Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Stepping back through the ages part 2

(Ctd from last post. Sorry for the lack of updates, school is hetic)

" I don't know for certain. But the only person we could ask is Lady Death herself. And I prefer if you didn't get that close. Once one passes through the gate they can never return" he mumbled lowly, dropping onto the couch next to me.

I nodded" but still, even though I might hate her and wish her dead. I have to try and save her. It is my duty as a Jedi. We forgive. Even if the person or thing has caused us multitiudes of pain and suffering, somehow I must find it in my heart to forgive her.She was only using what she knows to survive. She has only been taught hate and loathing. She was jealous of the good fortune the force gifted me with.She sought to take it for her own"

He stared at me like I was out of my mind" Pho have you lost it? Look at what she's put you through! Years of agony! She almost pushed you to the brink of insanity! She would've wrecked your reputation in the order not to mention possibly Obi Wan and several others!"
I smiled calmly" It was because of my resistance to her attempts I found you"
He stopped, stuttering for a moment " Well yeah, there's that.. But but.. what about the time she tried to kill you? And the twins?"

" She made our trust stronger than ever. I know that if anything happens to me you would move heaven and hell to save me and I would do the same, pregnant, sick or not"
He stopped thinking " What about her causing you to withdraw into yourself? So that you pratically speak to no one? And this running around after her and Marasha? Don't tell me you have a reason for that too?"

I nodded" I do . Withdrawing into myself gives me time to watch and observe without effecting the ripple. I interact when I must. I do not disturb the ripple with inaction nor action. Marasha was a lost soul who called for my aid. When someone asks for me I cannot deny them help.Even if they do not vocalize it. Take Vader for example.by simply being in that suit of his he hides from the world. He hides from the many many mistakes he made and feels he cannot attone for. One day he will realize this and ask for help. I can only hope DJK can find it in her heart to help him banadge his spirit"

He sighed and wrapped his arm around my shoulders, batting away a strand of hair. " Phobia.. darling.. If more people in the galaxy were like you the world would be a much better place and there would be no war. "

I let my head rest on his shoulder. Perhaps, and perhaps not. The world would never know.
Just then the com rang. I answered it my voice a bit hoarse. " yes?"

I was told we were needed back at the Jedi temple immeditly. The council had called in reinforcements to help track her down. Apparently someone had mentioned to them I had been looking ill and needed rest. Damnit if it was anyone I know...

I told them we would be there by late tomorrow afternoon. I explained it all to Godfrey. So looks like our vacation would be cut short. No matter. If this was where I was supposed to be, out trying to save her , I would do so.Rest wasn't all that important, just so long as I did sleep when I absouletly needed to I'd be fine. I'd functioned some 5 odd months this way. a few more wouldn't hurt. I just had to be careful.

That night as I slipped into bed I gazed up at the stars and the small blinking planets in the distance. Perhaps we'd go to Geonosis and Naboo yet. I didn't know. All we could do was take one day at a time

Sunday, September 09, 2007

The gears begin to turn

So I figured, they'd send a strike team after me. Is the best they can do? pfftt I've decimiated entire armies with out breaking a sweat and they send a strike team? What am I a child?

Anyway I guess I should go back a bit. After I had made my escape from the eyes of the temple I knew I had to lay low on the lower levels for a while. It was too dangerous to try and leave the planet with their forces out looking for me. So I rented a room at one of the more shabby hotels and kicked back , one foot lying on the bed, counting the cracks in the ceiling.

The Black Hawk had been seized instantly by the Jedi, so my old baby was going to have to bite the dust taking a few with her. The remote in my pocket ensured that she would reveal none of my secrets. The screams of the dying were music to my ears. It was then I decided I would make my way to the Orange district and wait there til nightfall then steal a transport and slip away.

But I didn't count on him.

Apparently I had gotten too careless. He sniffed me out like the dog he was. though he wouldn't have remembered me. He was just a boy back then. Right after he had been gifted with his adamantium skelton. Wolverine.

" The Jedi Council wants ta see you lady. Yer commin with me" He said stepping into my room, blocking off my only means of escape. Well time to play the charm card.

" I would gladly go with you but I'm afraid we haven't been properly introduced. I'm Catia.. but some others call me Kit.. a select few.. And you're the great Wolveriene right? Part of the X men?" Hey I do my research.

" Part of the New Avengers now. But it doesn't make a diffrence yer still commin with me!" He snarled stepping closer to me, claws comming out.

I smiled" I'll go quietly.. but first.. a beer? I have Canadian.. Rare import these days"

He nodded" Yah thanks.. chasing after you is thirsty work"

I sauntered over to the fridge. I knew he was watching my hips moving against the leather. " I'm sure it is " I mumured popping the top on the beer can. An old slight of hand trick sent a sleeping pill strong enough to take out a heard of thirty bantha into his drink and I handed it to him taking a beer for myself. I never really drink the stuff but this time I needed to play the part.

" To a good hunt, and an even more successful capture" I said raising the can in my hands.

He nodded and chugged the thing down without even a thought. Odorless , colorless , and tasteless. The only way verilium would be dectected is by a talented force user.To my known knoweledge only Mace , Yoda, anakin and Obi Wan could pick it up. Possibly Godfrey and Pho too, but other than that no..

" So tell me.. which bike do you prefer.. A chopper or a Harley?"

He raised his hand " Harrleeyy" he slurred before he slumped to the ground.

I got up quickly and knelt over his head extracting information from his mind. I found out about the Avengers . Dr Strange, Spider Woman,Iron Fist,Spider Man and Ronin. My greatest possible threat would be Doctor Strange. His powers nearly rival mine. And I could not afford to throw it all on the line again. The others would not be a problem.

Rising I raced from the room. I needed to put as much distance between Wolverine and myself as possible before he woke. I doubled back and put my scent everywhere. One of the upper level hotels near the 500 Repbulica. I needed a change.. and a plan.. I knew where I could get the materials I needed to defeat Doctor Strange. and I would need to return to the kilms on Mustafar.

I needed my old apprentice back. Together with the power orbs of creation Doctor Strange would be neautralizied . Iron Fist and the others were no problem. Merely child's play. I had to be careful that Iron fist didn't stick with Godfrey, then I might actually have some trouble.

I saw their diffrences, their weaknesses.. So why was it as I sank lower into the rose and hycanith scented bubble bath that my thoughts were on Spider Man?