards with the shoto, distracting her from whatever pathetic trick she had up her sleeve. I wasn't about to make another mistake if I could help it

I felt my breath leaving me, my windpipe was being crushed. My eyes glowed hotter as I brought theforce around me, under and over her choke, building to a blinding intensity. With a bang i could breathe again but at a cost. I had been thrown back onto a bed of metal.. somethings.. I don't know what they were but they hurt like the devil. Slowly.. I managed to get to my feet but I collapsed again. How the devil could I have made 2 mistakes in one day? Maybe
I needed to return to the kilms for more training.

"Hey Leech," she choked out. She was as worn down as I

"Yeah coward?" I was bleeding and badly, but there was something that made me keep going even though blood poured out of me like water.

"We could kill each other, or… We could kill Jedi… Lots and lots of Jedi. Deal: We can call each other whatever we want, make fun of each other, but we don’t do this again… It uses too much energy, and we could spend that destroying our enemies…"

I started to laugh, and laugh and laugh.. " You're right! I don't know how I didn't see it first!..
You've got yourself a deal.. Together. .we can wipe the floor with the whole temple.. and make sure no wanna be sith take what should rightfully belong to the true sith"

Now that was over and done with, I needed to make a trip to Mustafar, then we could reconviene.

Your end draws nearer Jedi-

Monday, July 23, 2007

Song of the Black Phoenix part 1

I'm free! I'm free! I had waited for so long and I can't believe it I'm free! Zan Arbor you are a fool, a complete and utter fool. While That pathetic twit and her husband made their way back to Coruscant, I decided to put as much distance between us as possible.. Actually I just got a paper map of the planets and picked at random..

Dantooine .

But when I got there I was in for a suprise another sith I had only ever met once. Needless to say if I could've killed her then I would've. Darth Inferna" I can't say it's a pleasure, pathetic little worm, because it's not"

"You’re not the one who has to look at yourself. I think I’m going to die." she went for her saber.
My hand slid for my saber" Shame I killed Zan Arbor, she might have been able to get you out of there. Too bad so sad." I laughed a little. How sad, how .. desprete.. My thumb rested on the ignition button, waiting, watching for her first move

"Hey, Stupid Chica: Now you aren’t sharing a body with a Jedi, you will be killed on sight. Jo’u really are stupid," Both blades ignited , my body tensed like a cat just before the spring. I was tempted to shift but I decided to save that trick for when I truly needed it.

A twist of my arm and a shoto slid into my hand" Maybe, maybe not" I twisted the shorter blade into my hand" I can blend in much better than you, you blue freak"

"Blue! Blue! I’m Indigo! Indigo!" she leapt forward ,spinning in midair like a drunk who was on happy pills, sabers shining brightly in the dim light.

I ducked under the pathetic windmill assult . I spun back, kicking her in the face and lunging forward with my shoto aiming for her ribs.

I felt the blade penetrate her ribs and the blood squirted across my face. She fell to the ground like a sack of rocks, calling me every name in the book. So what? Nothing I haven't been called before.

Some of the blood had gotten onto my face and I wiped it off casually. " Is that all you've got? Maybe the rumors were true!.. I think you've mislabeled yourself.. it's you who are the leech..Not me.. I only used Phobia as a stepping stone.. Nothing more"

She called both her sabers to her ,sweeping dangerously close, then spinning around her.. Didn't she learn the first time those stupid dancer's moves OW! What the f-?

I felt the flesh singe on the crook of my elbow.. Chucha I forgot how much one of those wounds would hurt!. I raised the shoto to block then came under the oppisite side of where I had cut her before.

If I could get to her other side I could end this quickly. My eyes opened in shock as I felt the blade of her lefthanded lightsaber hit right in between my third and fourth ribs. I bit my lips to hold back a curse

"Tonight, Leech. You and I, the Warehouse nearby… Be there at midnight. We battle to the death."

Good, I wanted the end of her and quickly. These injuries were trite and would heal withing the hour with some actual work.

I grinned " Oh no worries.. I will be there.. And one other thing.. I like the way you think Inferna.. I'll see you then"


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Waking up with a startling discovery

I woke slowly, my head was pounding fiercely.My vision was swimmig and I was seeing at least triple.My feet had barely hit the floor before I was in the fresher again , puking my guts out.

This time however it was less than usual and the dry heaves stopped after a few moments.
I rose and was about to turn around when I pratically ran into Godfrey. His hands reached out to steady me as I wobbled. " Morning sickness again?" he asked leading me back to bed. " Yeah.. and my head is killing me.. "

I tripped over the sheets and would've went sprawling to the floor but I found myself floating halfway off the floor. " Godfrey can you let me down?" I asked, frowning at how quickly this had happened.

" Pho.. this.. this isn't me.. this is your own power.. "He said from where he was sprawled on the floor.

I gave a small tug and sure enough I landed sprawled ungraciously on my backside." What the hell?" I was scared but I'd be damned if I'd show it.I slowly crawled to my feet and with my ascent several objects floated up with me.Okay I was beyond freaked now.

" What is going on?" I asked, not even bothering to disguise the fear in my voice this time.

Godfrey rose and came to stand just behind me" Unless I miss my guess. this is your body getting reacquainted with the power that was stolen from you years ago Pho.. This is how powerful you SHOULD have been from the begining"

I guided the objects down one by one. Then I briefly reached out to the other living beings in the ship. I could see Cin, see his every heartbeat, the capiliaries in his lungs as he breathed, deep in sleep. And I could see his body knitting itself back together slowly. Then I turned my eyes towards Godfrey.

The same.. but I could also see Fafnir inside of him,see the dragon as he rested..I could see both force power, both light and dark. I could see the galaxy's weft and weck. into faraway planets. I could see the council 's meeting without tryingIt flashed before my eyes unbidden and unsummoned.

Then I could see Catia. She had left Zan Arbor's body in her lab to rot and now was on Mustafar. Her home planet,plotting, waiting to strike..

I could hear the cries of the dead and dying, the screams of the tortured souls.And above all of this. I could see two faces flasing back and forth like a broken holoprojector. One of Sidious and one of Palpatine.. And for a moment they blended as if they were one.

The last thing I saw was the Works and Marasha's evil face grinning, taunting. I could destroy her now. Without her master within me I could let loose any power I had in me. She would not torture Belda ever again.I collapsed to my knees ,crying out for Godfrey as my head nearly split in half.

He helped me back to bed and placed a cold cloth on my forehead. The power was burning inside my veins like molten lava. I needed to bring it under control before we reached Coruscant.

Before we returned to the temple. Slowly.. I began the process of harnessing this new power.. How had I not known about all this?

Until Later

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Trap of the Spider-part 2( and my 100th post)

I was shocked for a moment until Zan Arbor's words registered in my mind.

" All I want is Catia's soul. I will even let you take that useless Jedi Dralling out with you. Give me the soul of the emperess and you are free to go."

Was it really that simple?

I reached out with the force. We were blocked in here. So what was I to do? I still could communicate with Godfrey, but he remained silent as well.

The choice was mine and mine alone to make.

Was Zan Arbor decieving me? I found myself extending my arm to Jenna before I knew truly what I was doing. " If you can get her out without hurting me fatally, get. her. out."
Jenna Zan Arbor nodded and she attached a cuff to my left upper arm and tossed some herbs in the air. . I suddenly began to feel sleepy. I could hear Cin shouting.. Godfrey was running forwards to catch me as I fell...

For a few moments I could not breathe then I felt multitudes of poison leave my body I shuddered over and over again, my head spinning. The corpse on the table near me glowed black. I thought I couldn't stand another moment of it ,but then freash power poured through me.

My own power, taken by Catia was restored to me as her own power transfered to her new body.

I fell to my knees and Zan Arbor helped me to my feet and undid the cuff. "Her soul and body are one now. you are free."

As Godfrey was unhooking Cin I asked her " why?"

She smiled sadly" I learned much from one man years ago, he told me of you and your plight. I know my evil deeds will not go unpunished. Leave me here.. she will kill me the moment she wakes. Go quickly. I will hold her off for as long as I can"

I couldn't believe this.. I didn't want to believe it. But Godfrey was allready pulling me away from the table as Catia began to rise " We have to go NOW!"

I turned and with Cin's arm over my shouldrer we took off at a slow run down the hall ,back through the tunnel and to the ship. Once Cin was aboard I punched in the coordinates and we were in the air within moments.

"Pho! He needs a blood transfusion ! Now!"

I ran back and shook Cin" My freind listen to me. you and I are the same bloodtype Will you let me do this for you now?"

He only nodded once before he fell unconcious.

I didn't waste a second. I took the needle on my end of the tube and jammed it into my arm and took a seat next to Cin's prone body. Crimsion blood flowed through the tube and into Cin's weakened body. For what seemed like ages the blood pumped between us until finally Godfrey pulled the needle from my arm and puled the one from Cin. he lifted me as though Iweighed nothing and carried me into our room. "Sleep now.. you need your rest. "

I was falling fast into a deep sleep" Wait, th cloak.. haf to keep tai n mara safe.. Cin ..can't sense em"

He covered me up with the cloak I wore before draping several blankets over me as I began to shiver. "I'll bring some hot coffee to you both in a little while okay?"

I was fast asleep before the word coffee was said.

And this time for once.

I had no nightmares.

I was free of Catia at last.

Or was I really?


Friday, July 06, 2007

The trap of the Spider - part 1

The trip was quiet . So quiet it made my skin crawl.The one thing I cannot lie about though is that without Belda around I didn't have to be as careful as I usually am.Like for one example,

After I had gotten a shower instead of a robe I just pulled a towel around me and headed over to my room to find a fresh set of clothes.

It's the little things you miss whenever you take on a padawan, really.
t was later that afternoon whenever we had finally figured out where we were headed.. Sort of.

We had tracked Jenna Zan Arbor to the Chromell sector. One of the last knights who had been killed had put a tracker on her ship.We finally got to planet side, using the tracking remote to locate Zan Arbor's ship. We found it hovering near the Galatic Palace in Theed. It was empty but after some questioning of the guards we found out there was a new labratory being built out on the Sea of Veruna.

A huge station, that if it were to be equipped with weapons it could destroy a whole planet.

Godfrey and I flew the ship out there, landing in an open docking bay.I was scared as soon as we touched down.I stayed close behind Godfrey as we made our way through the station. I reached out in the force and found Cin.

He was in the lab deep in the station.But he was weak, very weak.. I listened close.. He was trying to tell me something but I couldn't ascertain what it was he was so weakened by the tourture Zan Arbor put him under.

We came to a fork in the hallway. He took the left and I took the right. There was a contingent of guards at the end of the tunnel. I reached out with the force and used a sleep sugestion to knock them all out. I didn't want to draw attention to us unless absouletly nesscary.

Stepping over the guards I rejoined Godfrey and we came to a steel ball which only had one door. I placed my hand on the doorframe. I could feel it. Cin was behind that door, and he was near death.

I turned to Godfrey" We're at the right place but the only way in is through a programmed keypad. A, we know we're not on it and by the time we reprogram it, we'll be found out. what do you suggest?"

Godfrey studied the door carefully" Well we have a choice or two. First we can try to rip the ball apart with the force or B.. I could try and melt the door down. It would take me a minute but there would be no identifying marks , unlike what a lightsaber would make."

I stood back" Melt the damn door down. Cin saved me when I needed him. I'm not going to let him die now"

He nodded and a moment later a fireball appeared in his hands and with a wave or two and a flick of the wrist he had a direct firestream pushing against the door. The metal glowed red and the door began to melt from the top downward. I jumped backwards away from the door as the hot metal began to melt my boot tops. Finally the metal was melted away and I ran inside , Godfrey on my heels.

Cin's limp head looked up at me. He was pale as a sheet. "R-run.. it's a trap.. "

I turned but we were too late, another door slammed into place.

"Well.. well.. the final piece of the puzzle arrives. So glad you could join me Phobia.."

A redheaded woman walked out of the shadows.

" Zan Arbor.. I can't say it's a pleasure because it most certainly isn't"

She cackled" Well you might disagree whenever you hear of my plan.. You see.. I needed you for one specific purpose.. This"

A table lurched to a vertical position. no.. no... it couldn't be.. We had been playing into her hands all along god forgive me... How could I have been so very blind?

There stood, or more like lay a corpse, yet to be animated.. an excact replica.. and it was no necromancer's toy.

Jenna Zan arbor meant to give Catia a new body.

Using me as bait.


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Dreams are realizied ( Final part)

He headed back out to prepare the ship for take off. Once I had gotten Belda to come out of her room and gotten her packed we headed out to join him.

When we took off Godfrey seemed very down and morose.. I headed over to the sink and handed him a glass of muja juice" Tired?"

He shook his head taking the juice from me and downing it in one gulp" No.. just old memories "

I placed the glass in the sink" want to talk about it?"

" I'd just rather forget" I could still smell the trees on him.. the pine and sandalwood scent that made me crazy.. made me ache for him.. Just to be close, nothing else mattered.

" You say you want to forget? Then let me help you forget and give you my own special reward.."

My voice was a mere whisper, but he could see the hidden meaning in my eyes.

I am the healed and the healer. 2 sides of one coin

Once Belda was settled in her room we met with the council and were briefed on our new mission.

" Master Dralling dissapeared five days ago. We have sent out others who have either come back wounded or dead.Three knights and 5 padawans . the knights were sent off planet. All the padawans were seinor, near their trials. This we feel is the work of someone who the order has come into contact with before"

I watched this movement carefully. I didn't want to think of anyone who would be as sadistic as to kill younglings.

A holo popped up on screen " Jenna Zan Arbor, the same scientist who kidnapped Qui Gon Jinn some years prior for her sadistic expermients in the force"

" Be careful and cautious. She was able to capture Cin.. who knows what might be happening now.. All of the dead we found with ther blood drained from their bodies, every last drop."

My blood rushed out of my face.. no this wasn't Jenna.. I didn't think but I've been wrong before.

When we were dismissed I voiced an underlying concern to Godfrey " We need to be espically careful on this one Godfrey. if she senses Tai or Mara.. She could try to hurt them.."

"You should stay"

" No! I'm going like it or not!"

He sighed and looked me over over the rim of his glasses. He knew good and well it was useless to argue with me. I could be more stubbroun than Belda.. Where do you think she got it from?

" Then at least wear this" he handed me a black cape " It's specially designed to hide your force signature it will hide the twins as well"

I took it and wrapped it around my slowly growing baby bump. I was about two and a half three months alongish. I wasn't going to take any chances and loose my children now. We hurried out to the landing pad.

The blurred images at the back of my mind were trying to tell me something but I didn't know what. I looked to the west, towards the warehouse district.. Also where the cemataries were. . I could feel something.. I couldn't linger now.. Cin's life hung in the balance.

Hang on my freind. You saved me in my most desprete hour. I will save you.


Until Later

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

As you have probably heard..

As you all probably know right now. Last GLadiator Standing 2 is comming to a close.

Well I have news.

Big news.

Wait for it......

A little more......

almost there......

I am very pleased to say that our own DarkJediKriss has made it to the final round!

Now you ask what does this mean? It means that at the end of this week's competition ANYONE can vote.. That means anyone who had participated, judged, or even watched the blog but couldn't participate.

So go help DJ bring home the gold!

( and give her permenant bragging rights over skywalker )

( yeah my PSP skills suck so?)

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dreams are realizied -part 3

Belda asked" can I go too?" she was eager to learn, I understand that but this mission screamed danger, even for her.

Godfrey answered for me before I had to tell her " Absouletly not. There's allready one Jedi master missing and two younglings. We're not chancing the risk of loosing you too."

"But I can fight!" she protested. I felt her place for a moment. I understood what it was like to be left behind.

" Who was the master who's missing?" I asked Godfrey, trying to change the subject before things got out of hand.

" Master Mundi didn't say, but for Obi Wan to be out looking for her I have a guess. And besides, Cin was the temple swordmaster. I pratically learned most everything from sabers from him. If they were able to get him, we're going to have a nasty fight on our hands"

I sucked in a breath. I reached out to steady myself on the bedrail. A flash of blonde and red flashed before my eyes. A huge wheel.. then nothing.

" But.. I have you and my master to protect me!"

" We're going to be busy, very busy. We might not have time to talk or do anything even kinda fun. You don't want to be around 2 boring people do you?" Godfrey interjected, trying to make this mission seem boring and unintereesting to her.

" You're not boring!"

I got fed up in a hurry with her. " Belda you're not going so that's that and don't even use the whole prophecy bit on me because it's not going to work! You're staying at the temple for your own safety!"

She shot a glare at me that could've melted durasteel and stomped off to her room slamming the door.

I sat down on the bed, head in my hands " Was I too rough on her?"I asked looking up at Godfrey

" Dear, she has to learn her place. If you say no then she's got to know you mean no. Period. and it's not like you're trying to exclude her or anything. It IS for her own safety."

I nodded " you're right.. and. .I'm very proud of you.. do you know that? You not only won the tourtament but you've proved what a great husband and father you are and are going to be"
He sat down next to me anbd wrapped an arm around my shoulders" How so?"

" Well you won the tourtament, and then when three wishes. .anything you could want. .and you use them for the good of others. Most wouldn't give it a second to wish for money, power and fame.. you know the whole bit"

That smile.. I could die seeing that smile and be happy " I have all I could ever dream of wanting , right here" I slid a hand onto her forehead" And here" my other hand came to rest on her stomach ." I have a beautiful, kind and loving wife and am going to be a father to two of the most wonderful children in this galaxy. What more could a man ask for?"

I leaned my head on his shoulder" Everything and nothing "

" All I did was to make sure I am able to keep these three things to the best of my ability. I am not stupid. I know one day I will loose you. But I don't want it to be form something I could have prevented. That is why I believe the council forbade attachments, because most are not smart enough to realize that."

He looked up at the crono and helped me to my feet the lateness of the hour approaching on my mind .

"Come on.. We need to go get mis grump and get going.We're expected back before daybreak tomorrow"


Friday, June 29, 2007

Note from the author

It's come to my attention that there are some people who have thought it funny to steal my ideas. Funny ,cute, amusing I don't really care. the point is I put a lot of work into this blog and I will not stand for people blatantly stealing my work right out from under my nose. I am a patient person. Heck, Ask nicely, and if you're having some problems with some ideas I'll probably even help you.

But the one thing I do not appreciate and will not tolerate is stealing.

Let me just say that I never intentionally steal anyone's ideas. And if I have in the past I am sorry. It was not my intent to do so.I am bookish by nature so the apparent choice for Catia's prision would be a book. The whole idea of a possession by a ghost I borrowed from an anime tv show that used to be on late night called " Yu Yu Hakusho" one of the main charcters, Suichi had the ghost of a fox spirit living inside his body. Yoko Kurama. Back in the Makai Yoko was a thief and a killer.

The reason why I just explained that is because at one time there were whispers of me stealing the possession idea from another blogger. I wanted to clear the air on that.

I will ask once and only once. Please stop stealing my ideas. It's rude, plain not nice and it also shows what kind of author you are whenever you can't even come up with your own creative ideas. I put a lot of thought and creative time into this blog. Most blog authors do.Some do their own thing like DarkJedi Kriss and Jon the Intergalatic Gladiator; others still play great versions of cannon charcters like Anakin Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi and Professor Xavier for some examples.

By stealing ideas from other peoples blogs, without even asking, it's a thumb to the eye of blog authors. It says " I don't care how much work you put into it, I don't care if this is your charcter. I'm stealing your idea because I'm too lazy to either come up with my own or ask for help."

So stop stealing my ideas.


End of story.

Phobia's author

Thursday, June 28, 2007


The universe spins like a great top, always in motion. For one to learn to take their chance on the rise and hide in the fall, that is true power. It is a power many have forgotten and few remember.

I.. remember

One of my first lessons, you rise and fall with the twist of the thread. You seize your chance when the dogs of Hades are at other's throats.

Some Jedi are smart, I will give them that. Even wise. " until possible becomes actual, it is only a distraction"

Never were truer words spoken. But.. in the heat of battle, in the flames of passion, all falls away into nothingness. Everyone has a weak spot. Everyone.

Even me.

It all depends on how well you guard your weak spot ,as to how long you will be alive and how far you will go.

Me ? I guarded myself well, very well. But I made one mistake the first time, one I will never make ever again.

I let someone in, I cared for someone.

It was my apprentice; not Marasha, but Bane.. I let him in, treated him as a mother would a son.

And he betrayed me in cold blood.

One afternoon while we had lunch, he was talking to me and the next moment he had stabbed me in the leg with a poison killed me.

For centuraies I waited, plotted my revenge. I watched the years pass by me, worlds becoming the Reupbulic you know today. What utter foolishness! With the galaxy under one hand one rule then there would be no war.i had suffered the anguish of being torn from my family for one reason, because of a madman. I will not let it happen again.

But I jump ahead of myself.

I waited and watched, trapped inside of this ridiclous book.Then my chance came when I had all but given up.

A little girl ,a curious girl. She was nine years old. She was frightened, scared. Easily impressionable.She wanted to live up to everyone's expectations.

And she loved books.

So what magics I had I called her to my hiding place. She opened the book. At last! Freedom!only a partial freedom but I was out of that book.

More years passed, she grew into a beautiful woman, strong willed and brash. Temperments which I rather liked but I knew needed to be curbed.

Then one thing came along which almost brought my plans to a complete sucess. I should say one person.

Obi Wan Kenobi.

She was so despretly in love with him I managed to use it to my advantage, drive her closer and use the fact she would do anything for him to make her turn in earnest.

But she grew wise to my tricks sadly, then the fight came.

My master an I fought tooth and nail. She killed him in the end, but I recieved no other power save what I drained from him.

A slow recoupration then she falls in love. Bah! Love is for the weakminded!

Then to even drive my plans further into the pits, she becomes pregnant wiht two squalling brats who are still even now trying to drive me away. Though the young girl I managed to mark with a brand which will ensure a miserable childhood for her. In the hands of Palpatine.

So I drew power from them and from her and called back the one who I could believe that would get things done in my in my time.


The arrangements were made with other old freinds of mine and the plan was put into mition. First steal the ashes of the revered Jedi Master Qui Gon Jinn.Not only would this serve in my distraction, but many in the temple would take it personally. Good, the fools need a reality check.Then Hoth and Atris were brought back.

For the final Coup de ta I also had Xanatos brought back. She believed her father to be a saint when he was anything but.Then I let them have a break so I could sit back and watch them scurry around like the rats they are scratching their heads in confusion. It makes for such a farce..

Now the final stages of my plan have been put into motion. That fool Cin is gone and of course they go after him because it is their duty.The trap will lead them many diffrent places, picking up the cheese at each hole until they fall right into the bearjaws. Tired and weakened they will not see the finalie comming until it is too late.

I will be truly free again.And the my first task will be to silence all of those Empire dogs. One by one. 800 huh? Numbers won't help you. Be it 8, 80,800 or 8,000 I will take you down just the same, one at a time if I have to.

The Gryphon cannon will fire again, The galaxy will know what true darkness is.

As I take my rightful place laughing..

Laughing at you pathetic souls

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dreams are realized- part 2

(CTD from previous post)

An elder man with long flowing white hair spoke first. Ancient eyes peered into mine, searchign every iota of me.. Knowing my deepest secrets " There are a few diffrent ways. First.. show him the compassion he has not known through the Jedi, their's is one way of living, show him the compassion he knew from his mother, from those he knew BEFORE the Jedi"

Then his son I guessed spoke in turn. His hair was brown and flowed over his shoulders "Then there is the matter of the sith lord.. He is closer than you think, Go to the 500 Repbulica, there is a place called The Works. there you will find evidence to lead you to your culprit."

Then the only woman besides me who stood in the circle spoke finally " If all else fails Godfrey you know what you must do. What BOTH of you must do. Search for the peaceful means first. Only then if you fail then should you result you the drastic."

Godfrey nodded in response to the council's wisdom . Then the youngest who looked no older than nine spoke after a great pause" And your last wish?"

He turned to me , questioning" What do you think?"

I laid a hand on his shoulder and smiled " Whatever you want Godfrey, I will not stop you from making your choice. My main concern is our future and the future of the order."

Which was the honest to force truth.

When his next words tumbled from his lips I nearly cried my eyes out.. I HAD found my true soulmate.. any doubt I had carried with me, even the smallest iota was erased then and there.

" My unborn daughter's future is clouded in strife and darkness. I humbly ask you to secure her future with the order and give her a good and happy life. For circumstances out of my control and my wife's.. It is possible we will not be there to help her"

I clutched his shoulder, trying to forestall tears I knew were comming. anna was weeping openly and I could see tears glistening in Belda's eyes as well.

"We cannot undo the events Phobia has forseen, not in their entirety. but your wish will be fufilled. Mara will have a happy and good life. She will return to the order one day and marry the son of the son of suns.The order will change and she will be happy with her new life. But beware Caedus, for as one stands on the brink now one will then and if he does turn, it will be family against family."

We headed back to our rooms to begin packing up for the trip back to Coruscant. Belda stopped us both in our work" You won the tourtament, shouldn't we be celebrating?"

I nodded in agreement with Belda's statement. Sometimes she sees what we do not.

"Your both right , what am I doing?" Godfrey asked , grinning. He scooped Belda up and twirled her around before setting her down, doing the same to me. I squeeled as he set me down on the bed, bouncing around like a rag doll. Our fun was cut short however when his com went off.
I could hear muffled mumurs and then he wrapped up the call " I understand Master Mundi, we'll be back as soon as we are able."

He turned to the two of us " I'm sorry but the celebration is off. We're needed back at the temple. Your master and I have another mission"

My eyebrows went up. Allready? I REALLY didn't want to know what was going on this time..

( on a sidenote.. I have offically been here one year!!!! There will be something on that soon I promise)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dreams are realizied -part 1

I woke to the tolling of a bell. Godfrey had been gone for a while now and from what I suspected, probably had let the final start without me there.

I had watched good men and women fight and die for acause they had believed in. I would not let the final match, this culmanation of warriors go on without being able to see it.

I dressed quickly and flew down the stairs Belda following me as fast as she dared. I truly did love the dress Godfrey had gotten for me but I wanted pants back!.. So here I was dressed head to toe in black zipping past everyone like a shadow. I heard a dragon's roar and a rush of adrenline hit my veins.

That wasn't just ANY dragon.. that was my dragon

Fafnir had come out to hunt.

I stopped at the ring's edge. They had allready taken their animal forms. My mouth suddenly became very dry when I saw Khali go in for Fafnir's throat

A scream echoed onto my lips but died instantly. I saw Godfrey take his shot, blood flying everywhere. Khali fell,but he was allright, the blood and the tiredness got to him and he passed out.

Godfrey came to the edge of the ring and helped me up next to him as the high council approached.

" You won Godfrey.. you won.." I hugged him so tightly I thought for a second his lungs would be mush.

" Godfrey you have done magnificantly, you have won the Onkichi Budokai. Name three things and if they are in our power they are yours."

Netsuki was standing there, hands folded but pride raidating from every millimeter of his being.

He puased for a moment then.. " My wife, she is a prisoner of a sith spirit.. Can you banish Catia from her?"

My eyes nearly fell out of my head.. He had been the youngest person in the history of the DaiShujo to win the Onkichi and his first wish was for me? I was astounded.

The council confered then, " We cannot do that, but there is something, tempt the panther with meat, she will come. create a new body for Catia ,she will leave you wife.We can give you what you need to begin"

Okay so not the best answer on the planet but it was a start.

" There is a sith lord from an alternate timestream.. here he is known as Anakin Skywalker. He wil not become evil for sometime yet. Is there a way to stop him before it is too late?"
My heart caught in my throat..

Could they save Anakin from the fate that lay before him? I would give anything for that future to not come to pass.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Vacation- sort of

While we ae waiting for the final match to start.. Which has bene postponed due to White cloud's death.. Godfrey and I are going out into the festival in town.. Netsuki has agreed to look after Belda while we're gone.

It won't be too long and I'll be back though.. I can't wait to be home.

Until Later

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Rise through the ashes

Hours passed since that bout. More rose and even more fell, until three were left. Lantos, Godfrey and Khali. It was announced the final bout would be a transformation match, which meant that they would take their animal forms to fight in. .

To be honest considering the state he was in I honestly hoped he would loose to Lantos. But in my heart I knew he would win.Though Lantos was his only other best freind left he was still hellbound and determined to win. As they took to the ring my breath stilled.

A hush came over the crowd.

Then like the first crackles of thunder the fight began.

My hands clutched the railing as I leaned over as far as I dared without falling.

The wind seemed suddenly so very cold and I turned just in time to see Xanatos and Marasha standing side by side.Belda drew her saber and attacked Marasha as I drew mine and lunged for my father. Netsuki was down stairs speaking with members of the high council whenever the pillar cracked.

I heard the stone crumbling under us and I used the force to lift Belda and shove her out of the balcony and into one of the lower levels.Everything was falling and fast.. I had no choice.. I didn't want to change.. But if I didn't I would be killed.

I let the fire take me, sweeping me upwards and into an eletrical white light. The dress became flame feathers and my face elongated to allow for my beak. I soared upwards and out over the ring.

Swooping down I caught Belda on my back before she hit the floor. She had been too scared at the suddenenss of it all to use the force to slow her down.I landed next to the ring and let her get off my back and she ran to the edge of the ring to warn Godfrey but I shook my head.

It was then I saw him..

A monster at some odd 9 feet tall. stringy black hair and a heavy set jaw. He towered over me making for a very intimadating presence. .His hands were so huge Master Yoda would've probably fit in the palm of his hand like a kitten!

"What you doing here?" he asked me" people watch up there" he pointed to the now rubble pile that had been the balcony

" Bad people try to hurt us, we come down here to be safe"

He nodded with a slight smile " you know them?" he pointed to Godfrey and Lantos who were still fighting in the ring.

I nodded" Yes.. one freind.. the other" I drew a heart on my chest" Love"

" They both very good fighters. You know I face one next"

I bit my lip" I know, please don't hurt them"

Netsuki appeared beside me " Up is down Phobia.. Since White Cloud went to the yang.. one must come to take his place in the yin" He looked to Khali.

" Yes.. way of the DaiShujo I take his place. I be yin now"

My eyes wandered to the ring. They were both powering up .. something..I saw Marasha whispering something .. She would not ruin this fight, not now!

Spirit energy began to hum around me , green light.. Blood Lust poured through my soul, and I let it take me over entirely.. I had not taken this form since.. Since I had died the first time.

Metal rasped on metal and the red jewel on my gauntlet glowed ,as the blade extended hooking around my hand.A gift which had proved invaluable from Yama himself.

The Witchblade.

When my change was complete I was in my batle demon form.. Aiashka

I caught Xanatos and wrapped one hand around his throat in a force choke and with the other I swung the blade low, finishing what should have been done a long time ago.

I turned on Marasha, adrenline pumping through my body." This ends now!"

She laughed and flipped on her saber" That's what you said oh what was it 4 times before? but I'm still standing"

The anger was taking me, I struggled against it with everything I had. This was the dangerous part of using the Witchblade, it fueld any spark of anger into an inferno.

Belda backed up, eyes wide as saucers. She had never seen me like this, this angry.. this enraged.. ever

I went after Marasha.She backed against the wall, frigthened.. scared of me.. And the scary part was..

I didn't care.

I was raising the blade to finish this little psycho whenever Khali changed.. Then my concentration snapped.

He was a panther.. His animal form was a panther.. A white panther, but a panther none the less.

I saw Mara screaming for me, I could see the nightmare playing out before my eyes.. I think I screamed.. I'm not sure.. then I tumbled into darkness.

When I woke it was mid evening, the air had cooled. We were back in our rooms, Godfrey sitting my my side, running a hand over my head.

" That was a nasty fall you took" He said. I felt a cold cloth dabbing my forehead.

" How long have I been out for?" what is it with me ending up in a dead faint lately?

" Most of the day. It's just me and Khali tomorrow. And the high council will be watching the fight, but for now rest."

Leaning back into the pillows I sighed. It was going to be a long day tomorrow. I just wanted one thing. He slid into bed next to me, sans jacket and shoes " just stay safe"

He nodded leaving a light kiss on my forehead" Anything for you darling anything. We'll be back in the temple by tomorrow evening. I promise"

I fell into a light doze, worry and the usual nightmares not giving me much sleep. I just hoped tomorrow everything would turn out okay.


Until Later