Sunday, April 29, 2007

This was low..

The next morning came way too quickly for me. I was as comfortable and peaceful as I had been in a very long time. Godfrey's chin was resting on my shoulder, a leg wrapped around both of mine. The morning air was cool, blowing in from the slightly opened windows. Lisette hopped up on the bed and started rubbing my hand purring anxiously with her trade mark" feed me stupid" look on her face.

A part of me wanted to just float the can out from the cupboard open it and dump it in her bowl so I could stay in bed. But I knew if I did that someone was BOUND to call needing one of us in minutes and the peace would be ruined. Grumbling the whole way I edged myself away from Godfrey and slid out of bed, wrapping a robe around me padding out to the kitchen.Suprisingly

Belda was already out there praticing kata over in the corner. She was comming along with Heian Shodon quite nicely, just a little work on the knifehand blocks and it would be perfect. I knew Godfrey would be happy with her progress. " Oh! good morning master! I hope I didn't wake you two" she said smiling sheepishly.

I went over to the cupboard and opened Lisette's food , spooning some into the dish before setting it down to the purring monster. " No you were fine Belda, , this one" I jerked my thumb towards the cat who was munching contentedly face first in the dish" woke me up. if it hadn't have been her someone else would've . I know too well by now."

I set the table for breakfast and started pulling things from the cupboards for us and got the bacon going while Belda pulled out the orange juice from the fridge. " Master you said last night about something to make sure Marasha doesn't come here again.. What are you planning to do?"
I placed breakfast on the table for Belda and Godfrey who came out into the kitchen robe trailing a little and the cutest sleepy expression on his face. " That you will see after breakfast"

After breakfast I dressed and went to the center living area and after moving some things around so we had a clear area, I started setting things into place.Tapping my spirit powers I could see the black dustclouds Marasha had left in her wake. Godfrey brought me a smaller chest that I kept for occasions such as this. These tools had been given to me as a gift from Master Paradox. I removed the old oakhandle brrom and began sweeping away the negative energy . The broom being empowered by light each time it touched a black tumbleweedish dustcloud it simply vanished. Replacing The broom in the chest next came the salt. Belda was peering curiously into the chest." What's all this master?"

Smiling as I walked around the circle I explained" My master and I were attacked by a sith in our quaters,much like last night. My master brought this out and told me we neded to clean away the negative energy so she could not draw on it, like a fish to bait." I stopped in the center of the circle. On the floor was a five pointed star surounded by a circle. A symbol of my master's people .A grin of relazation crept across my brain. I remembered that day. My master had told me" Someday you will have to explain all this to YOUR padawan."

Never at that time did I ever think I'd have a padawan. Nor did I think I would be married, pregnant and training the child of light. But I digress

" Belda will you please hand me the blue, white, green and red candles as well as the two white taper candles. Godfrey, the silver miror please?"

Godfrey passed me the miror and I called a black candle to my hand and lit it.

" We are immune to their malice, their hate.We will not accept their guilt, or their intolernace. their words and thoughts are no bane to us!" I clutched the candle tightly in my right hand and brought the flame close to the glass.

I gathered all the spiritual energy present in the room and used it to back my own. The black wax dripped on the miror and hissed harshly like acid before it became just wax. "Neither master nor apprentice will hold sway over us any longer. The chains are cast away. Darkness be gone you have no place here!!"

For a moment the black candle flared lighting the other six candles which Belda had placed correctly. I snuffed the black candle and broke it in half before grinding it under my foot.

" Pho why does it feel like that some dark cloud has been lifted from the temple?"Godfrey asked as I handed him the miror wrapped in black cloth.

" Because it has been. Now the door is closed. It must be locked"
I picked up a moonstone that was resting near the bottom of the trunk. The whole thing was littered with stones of various assortments. Walking around to each of the candles i held the stone above until it glowed bright hot in my hand . Clutching it tightly I repeated the rhyme my master taught me to keep evil away from my dreams.. I hoped it still worked for someone, but I was going to add something to it.

" Pain given pain returned, thrice around the circle's bound evil sink into the ground. Shed my tears and lock thedoor Evil come into this place nevermore! Protect those of light seen and unseen gather us all in quiet harmony"

I let the moonstone drop to the floor holding my hand.Normally even under such intesne heat it would've held up. But it smashed into a million pieces. I could hear the force clear as a bell. It screamed" DANGER!" in my head like nails on a chalkboard and I could hear people shouting down the hall. A few movements and the apartment looked like it's normal self. All three of us ran out to see what was going on.

There was a small crowd around the room of a thousand fountains. I slipped in the side door and ran to where several council members were standing with grave looks on their faces. I saw master yoda and I bowed quickly before speaking" Please masters, what has happened?" then I saw it. there was a place of honor where Master Qui Gon's urn, one of two rested. the second was on Naboo hidden well in the capital city of Theed, under lock and key in the queen's private apartments in a small zen shrine.

The urn was gone

A chill of cold fear dropped into my stomach before Yoda answered " Stolen Master Qui Gon's remains have been. To Naboo we must send a capable pair of knights to bring back the second urn where it can be safeguarded. Unpunished this travesty will not be." Master Yoda was as upset as I had ever seen him. His hands shook as he clutched his grimer stick . "Not many there are who I would trust with such a task. Qui Gon was a good man. He does not deserve this now after so long.. To be taken away from the place he called home!"

Tears welled in the ancient masters eyes, and I did the only thing sensible. I dropped down onto my knees and hugged him close, letting him know that he was not alone.. that someone WAS there, though it might not seem like it.

Moments seemed to pass slowly but I didn't move an inch. Finally he let go and stepped back, seemingly better for the hug. But before he let go entirely he mumured only loud enough that I could hear" A fine mother you'll make"

I nearly fell over. Was he saying he KNEW?

He stepped back and cleared his throat" To Naboo I will send you and Godfrey. With the hope that you two can avoid any further potential crisis before others find out " I had a good idea what he meant. If Anakin found out , or Obi Wan for that matter, the temple would be in chaos. Between the three of us, I was the one with the level head here.

" Make haste you must, for in a few short days Anakin is due back from his mission. Go to Naboo and check on the second urn you will . Make sure security is strong. Then wait there. Whoever took the urn will strike again, this I am sure"

I bowed and quickly hurried out, meeting Belda and Godfrey in the hall.

" Belda run back to your room and pack a fast bag. We leave for Naboo in 10 minutes"
She took off quick as she could, picking up on my urgency. Godfrey and I pratically ran back behind her and threw some things together and were on the ship within 5 minutes.When we were in orbit I turned to the others and sat down in a chair to calm my racing heartrate. This was going to sicken me for even the words passing my lips." The reason we are going to Naboo is that, the urn in the room of a thousand fountains was stolen. Qui Gon's urn."

Godfrey broke out in a cold sweat and Belda's eyes pratically bugged out of her head." They fear whoever stole the first urn will try for the second.In fact I know they will.. There were void pockets all around the pedastal. " Godfrey and I exchanged a look. We both knew what that meant.

Marasha had stolen the urn, for Catia.

The question was why?



Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A midnight meeting

The briefing seemed to drag on for hours though it was only a short hour. I must have been as ill as I felt. Master Mundi saw this and asked me" Are you sure that you are up to this? I could have Godfrey go in your place.."

I immeditly shot that idea down.. This was my job and I would drag myself through pits and hell efore I would let someone have to shoulder my work, even my husband.

My job seemed simple. there was a third girl by the name of Marsha missing. Master Mundi seemed to think that she had a connection to the dissaperances of the other two.My job was to sit and wait for her to come out..

She was always limpsed in the temple wandering the hall near my room always at midnight. The fact that I hadn't sensed or felt her disturbed me greatly and aroused my suspicions as to who was really behind this.

Later that night I sat propped against a small stack of pillows, though in truth they felt like a mountain.. Godfrey and Belda seemed eager to make me comfortable as possible.The clock chimed quater til 12 and all of a sudden my head felt like it was going to split open. I could feel darkside waves howling all around the room and the windows banged and clattered noisily. the headache eased slowly like a wine cork under pressure.

When the clock hit midnight I could see a shadow rising up near the window.

It was a young girl near Belda's age with curly blonde hair.I don't know how I knew but this girl seemed familiar.. I turned to welcome her" Hello Marsha"

She seemed taken aback that I knew of her but then started spouting anger and nonesnese aimed almost directly at Belda. This tirade was almost identical to what I had been suffered to listen to for years. When she mentioned her " master" it seemed Godfrey had been thinking along the same lines I had been. He retrieved a small picture from the trunk done in watercolor but the face was unmistakeable" Is this your master?" he asked her, standing near enough to
Belda that if Marsha tried to attack her he would intercept her.

My ire rised a few notches when she out and out called him a thief but somehow he managed to keep the situation under control" just answer a few questions for us and the picture is yours"
She flopped down in one of the nearby chairs and nodded curtly" Fine I'll answer your stupid questions, what harm can it do?"

Godfrey took a seat oppisite her and Belda sat down next to me" How did you come by this picture orignally?"

" My master gave it to me"

" The year is 20 BBY, when did your master give you this?"

" 766 BBY"

Godfrey and I exchanged glances.. No.. it couldn't be..

" That's right my master called me back from the dead! called me back to retrieve what was stolen from her!"

I had a sneaking suspicion of what was stolen form her or so she claimed.. But I had to ask.. " Marsha, what did she bring you back to retrieve?"

She stood flinging her arms out" The grimorie and the music box! she wants them both back!"
I could see the path Marsha was traveling down..Catia was exploiting Marsha's trust like she had exploited my love for Obi Wan at one time. this would not end well.. " Marsha I ask you to hear me.. Catia trusts no one.. she has no allies. her only ally is herself.. in the end she will dennounce you and leave you to the wolves! please turn back before it is too late!"

She sneered at me" Oh I know all of what is going on.. I know my master can hear me for she rests in your pathetic body. I know how she kept you under her thumb all these years.. And still I know how you defy the council with him!" she jerked her thumb over her shoulder towards Godfrey.

Belda jumped to her feet" Stop Marsha! my master only wants to help you!"

She laughed" like how mine helped me? when she would strike me? "
Belda and Marsha were suddenly nose to nose beofre either of us could stop them" my master has never struck me! Catia was the one who struck me! My master has been nothing but kind to me!"

" You're a weakling just like she is! She is a liar! she is no Jedi! Look how she defies the code ! Not only did she marry but she even went further than that! You know those two twins she told you about? Well they are her's! She is going to be a mother! Did she tell you that? Did she trust you with that secret? the one she won't even tell her trusted brother Anakin!"

The whole confession I could see took her by suprise.. Belda turned to me" why didn't you tell me the truth master?" She looked near to tears.

I walked over to her and knelt on one knee" I did it to protect you Belda. you are like a daughter to me. it killed me not to tell you the enitre truth but I am no fool. I know Godfrey and I will be found out sooner or later by the council. This way they cannot punish you for what you did not know. now you know the whole truth. If you believe I lie to you now, look into the force.. it never lies"

Those had to be the longest three seconds of my entire life.

" I understand Master, and I do appreciate you wishing to protect me. But you and Master Godfrey will not always be here. I need to know how to stand on my own"
I nodded" Yes Belda.. I know.. but it's a little hard for me to let go. From now on I promise you, no more secrets between us"

" No more secrets"

A light shined briefly as I hugged her and I got to my feet. Marsha darted past me and grabbed Belda in a headlock and brought her saber to her throat" Now.. since this pathetic display of effection is over. Bring me the grimorie and the music box. NOW!" The red blade inched closer to Belda's throat.

" What if we refuse?"

" Then this pathetic whelp dies! you have one hour"

I wasn't about to give her the grimorie.. I knew what Catia planned to do once she had her hands on that book. She would kill me certainly.

I rose from my chair of pillows and went to the trunk. Rummaging around in the trunk I found the box in a place I had never seen in the trunk beofre. Brining it back I tossed it to Marsha" Here.. there's the music box"

She let Belda go and smirked" one down and one to go"

" That's the only one you're getting" I snapped. My stomach was about to give on me and I didn't want to leave Belda and Godfrey alone with this little Claudia psycho( yeah I read Interview with the Vampire )

" Then I'll take this little twit to Sidious and let him have her.. How would you like to face the council and tell them your apprentice is now Sidious' slave?"
I could feel anger creeping up my spine " You hurt her and you will NOT walk out of this room alive!" My patience was fast waining.

" Oh so you'll resort to murdering a child? real Jedi of you"

" I will do whatever I must to protect Belda. I'm giving you this chance to walk out now without any reprucussions. i suggest you take it. " My hand was slowly creeping towards my saber.

The clock chimed 12:15 " 45 minutes left now!"

I could see Marsha was either going to leave in a body bag or with the grimorie. The latter of which gave me an idea.

"Godfrey.. wait here a moment.. I will go and get Marsha what she wishes" He stood up to stop me but I shook my head" wait here"

I went to my room and pulled out a redbook that had been a wedding gift from Godfrey. I grinned and a few minutes later and some force altering I brought it back out.. It was identical to the grimorie in every aspect. " Here it is.. "

I passed it Marsha and somehow managed to keep a straight face.That book in particular I had placed out of Belda's reach and knoweledge.. I was honestly trying to be more open minded and not treat her like a child, but there ARE some books she didn't need to read yet.. That one in particular.

" Is this the book Master? Can you come and speak to me?" Marsha called looking around the room

Before I could stop myself a black mist flitered out of my mouth and began taking shape across from me. Two wolfish sith eyes peered out of the smoke and she began taking shape" yes Marsha.. that is the book.. now take them and go to where we discussed.. " her voice was only a mere hiss

" but master what about the whelp?"

" ssshee will be delt with in my time, not yours.. When the time comes her blood will bespilt over the grand altar and the gryphon cannon will bring a new age of terror to the galaxy!"

Marsha bowed before the image of Catia and smoke filled the room. I pulled Belda close and

Godfrey raised an arm to try and filter through the tar like blackness. When it cleared Marsha was gone.

Belda turned to me" Master she has the grimorie! what will we do?"

I held my hand out for her to wait and darted for the freasher.. God I was bloody tired of morning sickness

About 10 minutesl ater and a couple cold wash cloths , I stumbled back out to the living area and pratically flopped onto the pillows. Godfrey knelt next to me and moved a few strands of hair off my forehead. " Belda.. remember how I told you that things were not always as they appeared to be?"

She nodded, still semi confused

" Well that wasn't the real grimorie It was a fake.. " I was pratically biting my lip trying to keep from laughing.

" what was the real book master?":

My face was turning beet red from hidden laughter" it was a wedding present from Master Godfrey"

Belda looked at me wide eyed" Oh no! how will you replace it?"

Godfrey was grinning as was I" there's places we can go to find .. uh.. replacements"

Neither of us could take not laughing over the situation anymore. I ended up rolling off the pillows and Godfrey buried his face in one of the nearby pillows laughing himself silly.

Belda looked from one to the other, no clue what was so funny. When I could finally get the breaht to speak I turned ot her and siad" Belda, I know I told you I wouldn't treat you like a child anymore and I'm not.. But simply put for you to understand this now.. you're too young.. I'll make you a deal. On your fourenteenth birthday.. only a couple years from now.. Ask me again and I will tell you. I promise."

She seemed put out but nodded. " okay"

My breath was wheezing like crazy but I looked over at Belda" Remember what Master Adana and I told you about the talk?"

She nodded still a little confused

" Well.. for.. uh.. those sorts of things, there are.. um.. books for it.."
Belda blushed" Oh! I see.. um.. yeah.. okay.. "

Scraping myself up off the floor I yanked Godfrey up with me" now.. I think we need to get some sleep.. in the morning I 'll start getting things together .. Marsha will be back.. this I'm certain of"

Once I saw that Belda was tucked in, I tidyied up the living room before joining Godfrey who I could see was exhausted. We didn't say anything, he just pulled me against him and ran a hand through my hair. The clock chimed 1 am before I fell asleep.

Til Later

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Troubling Dreams and more problems

I woke in a cold sweat after a dream I thought I'd never have again. My arms shook viloently.. I had buried that deep within me years and years ago. It was the day I died.. the first time..

I had been with Yusuke and the others pursuing a known dangerous, human.. He was the fomer spirit dectective of earth, Sensui. Tan skin, dark blue eyes, and short black oily hair. His spirit energy was in the high S class, virtually unheard of for a human. After he had parted ways with Koenma and Spirit World he dipped into the Dark Makai arts .

His power went through the roof and he began gathering demons to his side. He had seen the sin of human world and wanted to purge it of all humans and let the demons rule both sides of the plain.

We had tracked him to a cave and the six of us went in. I was bringing up the rear behind Genkai. After we had went through all of the twisted game levels, we had finally come to the bottom and the fight had ensued. It was bloody, brutal and utterly vicious. Hiei, Kurama and Genkai took care of the others and freed Kuwabara. Yusuke and I were battling ferociously against Sensui. He was waining thin being attacked so viciously on both sides. Something was diffrent this time..

All of a sudden a woman with red hair appeared out of no where. I couldn't see her face, but she seemed familiar somehow. Yusuke jumped into the air and slammed into Sensui on one side and I fired off a spirit gun bullet connecting with his gut. He stood out of the rubble and began forming his shadow ball with fast flowing movements. I could see Kurama and Hiei holding the other woman back..

Then Sensui let it go.

It was if as everything was in slow motion. Yusuke's back was turned, he wouldn't see it comming!

I jumped in front bringing my hands up in front of my face, trying to shield myself from the massive blast that was heading my way.. I heard several people scream my name. I could see a beam of purple in the corner of my eye, then the blast hit.

My body felt like it was being ripped apart by thin razor sharp wires from the inside out. The blood gushed from my body and I fell back, unable to move,barely able to breathe. I saw the woman run over to try and help I guessed, and my eyes turned to Yusuke" Yusuke.. I'm sorry.. I..I tried.. " my eyes fell shut and that is when I woke.

So there I sat up in bed, my hair askew whenever a picture flashed across my mind. It was of a music box, red with the same golden runes as the grimorie.

On the inside a small porcelin ballerinia wearing a black tutu. Her hair was golden blonde in wavy curls.A haunting song trilled out of the box, a song I remembered only a little.. I began singing with it

" Dancing bears, painted wings.. things I almost remember.. And a song someone sings.. once upon a december.."

Suddenly I felt Godfrey shaking me and I blinked" Phobia,are you okay?" he asked, brow furrowed with worry.

I shrugged " I don't know.. I.. Something changed.. about my past.. "

I quickly explained to him about that fight. He remained silent only nodding when nesscary. Just then my com rang. It was Master Mundi. " There is terrible news, three younglings are missing. All three freinds of your padawan.. the one we are most concerned about is Marsha.. She dissapeared into thin air when she was playing cards with her freinds.. The cards remain in the vault, but we will have them brought to the council chambers . Please meet me there in 15 minutes"

The com went dead. I turned to Godfrey..

" there's a problem.. "
Til Later

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Yin yang, what's the diffrence?

The lighting was dim as we dueled. Our blades circled each other like snakes on leashes, waiting for just the right moment to strike.

He dropped low and I reached my foot out to knock him back but he jumped over it and shoved back catching me off guard and I stumbled back my boot caught on the steel piping of her fighterand I fell back towards the floor

A fast handstand and I had flipped over his head and slashed at his back, the hiss of flesh making him cringe and hesitate. I dove for his throat saber extended. I saw him reach back to punch me and I found his primary fear and exploited it.. His fear of hurting his wife or children. He stopped and then swept behind me quickly.there was something not right.. he ..he had dissapeared
A sharp pain shot up my arm casuing my saber to clatter to the ground

" I win."

My eyes gazed at him for a moment.. What was it about this man that made him diffrent? .. Dare I say out of my reach? I let go and let the twit free. if there is one thing that can be said of me, I am a woman of my word, even if I loose.

My vision cleared and I saw Godfrey standing before me, saber still raised warily." Godfrey? ... I.. I didn't hurt anyone did I?" I had made a horrid mistake.. I had let her free in the intrests of saving others and I had nearly died.. my children had nearly died.. Grief engulfed me and my knees buckled ot the ground. Godfrey caught me before I did anymore damage to myself I felt lower than dirt..

I was desprete enough to do anything to get her out of my body.. Anything.

Godfrey carried me back through the halls silently. There were a few raised eyebrows but no one said anything all came back in a rush.. " Belda! What happened to Belda? is she okay? I.. oh force.. what have I done?" I was crying so hard I thought for sure I was going to be sick. the second Godfrey set me on my feet I stumbled towards the fresher. it was all dry heaves but my head felt like it wanted to split in two .

" sssh.. it's okay.. she's comming in with the medvac team.. she's fine but I had to leave her to chase after you" He pulled me close, I could catch the barest hint of the Coruscanti air from his shirt.The throbbing in my head receded slowly" God what must she think of me? I .. I struck her.. for the love of god, don't I have any strength left in me? Was I even strong to begin with?"

He tucked my head under his chin and spoke low and quetly" I explained to her what happened Pho.. she knows this was not your fault. You are one of the strongest people I know.. Don't drag yourself down over this.. please.. You're worth so much more than this..You have always been strong.. never forget that.." he placed a hand on my stomach" Your children need you Phobia, I need you.. I can't do this without you.. "

I could see my reflection in the miror,I was as pale as a fish belly and my face was sunken in. My hair was all over the place. I looked like I had been bleached out. My hands.. lord.. all I could see was skin stretched thinly over bone. Purely and simply I was a mess.

" Phobia, please sleep.. I'll watch over you.. Regain your strength"

I was shaking all over.. so cold.. " I can't sleep Godfrey .. the nightmares.. they will reclaim me again.. please don't make me go to sleep!" I was crying madly, I didn't know what I was saying.. His arms wrapped around my waist and the last thing I remembered was the feeling of a soft kiss...

TBC( When I wake up)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Two personalities, inhabiting one soul..

There were screams around me and I drew my saber. Using the force and a lot of my strength I lifted the flaming roof off the ice cream parlor and threw it as far away as I could. I instructed Belda to get everyone to the center of the room.

There was a disc of pure durasteel.
Once the few people who were there were in position I let darkness erupt through my body, shielding my children with every ounce of strength. electricity poured from my fingertips and the disc with the people on it shot through the open roof and Belda, unknowing of my transformation guided them down outside.

She turned back to me, the little whelp, saying" Master! we must hurry! the building is about to collapse!" I simply stood there, letting the heat curl the tips of my hair and singe her precious white skin.When she tried to tug me away, I reached out with one arm and slapped her so hard she went flying through the door, blood rose under the surface of her skin" shut your mouth you insignificant whelp! You will not tell me what to do!"

Sheer pulls of the force guided me up to the highest levels of the upper buldings. I saw the same yellow speeder that bombed the place. I reached up, snapping the pilot's neck and dropping his carcass to the pavement below. She had made the most stupid mistake of all ,letting me free again, and I would use it. The moment I had my own body again I would kill my pathetic human host and her squalling brats as well.

I brought the speeder to full throttle and I was at the ship dock of the temple. I let the speeder blow itself to kingdom come and I was about to take Phobia's fighter whenever the hum of a blue blade caught my attention.

" Catia, let her go. You are not welcome here"

An eyebrow raised I turned to face the newcomer.. Well Well.. this was a suprise.. " I'm not letting her go Godfrey, she made the mistake and now she will pay for it.. " I looked him up and down,tongue wetting my lips" well I suppose I could always wait a few hours.. I'm sure there's some things you and I need to catch up on.. "

If there is one thing that.. sheltinka has it's good taste in men. He adapted a more relaxed stance, one hip cantered slightly forward, looking at me over the rim of his glasses" I will make you a bargin"

I listened carefully

" We duel here, if I win, you let Phobia go free and go back to where you belong"

I snorted

" If you win, we head somewhere away from here, just you and me"

A wolfish smile crossed my face.. " So that's the game is it?"

I drew my saber" We have an accord Godfrey, let the games begin"

My saber was a model of Dorko's, but with onyx stones embeded in the hilt. My finger flickered over the ignition button. The ruby red blade sprang to life.

There was no given signal, no pause. We attacked silmaltionusly.


Thursday, April 05, 2007

Out of the frying pan, into the fire

First off , let me say that the right man can make Sidious look like a supermodel and bedrest look like a blessing* shivers and pukes at the thought of Sidious in a swimsuit* anyway..

It had been a week since I was put on bedrest and today Godfrey and I got to go out for some ice cream while Belda was in class.

After two sundaes and an afternoon opera.. We ended up back at the apartment, and as an old song goes" strictly speaking for me , we both could've died then and there" ...

But now I know why my master always warned me to knock before entering a room with a
closed door.

Belda had gotten back early from classes is why..

Thankfully we were only curled up against each other, Godfrey with an arm around me.. I had a feeling this was going to happen ..

He had enough sense to make sure we were both presentable before we had nodded off for a nap. So in bursts Belda, not really even thinking about knocking; which I forgive her for this time, hey I did that to my master once too.

" Master! I--" she trails off, blushes 20 shades of red and a few extra and double times it out of the room as fast as she can closing the door after her.

Godfrey I don't know how had slept through the whole thing. He must be pushing too hard at training. I made a note to speak with Master Yoda to make the council give him some time off. I plucked one of my robes from the hook in my room and wrapping it around me, went out to the
living area, barefoot, to see Belda sitting at the table, hands folded, looking down at the floor with the most ashamed look on her poor little face.

I took a seat at the table and asked her" Belda, what's wrong?" She just shook her head and blushed furiously, a pout now.

" Look, there was nothing going on.. Master Godfrey and I were just taking a nap .. "

She looked up at me" really? I thought you and he were.. were." oh! So she thought there was something else! I reached out and grasped her arm. " Belda.. There wasn't. .you can trust me can't you? We didn't expect you home from classes so soon.. Aren't you supposed to have a lightsaber class with Master Skywalker this afternoon?"

"He called and said he wouldn't be able to make it, he's got another few days on this mission" I nodded.. Lord how easily could misconceptions happen?I smiled" now what was SO important you forgot your manners?"

She smiles sheepishly" you know my world sciences test? the one I had trouble with?"
Nodding I call a jawa fruit over to my hand. I was hungry from all that work...

" I got perfect marks!" she exclaims holding the test up for me to see. indeed, that test that

Belda had worked so fevverently on , she had aced beautifully! " Belda this is wonderful news!. Tell you what, you and I can go out for ice cream here as soon as I get dreesed okay?" She jumped for joy and I hurried back into the other room where Godfrey was still sleeping, a pillow taking my

I giggled and quickly dressed before scribbling a fast note and leaving it pinned to the center of his forehead with a sticky note.. Knowing him he wouldn't be able to find it otherwise. A quick kiss and I shut the door quietly leaving him to sleep.

As Belda and I left she asked me" Why isn't Master Godfrey comming?" We passed the animal shelter before I answered" He's been really tired lately. He's been working very hard in combat class and the class last night ran late so we're going to let him sleep and be really quiet
whenever we go back okay?"

She nodded as I pushed open the door to the ice cream parlor down on Siccily and 12th. Same place where Godfrey and I were earlier.

While Belda ate away at her sundae happily, I was looking out the window watching the passerby. We were both dressed in
civillan clothes, lightsabers tucked away in our clothing. A speeder , a yellow one caught my attention as it zipped by heading for where I could only guess.

Something came sailing down and it hit the roof of the parlor. I just managed to pull Belda under the table
before the place became a blossom of fire and heat. I could hear the screams of others and I pulled Belda close, warning her to stay low.

This was a fine mess.