Thursday, March 29, 2007


Bedrest sucks.. I'll be totally frank here, it really does.i was going stircrazy from all the inactivity. Godfrey barely let me walk around the apartment without help though I felt prfectly capable of kicking a sith lord's rear end from here to Tatooine.but the rest did give me a chance to reflect back on Utapau as to what I had missed, where I had failed.

Firstly, I had gotten too flashy. Grievous had taken advantage of it and used it to his advantage. A rookie mistake, one I couldn't afford to make a second time. Not only that, a new thought occured to me, one that turned the very blood in my body to ice. Grievous was fueld by someone and it wasn't Sidious. Nor was it Dooku. Compared to the source that fueled Grievous, Sidious and Dooku together were insignifacant insects. The source of darkness, I knew as well as myself.

The one who fueled Grievous' rage.. it was Catia. I don't know how when or why, but the signature was unmistakable.A darkside aura hung around one place in the city.. An old place called the Works.. It was like a miasma of sorts.. I couldn't quite put my finger on what it truly was. It was shifting and changing with each passing day, growing stronger and stronger.

Another thing I had noted.. Now this was porbably nothing much of noteworthiness, but I am one for detail. the fw times I have visited Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's office, not only was the darkside aura so thick it ws like ink, but the wholeplace was bedecked in red and black. Sith colors. Not only that there were statues and busts of gods and goddesses of disguise and deception all over the place. The office pratically screamed" SITH LORD" at the top of it's lungs to any addlebrained moron.

Then there was the matter of my padawan. Maybe Catia had been right whenever she said she was too smart for her own good sometimes. She had been asking questions about the twins already. I did not like lying to my own apprentice, but it was better that she not know the truth until I had no other choice.She was wondering what star system they would be born on and from how long from now would they arrive?

Definitly too smart for her own good.

But this little bit of the truth I could not deny her" They are the children of the rulers of the
Corellian system. They feel it is better that they be brought to the temple to be trained. Espically with the war raging. It is in a way safer for them here."

Thank the force she asked no more questions.

I swear if Godfrey props one more pillow under my feet I will tear every sithspit pillow to shreads! I love Godfrey dearly I really really do, but this driving me totally , completly, and utterly CRAZY!
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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

"Check" but not checkmate

Back and forth we fought over the highest leve of the sinkhole planet.The fight seemed to wage for hours, Godfrey an I were as good as Anakin and Obi Wan as a team.The general was tiring I could tell . But then it happened.

He shoved Godfrey over the cliff.

I thought my heart would stop then and there but I could feel him very much alive over our bond. He was fine and told me to keep going while he found a way to suprise Grievous and end this.

So there I was facing down against the leader of the driod army .I kept my style simple. Soresu with a little bit of Vaapad and Ataru . That was my mistake.

With Godfrey missing Belda had leapt into the fight. I could see the general pushing her back towards the cliff. I stepped between , but not before she landed a good blow above his chest plate and took a hand off.I took the second one.

Grievous pushed me back into the far corner of the hangar and I was forced to flip over his head and out of the way.

He had entended one of his remaining two arms and used the lightsaber to sever my spine.

My body dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes and Grievous advanced on me, his eyes speaking death. Well great this sucked.. I was about to be murdered by some scrap heap and I couldn't even defend myself.

As Grievous brought the saber down for the killing blow a teal saber blocked his strike and there was Belda, trying with all her might to save me." Master! Run!" she shouted. The thing was

I couldn't move a muscle excpet my head

I blinked and my head turned and I saw Godfrey drop down and jam his lightsaber into the general's stomach, green bile spewing everywhere.His eyes.. something had changed.. Nothing like that had I ever seen before .. his eyes were those of a dragon in his fury.

Grievous screamed in pain and then breaking from Godfrey and Belda he ran.

I slipped in and out of conciousness. I could feel the force tugging at me, wanting me back in it's embrace. But I was too stubbroun to give up. I saw Godfrey kneeling over me with a worried look" How bad is it?"

" The bastard cut my spine in two, what the hell do you think? " I normally don't get snippy with people but right then my whole body was on fire.. Like I had been tossed into a lava pit ." I don't know how long I have Godfrey.. please, just hold me for now?"

He was crying, or more like trying not to as he pulled me close.Belda's face was a study of misery as she knelt on my other side" Master.. I'm sorry I wasn't fast enough.. "
This was not acceptable. " Belda.. look at me please"

Her red blotchy eyes met mine" Listen, you did something most Jedi masters couldn't do. you took one of Grievous' hands .. None of the masters except Windu has ever been able to do that EVER. You have made me so very very proud today..I could not have asked for a better padawan. "I was crying now too. The tug of the force was becoming stronger and stronger by the moment

I can help you Phobia, do you trust me?

I rolled my eyes" Yeah right Catia, the only way you can help me is if you can make my spine whole again." I was in no mood for jokes.

I can but there is a risk.

Oh this I HAD to hear" Okay what?"

I can make your spine whole again. The risk is.. I might end up going darkside.. I have the same ability Plaeguis did. But I sealed those abilities away. Do you want me to? it will be hell"

I nodded" I have too much to loose.. Please Catia.. Help me"

The pain doubled 20 fold and I squeezed Godfrey's hand as wave after wave of pain ripped through my body shaking me to my core.It seemed to drag on for hours. I thought maybe death wouldn't be so bad after all, but something whispered at me that I could not die.. so many depended on me.. I saw that dream again.. and I knew if there was a chance.. I had to live for those children...

My eyes opened slwly and I could feel the rumble of a fighter under me. The pain was less now but it still hurt like a nightmare. " W..where are we ?"I asked him.

" We're nearing Coruscant. you still can't walk yet.. Your not fully healed but she repaired most of the damage. you need to see a healer"

I nodded briefly not inclined to argue with him at that moment.

We landed a little while later. After giving me over to the healers he headed off to report to the council Belda by his side.It hurt me moreso she had to see this but I knew the time was comming. What pissed me off is I got careless. I'm already paying for it now I wouldn't pay for it again with Belda's life. Never.

They ran test after test on me, and my spine was fully patched up. I was on strict bedrest for a week before I could get up and move.. Force help me..

Dollie came to see me" Pho I have some news.. "

" Yes Dol? I'm kinda tired.. but go ahead and tell me.. "

She smiled grnning from ear to ear in her excitement" Pho your pregnant! With twins! We ran a blood test and it came back positive!"

I shot up from where I was lying" WHAT?"

Dollie took hold of my shoulders" Phobia Deimos.. you are going to have twins.."

I fainted

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Arrival on Utapau and a faceoff with a General

Belda woke me about 5 hours later" Master.. look ! it's done and just in time.Master Godfrey said we're here"

After I had her test it out just to be sure it was working I instructed her to clip it to her belt and follow me

The planet of Utapu is one of a desolate landscape. Not my sort of place you understand, but I am sent where I am needed. I could not shake the feeling that something was going to happen, something bad. I had spoken to Godfrey at length about it and he managed to assuage my fears .The fighter had a cloaking device which was most helpful whenever we skidded to a stop and I gesutred for Godfrey to stay put while I went to speak with the Utapuian leader.

" What brings you here lady Jedi?" I smiled a bit. Simple and to the point, no politics no smoke and miror. I liked this man already.

"I'm afraid war does "

" There is no war here, unless you have brought it with you. Who are your companions?" he asked, gesturing to Godfrey who waited patiently by the fighter and Belda who stood quietly next to me

" My companion is a man of few words, one who trained with Sensei Porgan. We have been sent here in search of General Grievous. The one here with me is my apprentice Belda Pinik."

The Utapauian's eyes widened and he moved closer to me, his head blocking the view of others from the upper levels. " He is here!" he hissed" We are being held hostage! the 10th level, thousands of battle dorids!"

I only blinked once, showing him I understood" Well then it seems our search has been in vain. With your kind permission I should like some fuel for our fighter and to use your city as a base of operations"

Belda went to glance up but I used my free hand to make her keep focus Do not alert him or all is lost for these people Belda

She simply blinked Yes my master

He nodded " What shall we do?"

As I turned to make my way back I barely moved my lips as I spoke" if you have warriors, now is the time"

When I got back to the fighter I comed Commander Cody" we've made contact"

"We'll join you soon black leader, watch yourself hm?"

A ghost of a smile tugged my lips " You listen to Kenobi too much. Just get here.. We have a battle to win"

Cody saluted and the holoimage clicked out. I stripped off my brown robe and donned a black one. Godfrey did likewise, knowing the brown robes would make us stand out more than nesscary.

Finding the path was easy. it wound up and up and up. We both walked in silence for a time, the feeling of danger was stil screaming at my nerves but I crushed it like an eggshell.
We came to the fourth level whenever we saw Bogas.

Godfrey smiled and he walked forward , speaking to the stablehand. A few credits and he pulled me along with him Belda following at a quick pace close behind We walked down the line of Bogas until we came to one. It was sort of smallish but there was a pull in the force neither of us could deny.She pawed the ground nervously and I walked up patting her beak with a smile. " This one you think?" I asked him. In answer , he was already on her back a hand extended to me.

I joined him and boosted Belda between us as he made a little clicking sound behind his teeth and she took off up the hill with a lurch. No crop was needed, not really even the reigns. A grin crossed my face of some memories from recent days and I was forced to jerk my head out of my daydreaming when Godfrey cleared his throat.. " Pho.. now is not the time, believe me." His eyes shot to Belda and she looked at us questioningly. " nothing Belda.. bad joke"

I blushed when I realizied I had been projecting rather loudly.I hoped she hand't seen anything. . Finally on the ninth level we dismounted and I turned to the boga " Its time for you to go home girl" I patted her beak and she turned galloping down the hill.
I motioned to Godfrey and Belda.

Together we climbed the hill and hid ouselves in the hangar bay as we saw Grievous stalking up and down the lines of troops. A brief nod to each other and we dropped into the throng of battle droids sabers ignited as my eyes locked on Grievous.

" Why hello there General" a smirk crossed my lips and I wanted to laugh at the seemingly twisted hate on his metal face.Hate was so misplaced now a days.I had heard his story. He didn't need to hate us, who he needed to hate was the ones who caused the crash that made him loose everything and become a slave to the banking clan.

" A Jedi.. what do you know.. I had expected them to send someone of a more illustrious rank after me .. pity .. pity.. and a baby? is this the best the Jedi have to offer? "

To Belda's credit she didn't move a muscle or say a word. She has no idea how proud she made me just then

Godfrey's voice cut through the shadows" Then that should tell you something general.. you are a toy, a slave to the banking clan.. you are no longer important for the higher ups to worry about you."

Belda stood behind Godfrey,saber ignited, ready to attack if needed.

The general twisted to fix his eyes on us " Is that so eh? Well whenever they find your corpses in the space above coruscant then they will listen to us!"

In a howl of metal, he attacked.
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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My Return to Coruscant and a new mission

I swear I have never been happier.We are on our way back to Coruscant in Godfrey's fighter.At current I'm finding myself snuggled against Godfrey with a holopad in my hands typing away. I won't go into too many details of after the wedding directly save to say I am one of the luckiest women on the face of this galaxy I feel something has changed , for both better and worse. I feel.. it's hard to describe but it's like a warm blanket over my chilled mind..

His eyes were fixed over the system of the five brothers as we departed. He worries about me, this I know for certain. just last night I woke screaming from a nightmare . It was the panther again twisting my dreams. I broke down crying in his arms, begging him to take my nightmares away. He held me tightly until I was able to calm down enough that I could go back to sleep. But I was awake again an hour later shaking madly.

It took some doing but I managed to slip out of bed and head to the fresher for some water. The mirror on the cabniet tempted me madly. I knew that just behind it lay the answer I sought to help me sleep without nightmares. I opened the cabniet and removed a few bottles of pills.I pulled out four of the blue ones, two red and one white.

It had started with pain releivers to help with my battle injuries and it just went downhill from there. now I was taking drug coctails just to be able to sleep. A dreamless, sound sleep. Where I could wake and not have my heart pumping in terror. I know it isn't the right way , not healthy but I am desprete for peace, to be able to have inner calm. Godfrey gives me everything he has, all of his support and love to get me through this, but I feel like I am smoke billowing and curling every which way.

Smoke that not even Godfrey can catch.I cling to him for support.. I love him dearly with all of my soul. I could not bear the thought of anything happening to him. He is my world, if anything happened to him I know I would pass into the force in a matter of moments.
I downed the pills and my feet swayed dangerously as I stumbled back to the cot he and I shared.I could catch the scent of his colonge as my head hit the pillow. I could hear his voice calling my name through a thick fog but it was just too much of a struggle as I scumbed to the darkness

When I woke the rubmle of the fighter had stopped and we were back. My head was pounding as I sat up and was promptly tackled by Belda" Master Deimos!" she was all smiles and laughs " Did the mission go as planned? Are you and Master Godfrey okay?" Nodding I headed for the council room. They had a new mission for me. Cin had told me as such on the way in. I knelt before the council as Godfrey gave the " mission report"

Nodding his approval Yoda turned to me" A new mission for you we have"
Mace flicked on a holoprojector and began to speak.

" General Grievous has been spotted near the Utapu system. Your instructions are to bring him back if possible, kill if you must. You leave in the morning."

I nodded and bowed before leaving.

So I would be chasing Grievous.. The information scrolling across my datapad told me Godfrey would be the only one acompying me. This mission was too dangerous for Belda to handle just yet. if she had been a few months older she would have been allowed to accompy me.This wouldn't do one bit. they HAD to quit babying her!. So after using up most of my sleep time arguing with Yoda, Windu and Kit fisto over it, they finally relented.

I headed back to my rooms, tired and in much need of a rest. But the pups were barking to be let out so I took them for a walk. they were getting to be big now and they needed to go to new homes. I would keep Odi unless someone offered to adopt her and in the meantime.. Force I neeeded sleep and I needed to prepare. .

I floated sets of clothes into a nearby bag and crashed in front of the couch watching the podraces. I only had a few hours then I was going to be sent out again. I'd need every wink of sleep I could get. Even if it was filled with nightmares.

Anakin had been sent off on a new mission as soon as he had come back. He had told me from a com message that no sooner than his fighter landed back at the temple his com had rang and it was the council. He would be back soon as he was able and* chuckles* he warned me to stay out of trouble.. Like he has to tell me.. But trouble finds me, I don't look for it. Simply put.

Morning came all too soon for me. We were taking a specially outfitted fighter with all the latest technology. My guess it was one of Anakin's new prototypes but no one on the council would admit it. Obi Wan is out on another mission as well somewhere here on Coruscant. That's all I know though I have a sneaking suspicion where I could find him if I had to, but that's all I am saying on that subject.

Once I got Belda up and moving she was a blur of motion around the apartment packing everything up. godfreyand I had packed last night. i was dead on my feet while we made out way to the fighter.. Thankfully it was big enough for some beds and a small room for saber pratice and meditation. I made a note to thank Anakin . Once in flight to Utapau I explained to Belda what our mission was in depth.

" I know you don't turn 10 for a little while yet, but I brought along parts for an early birthday present" I reached over for the spare sack I had packed with lightsaber parts . " While en route to Utapau I think you'll be needing this" I pulled out a special teal colored power crystal I had spent weeks hunting for just for her . " Happy Birthday Belda.. now why don't you get to work? I think I need a nap before we land in a few hours.. If you need some help.. either wake me or ask Godfrey okay? I'm not bored or anything.. just" I stifled a yawn " Really really tired . It took me six hours of arguing for them to let me bring you. along, but.. " I smiled" It was worth every second.. I'm very proud of you Belda, never forget that. Tools are on the table.. if you need me I'll be in the next room over and Godfrey is straight up the hall in the cockpit okie?"

She nodded, obviously estatic with he birthday present.. " And you know, we 'll have a party too .." I nearly got tackled to the floor " Thank you Master!" she was grinning from ear to ear. I grinned back and shooed her over to the table" Now go get to work, time's wasting Belda"
As she hurried over to begin work on her new lightsaber, I had to smile. I was able to make one young lady very happy today. that was all that mattered to me.

I sent a message along our bond to Godfrey that Belda was working on her saber and she might come to him for help then I headed off to one of the back cots. Force help me I didn't even manage to kick off my boots but I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Til Later

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Celebrations and Departures

When I woke that morning, he wasn't there of course.. I knew he wouldn't be seeing as how today was our wedding. the thought made me want to get up and just twirl around the room giggling to myself.But I knew I had other things to do. first was.. Oh good lord.. When I took stock of myself in front of the full length mirror I knew I was a mess. I nearly tripped over the sheets that had somehow wrapped themselves around me the previous night as I hurried for the fresher .A little rose oil and lavander bath crystals and I was brand new.. and ready to start a new life with Godfrey.

As I was pulling on the petticoats and such my mind skipped and twirled. Today I would be his.. Today I would finally find love.. forever..Godfrey had told me yesterday to choose anything in the shifrobe for my gown saying that I would look stunning in anything. As I was poking through the dressed hung neatly on the racks my mind drifted to my dream of the previous night.

I was in the room of a thousand fountains.Belda was there, so was Godfrey. 2 children were playing at my feet. I wore a white gown with a white ribbion down the waist and to the floor. The little girl, with brown eyes like mine and blonde hair like Godfrey's came running to me and extended her short little arms towards me and said.. I remember very clearly" Pick me up mamma!"

It was then I woke in a cold sweat.

I came to the last dress in the cabniet and I nearly fainted from suprise.. No.. how.. how could this be? My hands gently lifted the same dress from my dream out from the dark shifrobe and spread it out on the bed.. This was my wedding gown.. I was sure of it.I dressed quickly and sat in front of the vanity, brushing my hair carefully until it coiled at my shoes , white with golden trimsat by the vanity as I applied small doses of makeup. I could feel the force charged, electric around me , telling me this was right.. this was where I was meant to be. There was a knock at the door which I went to answer. There stood anakin, a white shirt and black pants. His lightsaber was nowhere in sight, but I had a pretty good idea he had it on him anyway.

" Pho I just came by to check on you.. Godfrey is a nervous wreck and.. wow.. you look amazing.." he said grinning at me as he took a step back to take me in fully. the only thing I was missing were the white roses that sat on the table which I had to twine into a wreath for my hair and my shoes.

As I pulled on my shoes I began talking , maybe it was just a rambling.. or something more" you have no idea how happy I am right now Anakin.. You being here means the world to me , more than the world.. everything.. you know when I was little I always dreamed of a great big wedding with everyone I knew there and we were all happy. "

My fingers worked the vines as I continued to talk

" But then my master woke me up to what the truth of the Jedi was. I would never have a big wedding. In fact we are not permitted to marry. Though many Jedi masters married and had children the law camwe down we were forbidden from marrying alltogether . though they forget we are human , we are falliable. I fear for the order Anakin, I fear for it's future. They do not or will not see that we are mere humans. And like mere humans we have a right to be happy. to love, to marry. It tears at my heart that such a great order will one day fall , that all we have worked for will turn to dust."

I looked up from my work, the wine half completed . Anakin's face was tight, his lips drawn into a half scowl. " The order won't end, not so long as I am around"

My fingers wove seamlessly through the greenery and my next reply tumbled from my lips like water" Anakin, someone has to make them see. But not by the sword either, but through diplomacy, thorugh understanding and trust. The sword is not the way to make people see reason. No matter what happens. I will tell you something I have never told anyone.. "

I stopped and let the wreath fall into my lap. " When diplomacy fails, when people must resort to weapons and viloence to make others see their point, or more to it, force it on them, it makes me die in my heart.. For every soul ripped from it's mortal confines.. for every child without a father, for every ..." My throat closed like a vice and refused to let me speak anymore. I began crying..

I could hear his bootsteps on the floor before I felt his durasteel hand grasp my shoulder with the infintie gentleeness he had withhin him, though at times he chose not to show it" Pho.. no crying.. please.. Even though many have died, maybe.. just maybe with the happiness you have, you can help save others the right way.. without a lightsaber"

My head turned and I looked up at him with bleary eyes. " You're right.. oh force you're right.. Thank you Ani.. thank you so much."

He smiled" No problem, now hurry and finish getting ready, Godfrey would have my head if you were late" he said laughing at the last part.

Nodding I hurried and re applied my makeup . My little crying jag had messed up my work.I stood a few minutes later and took Anakin's extended arm.The chapel was down the main hall and through small walk over an outside balcony.

Just before the chapel doors opened,, Anakin arranged my veil for me since any movement I made would have messed up my dress. " Pho.. I know you would have liked to have everyone here, but know they are.. if not in body but in spirit. We're all here for you sister.." He looked like he was about ready to cry a little bit as well but was trying his damndest not to. Wordlessly I handed him a hankie I had found on my way out and as soon as he was ready, the doors opened.

Step by step I made my way down the isle towards Godfrey. Black pants, cream silk tunic and a velvet hunter green vest with silver trim.. My world narrowed to just him. I felt Anakin somewhere nearby, but Godfrey held me spellbound. I heard the buzzing words of the priest and I flowed through the answers esaily. Then the next thing I knew Godfrey was kissing me and my world stopped. My knees were about to collapse under me whenever I heard Anakin shouting over the cheering" Get a room you two!"

I broke away from Godfrey long enough to bat Anakin alongside the head with my boquet before I tossed it into the chapel where a young woman with blonde hair and blue eyes caught it. She looked at me.. then back down to the boquet and fainted.

At the reception, which ended up comming afterthemandatory corination* rolls eyes* it was time for the garter toss. Here's a funny one for you.. You'll never believe who caught my garter..

Yes ladies and gentlemen the chosen one himself Anakin Skywalker. He wasn't even trying. He just stood there and when I looked back it had wound itse'f around Anakin's lightsaber. to his credit he didn't make a crack about it but turned every shade of red possible . the middle was red and the lace.. black.. Oh lord.. I hope someone got a holo of the look on his face..
There were many holos taken that day most of which will end up back with us when we return home.. But for now.. I was catching a quick bite whenever Anakin mmotioned for me to follow him into the hall

" Pho I'm sorry but I have to leave.." he said looking slightly pissed off and sad all at once" I loved being here with everyone, but I need to get back.. They will be searching for me soon"I wanted to cry.. the damn council was runing everything as usual

" Your place is here Pho.. and besides" he smirked a little " you have someone in there who is very anxious for this party to be over.. Take it easy on him huh? "
He always made me laugh" Of course.. I promise"

He hugged me" Be safe Pho, be happy. You've fufilled one of my wishes today.. To see you happy with a man who cares for you..Not someone who didn't know what in his right mind he was missing. he smiled knowingly and then turning, he walked off into the night, his Jedi robes blending in perfectly with the darkness. The moon was the only thing I was able to follow him by until the dark swallowed him up completly.. The only thing that I could see was a certain scrap of red and black..

I went back in the hall , alone and returned to Godfrey's side. After I explained what had happened, he nodded and after a while , with the party and all, we retired to bed for the night.I relished in that electic feeling of the force.. The one that showed me that I was following the force and my heart.
Til Later

Thursday, March 08, 2007

A final goodbye

When I woke again it was twilight and the sun was beaming through the curtains. I reached for Godfrey and found him gone. I got up from bed and looked around the room barefoot. My mouth dropped open when I saw the dress he had hung up for me . It was a shining velvet black dress with a celtic knotwork down the waist. With it was a set of golden combs with rubies and black shoes set in silver. With it , a note

The funeral is set for sunset tonight I was able to find clothes for you for the service. meet me downstairs for dinner then we can go shopping if you want
With love

I dressed quickly in my usual clothes and hurried downstairs where Godfrey was just finishing grilled cheese sandwiches and some light munchies . I ate like I was a famished woman with a banquet set before her. In truth my energy had been dipping rather low and it made me tired more easily. Once we were done He gathered up a coat for me and he pulled on his denim hacket and guided me out into the bustling bazar, one arm protectively at my waist. There were hundreds of shops all around I couldn't pick what to get and what to save.. I eventually settled on some of the prettiest stuff I could find including a whole arabian dancer's jewelry set, and well just about everything there I could think of that wasn't too terribly expensive

The one thing that I did sort of splurg on was this beautiful crystal bracelet. In one of the others shops there was a stunning silver and onyx necklace but I didn't get it because it was too expensive.. though I figured it would look lovely with the black dress. We returned to the manor and I managed to find my way up to my room to get ready. After a quick bath and letting my hair air dry by the big french vernanda windows I proceeded to get myself dressed, which was easier than it sounded.

The first thing was the.. you guessed it.. corset.. ugh.. After the party at Sky city I made sure to keep the laces loose, but after about 10 minutes of trying to figure it out, I managed to get laced correctly with no help thanks much* grins* .. The dress was easy , but the last few laces were refusing to cooperate . I was seriously about to have a hissy fit whenever Godfrey knocked at the door. I told him to come in as I sat down on the bench in front of the vanity, the dress slipping around my shoulders and pooling just below my diphragm.

I could hear him snickering at my obvious predicment and I turned a frustrated eye on him" and what pray tell is so bloody amusing ?"

He said nothing but guided me up off the bench and with a ease I had no idea he possessed laced up the back of my dress for me When he turned me around I just stared like a karp out of water.

" how did you learn to do that?"

At my look he laughed outright. " I've had a lot of pratice"

A devilish gleam was hiding just beneath those cerulan orbs but I didn't question it knowing I would just give myself a headache.Passing me the combs I pulled up my hair so it was in an elgant french bun. it was just then I noticed his reflection in the miror. He too was dressed all in black, tunic, undertunics,pants and boots. He took my breath away. I reached for my boots and laced them up quickly.

We would be late if I didn't hurry. Arton was to be buried on the rocky cliffs overlooking the Asheria Sea. The place where he had met Godfrey's mother. Who I found out from a few questions at last, her name was Aurora.

Just before we left he pulled a box from behind his back with a flourish . When I just sat there he laughed and said " go on open it! I got it for you today at the bazar.. "
When I undid the green ribbion and lifted the lid I let out a little peal of suprise. There sat the black and silver onyx necklace i had been eyeing in the bazar. " Godfrey.. how.. how did you know? "

He gave me a knowing glance. " I know the shopkeeper and she has been around for a long time.. She took an instant liking to you the second she saw you.. When I asked her if you had gotten anything she tells me"Ouch nay.. but she was eyeing the Hecate necklace there in the window.. She didn't get it though.. Probably feared you'd reprimand her for buing something so expensive"

I threw my arms around him and hugged him tightly. It was beautiful! i had a feeling that if Obi Wan could see me his reaction would be the same as Anakin' ss slackjawed one when we met him in the grand hall.. amazement.

Kneeling behind me, he undid the clasp and draped it around my neck smiling at my reflection in the window. " C'mon..beautiful.. We need to get going" He pulled me up and kissed my cheek as we headed for our ride.

We walked arm and arm down to where there was one of the waiting charriots to take us to the cliffs. A team of four magnificent black stallions pulled us along. A haunting song could be heard getting louder and louder as we got closer to the shoreline. When the coach pulled to a stop I stepepd out and my eyes could not take in the beauty fast enough.

I will try my best to describe the beauty of the Asheria sea in a few short sentances though it will no wear near do it justice. It was truly the work of a master artist. The cliffs were as though sculpted from the chisel of Gastsburo Da Volvie of Naboo. As we approached the assembled group of people, I saw that Arton had been dressed in his best clothes and was lying in a boat with what looked to be an ancient broadsword in his hands.I understood then. He would be sent unto the force like Master Qui Gon had been.

As Godfrey spoke to the assembled throng gathered at the shoreline I gripped his arm and sent him as much support as I possibly could.Finally when his voice faltered, I found mine. " Though I only met King Arton once, he was a kind and good man who accepted me for who I was. " I saw men gathering on the edges of the wood behind us and I instantly recgonized them as trouble and I raised my voice so I could be heard even by them. " And I beg you, do not let this world Arton fought so hard to protect and love fall into the cluctches of civil war. We all will pass on sometime. Why litter this world, a place of beauty and tranquility with blood? Do you want to see your parents ,your children, those you love here? Then if you say nay. I ask you, no I implore you, help us bring this world back into one united place where we might all live in peace.."

Most fell back but one stupid one remained. " who are you to tell us what to do? What reason do you have to speak? you are not of this world!"

Though the insult hurt Godfrey and Anakin; who stood nearby the two of us, a somber expression on his face, I drew in a deep breath and pulled my answer straight from the force." All worlds are one, we are all bothers and sisters here. As for who I am? I am simply a woman who wishes to live in peace with the man she loves. Free from war, free from death and pain, both of the mental and physical persusaion. We suffer enough. why bring more?"
He stood there, as though not used to being spoken to like an equal then nodded respectfully and withdrew.

Godfrey looked at me in suprise and I nudged him to get on with the cermony. It was getting late and some of the children who were there with their mothers were begining to shiver with the evening cold. I could see Anakin smiling slightly out of the corner of my eye.

" Now as my father gave unto this planet, let it recieve him into it's loving embrace. One journey ends, another beigns"

He took hold of one strong longbow , black and fitted a white arrow to it. He passed the other to me and both were lit aflame.

Following his lead, mine ironically enough white with a black arrow, we fired the first two arrows towards the boat where Arton lay. Then at a guard's command another batallion of archers fired off another volley of arrows and the boat burst into a blossoming fireball.

As I stood there, watching Arton's remains being burnt to ash to give back to the planet he so loved, a glimmer of light caught on my conciousness. I turned just slightly to see a man and woman embracing much like Godfrey and I were.The woman had blonde hair, a cascade of curls falling to her waist, a white rose wreath crowning her head. She had blue eyes. The man standing next to her I recgonized instantly though he was much much younger..
I bowed my head smiling to both and Aurora bowed her head to me and I heard her voice in my head.

" You have given me back the man I love and saved the planet I loved.. Bless you Phobia.. and may you and my son find much happiness together.. You both have our blessings.Farewell"

They vanished as quickly as they came and I hugged Godfrey's waist as the last embers of the boat diminished and the group started to disperse. I shivered reflexevly as the cold air bit across my neck. He looked down at me through his glasses with a half stern half bemused expression. Gus Talon , Corellia's moon rising high above us in the dark night. " Cold much?" I saw he was concerned so I shook my head. Please I'd been to Hoth .. I could handle this.Though he was nearby I heard Anakin say he would meet us back at the house whenever we were ready.He would walk the cold night air doing him well.

"Something else?" Godfrey asked me . The set of his face had changed slightly.. I didn't quite understand it.. I wasn't frigthened by it .. I was.. excited I didn't know what it meant but I was willing to learn.. He lead me back to the coach, but when I caught a glimpse of his eyes, they were a deep jade.. I reached through the force towards him and felt love and something else.. wild and feral.. It shuddered through me like a tidal storm. By the time I got to the carrage to take us back to the manor my knees were so weak Godfrey had to lift me inside.

As the coach lurched I explained to him breathlessly what had struck me dumb and why.He was gentle with me as he pulled me into his lap and explained a few things that in my years I had never had to know and also promised me that when our wedding night came that he would be as gentle and as careful as he could with me. I leaned against him and sighed happily. I had the best of it all.. A man who cared for me enough not to simply take what he wanted and leave.. He would make sure we shared it..

When the coach pulled up in front of the house I was near falling asleep on my feet.All I knew was ghosting hands as they gently removed my clothes and helped me dress for bed. Nothing happened for all you hentais who would be dying to know. Soon as I was in bed, he joined me a few minutes later for a while.. but he was up by sunrise, running through his katas in the morning's light in the garden alongside Anakin who for some reason unknown to heaven had chosen to join him ..

I watched them from the balcony as they moved from the meidocore ones all the way up to the top level black belt katas. Force I was drooling over Godfrey like an idiot and frankly I really didn't care. I saw Anakin glance up at me once and smirk.. Figures .. I think maybe I might see if we can go dancing today.. there is a festival in town of Telosian gypsies.

Til Later

Monday, March 05, 2007

Meetings and Partings

The trip was actually peaceful. No worrying about the council suspecting something and rushing after us, nothing. We are staying in a grand manor house in Coronet. This is where Godfrey lived before he was sent to train with the Jedi.

This place is simply beautiful. It's a cross between a victorian manor and a medeval castle.. Hundreds of rooms, .. It's a dream. His father is ill and from what he speaks of, it's one of the main reason why we've come here . He wanted me to meet his father Arton before he pased into the force. His mother died years ago, and he doesn't speak of it much, but tells me that I would've made her quite happy.

When we entered the house, someone rushed up to Godfrey and whispered something to him and immeditly his expression became very somber. He took my hand and led me down the hall towards a sprawling room that seemed to go on forever . In it was one single bed and in that bed was a man in his 90's I would guess . " is that?" my question died in my throat as he riased his head and looked at me. They were the same color as Godfrey's, sea green.

I left his side and approached the bed carefully then kneeling I let my hand rest on his forehead sending calming waves of the force to him. " you.. you're the one my s-son spoke of? Phobia?"
I nodded" Yes Arton, I'm Phobia.. Rest.. please.. save your strength"

A shaky gnarled hand tocuhed my cheek and his eyes locked with mine for the briefest moment " They will adore you.. you will be a good queen.. "

His head fell back, eyes closed and the hand fell back to the bed . I looked to Godfrey who stood just behind me , his eyes full of sorrow. The last family member he had.. gone.. I rose and after kissing Arton's forehead in a final means of love and respect I went to his side and brought his face down to meet mine.. " You still have me, you will ALWAYS have me.. this I promise you.... Now why don't we go for a walk? maybe get settled in? Help you clear you thoughts.. Let's just get out of here for now.. let them do their job?"

A thin smile crossed his features and he nodded, guiding me out of the room an arm around my waist. I wanted to take this pain away from .. somehow. I knew the pain of loosing family.. but I didn't..The glass doors swished open with the force and suddenly I found myself standing in a HUGE garden ,roses of every sort surrounding me and.. I walked closer to the tree in the center of the garden ..I knew this tree.. barely from my childhood in Spirit World.. " Godfrey.. how.. I.. " Words would not form in my throat.. this was one of the holiest trees known to man kind.. and demon kind.. the crystals that grew from this tree were sacred.. and helped prevent nightmares.
Godfrey reached up and plucked off one of the crystals and threaded it on a black leather rope and he placed it around my neck.. " To help with your nightmares love" I could feel the crystal's magic working on me and brining me closer to inner calm than I have ever been. I rose from the bench and wrapped my arms around his neck. " You are the most loving, caring man I have ever met. How can I ever show you how I feel?"

Smiling he placed both hands on my head and his voice dropped to a whisper" Open your mind to me.. show me.. "

I let every last one of my mental shields drop like glass, I could feel his mind wrapping around mine like a warm blanket healing the cracks, healing the scars. I could feel Catia's suprise as he even accepted her, his love embraced us both. Tears fell as I let myself fall against him, overcome by weariness and well.. just plain emotional breakdown.

He lifted me to my feet, my body was pretty much incapable of supporting itself and led me back into the house, but not before plucking a red rose and tucking it just behind my ear. Up a set of stairs and a smaller door was pushed open.

The room was bedecked in dark blue and silver. Bookshelves lined the walls and above them several weapons hung as ortamental pieces on the walls. Both new and old. I gazed in wonderment at the set of sais hanging above the second bookcase as Godfrey laid me down gently on the bed . " Sleep now my love. please.. you need your strength"

I nodded drowsily" Only if you'll lay here with me.. just or a bit.. "

I could see he was debating to give in or not, and I gazed at him pleadingly" Please? I can't sleep well without knowing your rested too"

A smile twitched at the corners of his lips and a moment later I could feel him pressed agianst my back, heat warming and comforting me like a gentle furnace.. " Now sleep.. we'll go out shopping later.. and head to the docks.. remember Anakin should be here soon"

With that thought on my mind I dropped off to sleep, drifitng on peace and serenity, two emotions the force has not seen fit to grant me until now.

When I woke sometime later it was Godfrey shaking me. " Pho? Pho? c'mon we're late.. and your com is ringing dear. " I woke groggily trying to reorient myself with the waking world. I picked up my com and answered sleepily" Deimos.. what's up?"

I could hear fighter engines in the background and a familiar voice that brought me back fully awake in a matter of seconds. " Skywalker and Pho where the heck are you? You said to meet you at the space dock at 3 it's 430 now !"

A few muttered cuss words and I shot up out of bed , searching for a dress and running a brush through my as usual* snort* unruly hair" Ani I'm sorry there's things that had came up and I slept in.. We'll be right there I promise.. I'll fill you in there."

" Alright Pho but this better be good.Skywalker out"

I dressed in a hurry, a white toga with purple shoulder drapes and a simple sapphire necklace which Godfrey had found for me and brown sandals. We pretty much looked like something out of an old story. He was dressed in brown pants and a poets shirt due to the heat. No wonder why Anakin was grumpy.The robes weighed a ton.

I raced down the stairs and outside where I jumped in my fighter, and Godfrey followed, at a much more slow pace. Too much like Obi Wan he was.. The Star Light space dock wasn't far and I made it with in about five minutes . Grinning from ear to ear i landed my fighter at the other end of the dock and snuck up behind Anakin dampening my force signature . I brought a hand up to cover his eyes" Guess who?"

He nearly jumped a half mile off the floor.

" Jeezus Pho! Don't do that! " He ran a hand through his hair sheepishly, probably embarassed that I had bene able to sneak up on the chosen one. " Don't worry Ani, no one wil lhear about this.. " I said with a chuckle. He stepped back to get a good look at me. it wasn't often that we were able to ditch our robes. " Pho you look amazing.. " he said grinning from what I suspected, pride.

" Ani I have to fill you in on a thing or two.. There's another thing I need your help with.."

His face fell"What'd you do now.. Don't tell me I have to pull your hide out of the frying pan"

I knew he hated having to clean up everyone else's messes. " no no nothing like that.. It's like this.. Godfrey's father Arton just passed away. The funeral is tonight and the wedding is the day after tomorrow. Could you be there please? Both factions I was telling you about will be present and I am hoping for Godfrey's sake there will be no trouble. I 've given him as much support as I know how, but he's hurting a lot.. That was the last of his family. "

Anakin smiled a little and nodded" Sure.. by the way where are you staying at anyway?"

I pointed to the manor on the hill" up there, there's hundreds of rooms.. You can come stay with us if you like.. "

He grinned" yeah.. if you guys don't mind. I'm bushed "

I gestured for him to follow me back to my fighter where I could see Godfrey had already landed and was waiting for us. " I was wondering what was keeping you Pho." he said a brief smirk tugging at his lips.I laughed aloud" you know I had to fill him in on what excactly was going on hon.. Anakin.. this is my fiance, soon to be husband.. Godfrey .. Godfrey you allready know who this but for the sake of formality.. this is Anakin. I have to go and check something on the fighter.. you guys talk for a minute k?"

I hurried back over to the engine which for some reason had decided to belch smoke .A little tinekring and it was fixed . As i made my way back over to them I could see they were getting along like old freinds. " Ready to go? " I asked,grinning . " There's some food back at the house.. and Anakin you don't need to play mr hero jedi here.. please.. not on my part at all.. or anyone else's.. I guess this is sort of a vacation for you.. "

A laugh in his his eyes Anakin nodded . Godfrey headed back to his ship and I turned to Anakin" you can either bring your fighter over to the house or ride with me.. there's a private dock closer to the house which I had no clue of til today. "

" I'll bring mine over thanks"

Nodding I got in my fighter and took off back to the house. When we landed I could tell Anakin was tired . Really tired . Despite his protests to the contrary I steered him into the one of many rooms and pointed to the bed. " you sleep .. now.. that's elderdown Alderanian goose feather. When do you think you'll get a chance like this again. I know your tense so shut up and quit yuor manly complaining. It will help"

He didn't need to be told twice. I closed the door and I could hear him sigh in contentment like a cat being given salmon.Chuckling to myself I headed up to the room I shared with Godfrey. I was dead on my feet too but I did a better job of shielding it from him than one would think . not Godfrey though.

The second I showed back in our room he guided me to the bed and said " I don't need to repeat the same speech you gave Anakin, you rest too. I have a few things to attend to . I'll join you shortly okay?."

I had dozed off almost fully before he was back. I moved over to let him lie down with me. Whenever his arms wrapped around my waist , I let out a little contented sigh and finally.. I was able to sleep.. maybe it was the air or what.. but no nightamres.. for once...A luxury I don't often have anymore and I would make the most of it.
Til later

Thursday, March 01, 2007

A com call and sharing the news

So .. we're set and ready to leave for Corellia tomorrow. Belda is staying with some of her freinds while I'm away and I left her instructions that she is not to go wandering by herself and if possible stay within the temple walls. I sort of feel guilty about leaving her by herself for a full week , but I need the break for heaven's sakes..

The pups were staying at the temple as well as Odi.. Lisette was the only one comming with me thank the force.. I was pratically floating in all my excitement. We'd went shopping the previous evening and had managed to almost wipe out my petty cash from my sabbac games .. New clothes and also books and .. some other things which he isn't privvy to and won't be until I'm ready to show him* winks*

had comed Anakin last night and left him a short message of" If I'm not here just so you don't worry I'm on Correllia" I'm pretty much guessing he thought I had went off the deep end.. It was just then my com beeped.. I recgonized the number.. I gulped.. here we go..

" Pho , Skywalker.. Please tell me why you are going to Correllia of all places?" he sounded tired ,I hoped the council wasn't running him raggad again

I took a deep breath and said .. " Anakin.. you're the only one I'd trust with this.. but.. I'm getting married!" I was grinning from ear to ear as Godfrey came out of the other room and looked at me questioningly.

I gestured for him to be quiet as I listened to Anakin's reply.

" Your what? Repeat that!" Okay.. someone needed blood pressure meds..

" Anakin.. I.. I'm getting married.. " was he going to fly off the handle too?

A long pause followed.. Man this was not good then.. "Wow have I went nuts finally? or did the order change that fast?"

I chuckled at his very good attempt at dry humor and responded as I started throwing things into a suitcase" No Anakin.. the circumstances are diffrent.. much diffrent.. you see the guy I'm marrying.. the attachment bit has been waved for him . You remember the royal family of Correllia? I'm marrying Godfrey Zebulon ,Anakin.. the prince of Correllia" .. My voice was about to crack I was so nervous..

Another small pause then "How did you manage to pull that off? I'm happy for you he must be some man to win your heart"

I was near to tears I was so happy, Godfrey hugged me tightly then went to double check things as I spoke" he is Anakin.. the best man I have ever met.. 1 look that's all I needed .. I mean after everything that happened with Mace.. I didn't know if I culd fall in love.." I trailed off with a smile then " If you can, do you think you can come to Correllia .. we're leaving tomorrow for a week straight.. the council thinks it's a diplomatic mission, it technically is.. Godfrey is the negoaatior for the two factions on planet.. it's close to Civil War Ani.. "

Oh please.. let him be able to come! I didn't want to be by myself with none of my freinds around on the happiest day of my life!

"I can try, Pho. I'm allmost done with this menial grunt work Obi Wan set me to before he left.." I could hear a snort in the background ". I might have to met you whereever you are going. I have one more thing to take care of here"A sigh," And it'll take me a while, even with my expertiece"

I breathed a sigh of relief" You are the absoulete best jedi, friend and brother I could have.. You have no idea how much it means to me.. I only trust you with this.. If Obi Wan were to find out, he'd hit the roof.. " My voice faded a bit as I took a drink of water.. " We're going to be at the Star Light space dock, I'll meet you in the grand library if you can come okay? Thank you so much Anakin"

I could almost feel him smiling through the force " I wouldn't let you down. I'll be there as fast as I can. Don't worry your secret is safe with me"

If I could have hugged him I would have. " Thanks Ani.. And don't worry about Belda.. I've already left her instructions and such.. she's staying with freinds.. and I have Cin watching over her. Deimos out.. I'll see you soon"

After our coms clicked out I turned to Godfrey who was watching me with a bemused expression .. " What was that all about?" he asked me dropping the bag in his hands and taking me in his arms. Isighed resting my cheek on his chest. " Anakin agreed to come to the ceremony.. What day do you think maybe?"

He looked thoughtful for a moment then looked down at me, a smile on his face" Well I was thinking we could have 4 days to get settled in have the wedding on the fifth day which leaves us 2 days give or take for our honeymoon.." I looked up at him questioningly.. " Why do we need 2 days for our honeymoon hon?"

He chuckled and for the next minute or so I was being soundly deprived of air . When he finally let me up he grinned wickedly and whispered" I want to make sure we have all the time in the world.. So you can take your time.. I plan to with you.. "

My stomach was all knotty and jumpy but I just hugged him and kissed his nose beofre slipping away to gather the last of the bags " I have no idea what you're talking about but I'm sure you'll show me when you're ready.. "

Just then his com beeped.

He answered, a few choice words under his breath and I had to stifle a giggle. " Yes? oh.. okay I'll be right there.. "

He hung up and hugged me quickly" I have to go, one of the padawans got a broken arm in combat pratice.. see what happens when I have to get a sub?" he chuckled and hurried out the door" Love you! I'll be back later"

I smiled and collapsed onto the couch idly stroking Lisette. I was going to be married in less than a week to the best man in the whole world.. The sith were leaving me be.. Life was good.. it wasn't going to last for too long, I knew..

Til Later