Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Song of the Black Phoenix Part 2

CTD form last post

So if you wonder, that's how I got to where I was. Dantooine in a warehouse at midnight fighting for my life.

Just how I like it.

I glared up at her with hate filled eyes, blood trickling from the corner of my mouth. in all her years I had never found someone who had actually posed a challange to me. " You have actually made me test my powers. For that you have my respect, however begrudging. " I grinned up at her through blodstained teeth her trap still running. " I don't run from anyone. It's your head I'll take today." my legs shot out giving me room to flip onto her feet.

" I want to fight. C'mon Inferna, give me everything you've got. I can tell , this isn't the full extent of your power"

"What do you know of power, leech?" she spat at me.. I could feel her anger it was as thin and pathetic as water and had no strength. She was angry just for the sake of being angry.She had no target. As I thought on this she went invisible. I stilled for a moment, panic almost overtaking my senses, keyword almost.

I couldn't see her, but I have never needed my eyes truthfully to see.. Not since... I reached out with my other senses.. my ears listened for the shift of her clothing, the tap of her boots. " Come out.. come out Inferna.. or are you as much of a coward as I know you are?" I slid a dagger into my hand waiting for her to strike. I would be a fool to move until she thought she had me. underestimating your opponent meant death. Many had met their deaths at my hands for underestimating me .

My head shot up as the trap had been sprung. I had been foolish, this was an apparent. I knew that one touch would probably kill me, so I resorted to an unorthodx method to free myself. I reached for a small capsule on my belt and tossed it onto the floor. Black smoke rose , making the trap impenetrable sight wise. I brought my force sugnature down, almost to a force hibernation .

I flipped my saber into my hands, igniting the blade. Plunging it into the floor I cut a wide enough circle around myself to drop into the lower level of the building. I ran underneath her, my boots hardly making a sound. I stopped where I could feel her the strongest. I waited, bringing my racing heart under control.

I heard her comming and I dropped into an easy stance, staring at her with unblinking eyes. "I’m completely defenseless beneath the sabers, Leech. I can do nothing to you… Do you want to risk it?"

HA! Like I would be that stupid to try. The moment I did she would dice me to pieces. 3 volume of the Rylothian master's fighting handbook, written circa 5,300 BBY .After all, it was Zahannah who'd written it.

"That's your choice, I'm just getting started. " I held the shoto out in front of me and my red bladed saber behind me. " I'm waiting.. though that's all I seem to do anymore.. sad isn't it?"

She started throwing her sabers at me , like a child having a temper tantrum. Was this the best she could offer me? And here I was tempted to kill her with some actual dark magic I had been taught by my sith master. I deflected them one after the other.then I felt it.
I'd made a miscalculation.

Her red blade penetrated the skin and bone of my shoulder. The pain made my brain come alive. I thrive on pain as many others thrive on pleasure. It's all I've known, pain.
"Still think I’m a Leech? Call me a Sith! Call me a SITH! TELL ME I’M INDIGO!"

Yup, temper tantrum.. Her own anger would be her downfall, it had no purpose , no target. Perhaps if we had come onto the same side I could've taught her this. Then she could've been a truly fearsome sith.

I smirked. " You wear the trappings of a sith, You carry the blades of a sith, but your angry is a falsity, a farce. you've never known true anger have you? Wanted someone dead more than you wanted your next breath? You are no more than a petty blue assisian who has delusions of granduer"I ran at her, sabers moving into a blurring cross. I brought my saber up into her stomach and blasted her with a bolt of sith lightning" What's wrong? Don't know what to do now coward? Poor little lamb ,break you under the fires of hate.."

Cutting the lightning off I punched her straight in the ribs,I sliced outwards with the shoto, distracting her from whatever pathetic trick she had up her sleeve. I wasn't about to make another mistake if I could help it

I felt my breath leaving me, my windpipe was being crushed. My eyes glowed hotter as I brought theforce around me, under and over her choke, building to a blinding intensity. With a bang i could breathe again but at a cost. I had been thrown back onto a bed of metal.. somethings.. I don't know what they were but they hurt like the devil. Slowly.. I managed to get to my feet but I collapsed again. How the devil could I have made 2 mistakes in one day? Maybe
I needed to return to the kilms for more training.

"Hey Leech," she choked out. She was as worn down as I

"Yeah coward?" I was bleeding and badly, but there was something that made me keep going even though blood poured out of me like water.

"We could kill each other, or… We could kill Jedi… Lots and lots of Jedi. Deal: We can call each other whatever we want, make fun of each other, but we don’t do this again… It uses too much energy, and we could spend that destroying our enemies…"

I started to laugh, and laugh and laugh.. " You're right! I don't know how I didn't see it first!..
You've got yourself a deal.. Together. .we can wipe the floor with the whole temple.. and make sure no wanna be sith take what should rightfully belong to the true sith"

Now that was over and done with, I needed to make a trip to Mustafar, then we could reconviene.

Your end draws nearer Jedi-

Monday, July 23, 2007

Song of the Black Phoenix part 1

I'm free! I'm free! I had waited for so long and I can't believe it I'm free! Zan Arbor you are a fool, a complete and utter fool. While That pathetic twit and her husband made their way back to Coruscant, I decided to put as much distance between us as possible.. Actually I just got a paper map of the planets and picked at random..

Dantooine .

But when I got there I was in for a suprise another sith I had only ever met once. Needless to say if I could've killed her then I would've. Darth Inferna" I can't say it's a pleasure, pathetic little worm, because it's not"

"You’re not the one who has to look at yourself. I think I’m going to die." she went for her saber.
My hand slid for my saber" Shame I killed Zan Arbor, she might have been able to get you out of there. Too bad so sad." I laughed a little. How sad, how .. desprete.. My thumb rested on the ignition button, waiting, watching for her first move

"Hey, Stupid Chica: Now you aren’t sharing a body with a Jedi, you will be killed on sight. Jo’u really are stupid," Both blades ignited , my body tensed like a cat just before the spring. I was tempted to shift but I decided to save that trick for when I truly needed it.

A twist of my arm and a shoto slid into my hand" Maybe, maybe not" I twisted the shorter blade into my hand" I can blend in much better than you, you blue freak"

"Blue! Blue! I’m Indigo! Indigo!" she leapt forward ,spinning in midair like a drunk who was on happy pills, sabers shining brightly in the dim light.

I ducked under the pathetic windmill assult . I spun back, kicking her in the face and lunging forward with my shoto aiming for her ribs.

I felt the blade penetrate her ribs and the blood squirted across my face. She fell to the ground like a sack of rocks, calling me every name in the book. So what? Nothing I haven't been called before.

Some of the blood had gotten onto my face and I wiped it off casually. " Is that all you've got? Maybe the rumors were true!.. I think you've mislabeled yourself.. it's you who are the leech..Not me.. I only used Phobia as a stepping stone.. Nothing more"

She called both her sabers to her ,sweeping dangerously close, then spinning around her.. Didn't she learn the first time those stupid dancer's moves OW! What the f-?

I felt the flesh singe on the crook of my elbow.. Chucha I forgot how much one of those wounds would hurt!. I raised the shoto to block then came under the oppisite side of where I had cut her before.

If I could get to her other side I could end this quickly. My eyes opened in shock as I felt the blade of her lefthanded lightsaber hit right in between my third and fourth ribs. I bit my lips to hold back a curse

"Tonight, Leech. You and I, the Warehouse nearby… Be there at midnight. We battle to the death."

Good, I wanted the end of her and quickly. These injuries were trite and would heal withing the hour with some actual work.

I grinned " Oh no worries.. I will be there.. And one other thing.. I like the way you think Inferna.. I'll see you then"


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Waking up with a startling discovery

I woke slowly, my head was pounding fiercely.My vision was swimmig and I was seeing at least triple.My feet had barely hit the floor before I was in the fresher again , puking my guts out.

This time however it was less than usual and the dry heaves stopped after a few moments.
I rose and was about to turn around when I pratically ran into Godfrey. His hands reached out to steady me as I wobbled. " Morning sickness again?" he asked leading me back to bed. " Yeah.. and my head is killing me.. "

I tripped over the sheets and would've went sprawling to the floor but I found myself floating halfway off the floor. " Godfrey can you let me down?" I asked, frowning at how quickly this had happened.

" Pho.. this.. this isn't me.. this is your own power.. "He said from where he was sprawled on the floor.

I gave a small tug and sure enough I landed sprawled ungraciously on my backside." What the hell?" I was scared but I'd be damned if I'd show it.I slowly crawled to my feet and with my ascent several objects floated up with me.Okay I was beyond freaked now.

" What is going on?" I asked, not even bothering to disguise the fear in my voice this time.

Godfrey rose and came to stand just behind me" Unless I miss my guess. this is your body getting reacquainted with the power that was stolen from you years ago Pho.. This is how powerful you SHOULD have been from the begining"

I guided the objects down one by one. Then I briefly reached out to the other living beings in the ship. I could see Cin, see his every heartbeat, the capiliaries in his lungs as he breathed, deep in sleep. And I could see his body knitting itself back together slowly. Then I turned my eyes towards Godfrey.

The same.. but I could also see Fafnir inside of him,see the dragon as he rested..I could see both force power, both light and dark. I could see the galaxy's weft and weck. into faraway planets. I could see the council 's meeting without tryingIt flashed before my eyes unbidden and unsummoned.

Then I could see Catia. She had left Zan Arbor's body in her lab to rot and now was on Mustafar. Her home planet,plotting, waiting to strike..

I could hear the cries of the dead and dying, the screams of the tortured souls.And above all of this. I could see two faces flasing back and forth like a broken holoprojector. One of Sidious and one of Palpatine.. And for a moment they blended as if they were one.

The last thing I saw was the Works and Marasha's evil face grinning, taunting. I could destroy her now. Without her master within me I could let loose any power I had in me. She would not torture Belda ever again.I collapsed to my knees ,crying out for Godfrey as my head nearly split in half.

He helped me back to bed and placed a cold cloth on my forehead. The power was burning inside my veins like molten lava. I needed to bring it under control before we reached Coruscant.

Before we returned to the temple. Slowly.. I began the process of harnessing this new power.. How had I not known about all this?

Until Later

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Trap of the Spider-part 2( and my 100th post)

I was shocked for a moment until Zan Arbor's words registered in my mind.

" All I want is Catia's soul. I will even let you take that useless Jedi Dralling out with you. Give me the soul of the emperess and you are free to go."

Was it really that simple?

I reached out with the force. We were blocked in here. So what was I to do? I still could communicate with Godfrey, but he remained silent as well.

The choice was mine and mine alone to make.

Was Zan Arbor decieving me? I found myself extending my arm to Jenna before I knew truly what I was doing. " If you can get her out without hurting me fatally, get. her. out."
Jenna Zan Arbor nodded and she attached a cuff to my left upper arm and tossed some herbs in the air. . I suddenly began to feel sleepy. I could hear Cin shouting.. Godfrey was running forwards to catch me as I fell...

For a few moments I could not breathe then I felt multitudes of poison leave my body I shuddered over and over again, my head spinning. The corpse on the table near me glowed black. I thought I couldn't stand another moment of it ,but then freash power poured through me.

My own power, taken by Catia was restored to me as her own power transfered to her new body.

I fell to my knees and Zan Arbor helped me to my feet and undid the cuff. "Her soul and body are one now. you are free."

As Godfrey was unhooking Cin I asked her " why?"

She smiled sadly" I learned much from one man years ago, he told me of you and your plight. I know my evil deeds will not go unpunished. Leave me here.. she will kill me the moment she wakes. Go quickly. I will hold her off for as long as I can"

I couldn't believe this.. I didn't want to believe it. But Godfrey was allready pulling me away from the table as Catia began to rise " We have to go NOW!"

I turned and with Cin's arm over my shouldrer we took off at a slow run down the hall ,back through the tunnel and to the ship. Once Cin was aboard I punched in the coordinates and we were in the air within moments.

"Pho! He needs a blood transfusion ! Now!"

I ran back and shook Cin" My freind listen to me. you and I are the same bloodtype Will you let me do this for you now?"

He only nodded once before he fell unconcious.

I didn't waste a second. I took the needle on my end of the tube and jammed it into my arm and took a seat next to Cin's prone body. Crimsion blood flowed through the tube and into Cin's weakened body. For what seemed like ages the blood pumped between us until finally Godfrey pulled the needle from my arm and puled the one from Cin. he lifted me as though Iweighed nothing and carried me into our room. "Sleep now.. you need your rest. "

I was falling fast into a deep sleep" Wait, th cloak.. haf to keep tai n mara safe.. Cin ..can't sense em"

He covered me up with the cloak I wore before draping several blankets over me as I began to shiver. "I'll bring some hot coffee to you both in a little while okay?"

I was fast asleep before the word coffee was said.

And this time for once.

I had no nightmares.

I was free of Catia at last.

Or was I really?


Friday, July 06, 2007

The trap of the Spider - part 1

The trip was quiet . So quiet it made my skin crawl.The one thing I cannot lie about though is that without Belda around I didn't have to be as careful as I usually am.Like for one example,

After I had gotten a shower instead of a robe I just pulled a towel around me and headed over to my room to find a fresh set of clothes.

It's the little things you miss whenever you take on a padawan, really.
t was later that afternoon whenever we had finally figured out where we were headed.. Sort of.

We had tracked Jenna Zan Arbor to the Chromell sector. One of the last knights who had been killed had put a tracker on her ship.We finally got to planet side, using the tracking remote to locate Zan Arbor's ship. We found it hovering near the Galatic Palace in Theed. It was empty but after some questioning of the guards we found out there was a new labratory being built out on the Sea of Veruna.

A huge station, that if it were to be equipped with weapons it could destroy a whole planet.

Godfrey and I flew the ship out there, landing in an open docking bay.I was scared as soon as we touched down.I stayed close behind Godfrey as we made our way through the station. I reached out in the force and found Cin.

He was in the lab deep in the station.But he was weak, very weak.. I listened close.. He was trying to tell me something but I couldn't ascertain what it was he was so weakened by the tourture Zan Arbor put him under.

We came to a fork in the hallway. He took the left and I took the right. There was a contingent of guards at the end of the tunnel. I reached out with the force and used a sleep sugestion to knock them all out. I didn't want to draw attention to us unless absouletly nesscary.

Stepping over the guards I rejoined Godfrey and we came to a steel ball which only had one door. I placed my hand on the doorframe. I could feel it. Cin was behind that door, and he was near death.

I turned to Godfrey" We're at the right place but the only way in is through a programmed keypad. A, we know we're not on it and by the time we reprogram it, we'll be found out. what do you suggest?"

Godfrey studied the door carefully" Well we have a choice or two. First we can try to rip the ball apart with the force or B.. I could try and melt the door down. It would take me a minute but there would be no identifying marks , unlike what a lightsaber would make."

I stood back" Melt the damn door down. Cin saved me when I needed him. I'm not going to let him die now"

He nodded and a moment later a fireball appeared in his hands and with a wave or two and a flick of the wrist he had a direct firestream pushing against the door. The metal glowed red and the door began to melt from the top downward. I jumped backwards away from the door as the hot metal began to melt my boot tops. Finally the metal was melted away and I ran inside , Godfrey on my heels.

Cin's limp head looked up at me. He was pale as a sheet. "R-run.. it's a trap.. "

I turned but we were too late, another door slammed into place.

"Well.. well.. the final piece of the puzzle arrives. So glad you could join me Phobia.."

A redheaded woman walked out of the shadows.

" Zan Arbor.. I can't say it's a pleasure because it most certainly isn't"

She cackled" Well you might disagree whenever you hear of my plan.. You see.. I needed you for one specific purpose.. This"

A table lurched to a vertical position. no.. no... it couldn't be.. We had been playing into her hands all along god forgive me... How could I have been so very blind?

There stood, or more like lay a corpse, yet to be animated.. an excact replica.. and it was no necromancer's toy.

Jenna Zan arbor meant to give Catia a new body.

Using me as bait.


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Dreams are realizied ( Final part)

He headed back out to prepare the ship for take off. Once I had gotten Belda to come out of her room and gotten her packed we headed out to join him.

When we took off Godfrey seemed very down and morose.. I headed over to the sink and handed him a glass of muja juice" Tired?"

He shook his head taking the juice from me and downing it in one gulp" No.. just old memories "

I placed the glass in the sink" want to talk about it?"

" I'd just rather forget" I could still smell the trees on him.. the pine and sandalwood scent that made me crazy.. made me ache for him.. Just to be close, nothing else mattered.

" You say you want to forget? Then let me help you forget and give you my own special reward.."

My voice was a mere whisper, but he could see the hidden meaning in my eyes.

I am the healed and the healer. 2 sides of one coin

Once Belda was settled in her room we met with the council and were briefed on our new mission.

" Master Dralling dissapeared five days ago. We have sent out others who have either come back wounded or dead.Three knights and 5 padawans . the knights were sent off planet. All the padawans were seinor, near their trials. This we feel is the work of someone who the order has come into contact with before"

I watched this movement carefully. I didn't want to think of anyone who would be as sadistic as to kill younglings.

A holo popped up on screen " Jenna Zan Arbor, the same scientist who kidnapped Qui Gon Jinn some years prior for her sadistic expermients in the force"

" Be careful and cautious. She was able to capture Cin.. who knows what might be happening now.. All of the dead we found with ther blood drained from their bodies, every last drop."

My blood rushed out of my face.. no this wasn't Jenna.. I didn't think but I've been wrong before.

When we were dismissed I voiced an underlying concern to Godfrey " We need to be espically careful on this one Godfrey. if she senses Tai or Mara.. She could try to hurt them.."

"You should stay"

" No! I'm going like it or not!"

He sighed and looked me over over the rim of his glasses. He knew good and well it was useless to argue with me. I could be more stubbroun than Belda.. Where do you think she got it from?

" Then at least wear this" he handed me a black cape " It's specially designed to hide your force signature it will hide the twins as well"

I took it and wrapped it around my slowly growing baby bump. I was about two and a half three months alongish. I wasn't going to take any chances and loose my children now. We hurried out to the landing pad.

The blurred images at the back of my mind were trying to tell me something but I didn't know what. I looked to the west, towards the warehouse district.. Also where the cemataries were. . I could feel something.. I couldn't linger now.. Cin's life hung in the balance.

Hang on my freind. You saved me in my most desprete hour. I will save you.


Until Later

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

As you have probably heard..

As you all probably know right now. Last GLadiator Standing 2 is comming to a close.

Well I have news.

Big news.

Wait for it......

A little more......

almost there......

I am very pleased to say that our own DarkJediKriss has made it to the final round!

Now you ask what does this mean? It means that at the end of this week's competition ANYONE can vote.. That means anyone who had participated, judged, or even watched the blog but couldn't participate.

So go help DJ bring home the gold!

( and give her permenant bragging rights over skywalker )

( yeah my PSP skills suck so?)