Thursday, August 30, 2007

Steping back through the ages part 1

Later that same evening I found myself in the Alderanian library Doing more reasearch I looked through anything and everything. Myths I would've normally set aside I read through vorraciously time and again. there was one I found that excited me particularly "The Universal Keystones"

Godfrey entered the library wearing a loose shirt and a pair of thin sleep pants. The tempetures on Alderian were hellish for this time of the year hence our light state of dress. I balanced the book on my knees and turned to give him a kiss. Needless to say I almost ended up letting the book get knocked off my lap as he tried to pull me over the couch to him. After I finally managed to break away I pointed to the book" Godfrey listen to this. I might have something here. ;"

There were three sisters. One with hair of spun gold, one with hair of onyx and one with hair of fire. They were close, but they were also ambitious. One day while walking on a bridge they met Lady Death. Death said to them " I have come for you three. It is time to cross the gate" The flaxen haired one broke down weeping begging to be allowed to stay. the flame haired one stomped her foot in anger demanding" What right do you have to say when we must die?" But the onyx haired one said nothing but regarded death with a kind stare before she stepped past her sisters.

" I will make you a deal lady death. if I can answer three riddles you let us go free. " Death agreed then her first riddle was spoken.

"Time stands still but yet it runs on.Keepers of time reaching from dusk to dawn. "

The woman smiled" Simple. It is an hourglass"

Death looked a little suprised but then smiled" One riddle you have won but 2 more to come"
" Hidden both beauty and horror, a mask of many colors"

She titled her head and looked at death puzzledly then she grinned" Makeup"
Death was flabbergasted! No one had ever answered those riddles before ever! But her smile grew wicked. This one would not answer her last riddle.

"Wise beyond their years,these guardians possess no fears"
The ebony haired one stared at her"Jedi Knights"

Death let out a terrible shirek. Bested at her own game! But she sighed. " A deal is a deal" As the sisters made to cross the bridge she stopped them again" but I have a gift for the each of you, though your sister is the only one who deserves it."

She raised two glass balls from her hand" For you two. Theese are the power orbs of creation .Born from the stars at the creation of the galaxy.These orbs can strip powers from anyone, cause great pain. But they will only respond in need of justice and mercy. "

The sisters took them, greedy looks in their eyes.

The ebony haired one turned to death." I need no gift, the lives of my sisters are gift enough "
Death shook her head " You alone deserve a gift and a powerful one I bestow"
She took her aside " This key is the key to the library of knoweledge. Here you can find many many things. You are wise enough to use them when need arises. "

She waved to the three women" Farewell I take my leave of you"

The sisters took their leave of the bridge and went their seprate ways. The fire haired one went to a tavern . She got into a bar brawl and was killed for her orb.

The flaxen haired one went into town and met up with her lover. During the night he killed her as well and took her orb.

The ebony haired one upon hearing of the deaths of her sisters was sad but tracked down the orbs and locked them away in the library. Years passed and when lady death came for her again she was surrounded by her children, husband and her grandchildren. She embraced Lady Death as an equal and went unto her embrace.

They were reincarnated years later, their roles reversed. The flaxen haired and flame haired ones led good lives but the ebony haired one led a life of woe and misery. But when she died once before Death sent her back . This time with a promise of a good life but she must be patient and wait. She heard none and to this day death watches and waits to give the wise one what she deserves.

I turned to Godfrey" you don't think? Could this myth.. The ebony haired woman.... " I looked at the picture and I almost dropped the book.Staring back at me were shining blue eyes and a face with short black hair.

A shiver passed up my body. the woman in the picture bore the most striking resemblence to Catia it was scary. All except the eyes. The eyes were happy, full of love, joy and wisdom. Hers were always filled with saddness, hate , loathing and darkness..



Skywalker said...

Creepy stuff there.

Dark Jedi Kriss said...

hate , loathing and darkness...

Sounds like Vader! Ha!

Phobia said...

*snort* I don't want to see hwat happens if those two manage to come to an agreemet. Force help us all*shudders*

padawanbeldapinik said...

Wow my Master, very very scary if you ask me... Myth... hmmm now that'll take some mediatations to discover it to being myth or not... Be careful of what is between the lines....

Phobia said...

I know Belda.. If it is true there is hope to save Catia from this terrible fate, but with so much hanging in the baance. * rubs temples*

Tash199 said...

wow! I get second thoughts...