Saturday, September 23, 2006

Too much to drink and bruised ribs

Okay now I am back at the temple... Thank goodness Ravenstone is such a good pilot or otherwise.. Well I dont' want to think on it.. I remember at least 10 Mai Tais, another 6 bloody Marys and 2 extra strength Sith Tornados... Anakin only had a sip of one before he was under the table * snickers* sucker....

As son as I got back the first thing I did was get this stupid corset off .. I checked myself in the mirior to find out that up and down my sides were bruised heavily... After packing ice around my sides I dropped into bed dead tired..

When I woke up I wish i hadn't becuse the first place I was.. you guessed it folks.. the fresher.. All the previous evening's drinks had come back to haunt me.. you can imagine that with my bruised ribs this did not help matters.. I crawled back to bed and checked my com to find out that the mission that Kriss ,Barriss , and Erifia were supposed to be sent out on was to be cancled for the moment.. Thanking the force I dropped back into bed ignoring any protests the pest in my head might have had... I needed my sleep

More later : Phobia
Oh P.S the pest has her own blog now.. whateve she says.. remember we are two sperate people.. not one and the same as she might like to think... it can be found here...( enjoy the maddness while I sleep... Oh and Skywalker.. if you even think of trying to wake me with those cymbals.. they will be down your throat , chicken boy...

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Party Takeover

I sat there watching the chaos unfold as I downed drink after drink ...Man it was good to get away from the temple.. I didn't want to think on anything except how many drinks I could knock back before the band started playing .. I watched with a kind of snickering glee at the chaos that unfolded

The whole thing with Darth was a riot.. Sweet but a riot..

I was about to go and say hi to Becca and Kriss whenever I saw way too many girls crowded around Obi Wan.. I had heard the little stunt Anakin had pulled which gave me an idea.. I reached for my compact and powdered down my face a bit.. I did a quick check and yup.. It worked like a charm.. I was just about to go over to the bar whenever I suddenly got a case of cold feet..

" Oh for heavens sakes ! here let me!"

Before I could stop her there was a fierce pressure in my head and she had taken over.

Finally! Freedom after all this time! And at a party no less.. Oh fun fun... But now to thwart Anakin's little scheme

A few well placed elbows here and there and I had made my way to Obi Wan.. the poor man had no clue what do with himself.. I shook my head and pulled him to me with a free arm" There you are dear I was looking all over for you.. Shame on you for ditching me for a drink with Hayden..." through the force I said " Just play along.. I'm going to get you away from these twits"

Seeing as how he had decided to follow my lead he replied " I'm sorry Eve.. why don't we go dance?"

Smiling I took his hand as a classical song started up.. It was from that musical Phantom " All I ask of you"

I smiled and I spoke to Phobia inwardly " you'd better enjoy this"

" shaddup Ravenstone.. but thank you"

Smiling I tried putting Obi Wan at ease with me a tad and after a few minutes I felt him relax a good deal.. My admiration for the man grew by leaps and bounds , same with my counterpart but on a different angle...

" why are you doing this?" he whispered as he made it look like we were slow dancing husband and wife

I rested my chin on his shoulder and replied in a hushed tone " Because I couldn't stand seeing you around those teenyboppers and well... I do enjoy thwarting Anakin's plans"

He chuckled at this " Well you have done a good job of that.." I managed to get a glance at

Anakin through the force .. He was watching the two of us dance with a mixture of glee and disgust on his face..

I giggled a bit and then the slow song ended . He was going to pull away and leave but I looked at him imploringly.. " One more song ? "

Let me tell ya ladies , the artfully innocent look wins every time.

I knew this song it was one of my favorites .. The next thing I knew I was spun around on my heels and turned to face Obi Wan, and he was smiling?

" you know I'm not that much of a party guy but with music like this that could change" He loked over his shoulder and saw the twits staring at him.. " On second thought..the temple is much safer"

I had to grin.. it was so priceless

The song was actually a renaissance one from a band called Blackmore's Night. The title was " Play Minstrel Play" As the final strains started up, form somewhere in the crowd a tambourine came spinning out of the air and I caught in my free hand and I started to play it as the song blasted out of the speakers . How I managed to be whirled around on the dance floor by a Jedi council member , play a tambourine , and keep step with the song is beyond me..

On the final beats I hopped onto one of the empty tables and half the bar could see how fast my feet moved to the music in these lovely black buckle boots. When the song ended there were loud cheers and applause.. I bowed repeatedly before getting off of the table with help from Obi Wan..
" Join the rest of us at the bar for a drink? you look like you could use one"
Smiling I said " I'd be delighted"
More later: Ravenstone/Phobia

(author'snote.. here's the bands webiste.. enjoy

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Getting to the party...

Well I'm getting out of here, thank god.. If I have to wear this corset for too much longer my ribs are gonna crack... oh .. wait you haven't seen a new pic of me yet have you? Well let me fix that*snaps pic* Look to the top of my post for it It's time for me to get out of here it's getting late..

Did I mention that black high heeled boots are a pain?Well they are take my word for it.. My ankles are throbbing like crazy. I threw my robe on over my party clothes and after hanging a ring around my neck for good luck I got going, after checking on Lisette. She's stable, and I guess I should count my blessings. I pushed away my anger at the attack and climbed onto my speeder and headed for Sky city.

When I arrived, the guards let me in , muttering something about " Penelope Cruz" They didn't bother checking me for weapons, not that they would have been allowed. You see there were no female guards there and I have a feeling if i would have had to resort to force persuasion, firstly the council would have a hissy fit, and secondly if they would have checked me and decided to get a tad too freindly they would have been missing some crucial body parts they are quite fond of..*coughs lightly* Now moving along here....

Slipping into the club, I looked around glancing at all of the places inhabitants. The place was postitievly jumping already and the party really hadn't begun in earnest yet.. Apparently all i had heard about these Sky city parties is true.. but gah I hate hip hop..You think Anakin might have something to do with that? *snorts* yah .. I see you agree here...

I managed to weasel my way into the back of the club and order myself a drink.. There was an ecltic mix comming up soon from what I heard and then I might dance, not before...Never would you catch me dancing to hip hop music.. never ever ever.

Glacing over at Anakin and Obi, I couldn't help but snicker at the mental image my mind painted of Anakin with pink hair.. Was this blue mai tai getting to me already?I downed it in one shot and ordered another. I could almost hear Ravenstone pacing back and forht in my head and it sent shockwaves into my brain. I knew this night was going to be a long one if nothing else, long and intresting...
More later: Phobia

Monday, September 18, 2006

Getting out of my nightmare

I had been sitting doing absouletly positevly nothing .. you heard me, nothing.. The inactivity wad driving me complelty bonkers. I had just gotten a call teling me Liestte would be at the healer's for another week and Dolie encouraged me to get out of the temple.. " I heard there's going to be a party at Sky City.. everyone is going.. even Anakin and Obi Wan."
At this I nearly let my head fall into my hands " then I am definitly NOT going"
But apparently it seems someone did not agree with me " Oh come on.. it's a party for sith's sake Pho! if nothing else let me out so I can have a little fun, even if you don't want to" *insert evil giggle here*
As I left the med wing I rolled my eyes " No way , not even if it was on a date with you know who...I'm not going!"
Silence and then..
" fine suit yourself, but I'll have you know that whenever Skywalker is at a party he is most likely not paying attention to his surroundings.. you could always swap his precious hair gel with pink cement... "* insert evil manical laugh here*
This perked my intrest I will have to admit.." Really? you mean he would be open to pranks and such? "
Another chuckle and she said " Why my dear girl.. that is what I have been trying to tell you the whole time! I say we start with the pink cement and then go from there, but we need to find you something to wear.. I think you need a break from life as a jedi for at least one night.."
I rolled my eyes as I pushed open the door to my room. I KNEW I'd regret this.. I had a very bad feeling...
Two hours later I shifted a tad uncomfortably in my dress.. Yes you heard me right..dress.. my saber is tied to my thigh by means of a black ribbion throug the loop. If you take one look at me you wouldn't know I was a Jedi.. I braided my hair to hide my dratted padawan braid and looked myself over in the mirror.... Other than this bloody corset which I swear is about to crack a few ribs, I have to admit I do look good. Ravenstone is a good fashion consoltant, if nothing else.. oh yah and did I mention a pest? i have to mix that pink cement up before I leave.. it looks like ordinary hairgel but it turns into rock hard cement the moment it touches hair.. As I sit there mixing up the soultion I can't help but luagh.. Even If I don't do this.. the look on Anakin's face in my mind is priceless...
Dress:300 credits
Speeder to get to Sky City: enough since it's already mine
Seeing the look on anakin's face when he has a pink rocker punk hairdo: pricelsss
Okay okay, I have to get going before Mace sees me and starts griping... Think the robe will cover it? ( starts rummaging through clothes)
I won't put out the hairgel til after the party.. If I even decide to ...
More Later: Phobia

Sunday, September 17, 2006

A glimpse at the relics

Okay here's what the book looks like.. *points up to the first picture*

The second thing is a goblet strangely enough and I have not the slightest clue what it says or what is supposed to be used for.. Ravenstone has promised me a transaltion in the near future and I am holding her to that.. but until then, at least you can see some of the weird stuff I deal with...

More later: Phobia

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Stress relief anyone?

I woke from a severe drug induced sleep after what felt like was 8 weeks but I looked at my crono on the wall and saw it was only three hours. The force told me something was not right. Looking around my room I found out what it was. Lisette was missing.I went from room to room looking for her, calling her name and waving a can of cat food in my hand. Gar Gar tried to snatch it off of me but he was very promptly deposited in a bundle of robes which he blew his nose on. They were Mace's... Suddenly I have a newfound respect for him. (Gar Gar I mean)

I kept on looking until I got to the roof. Whenever I got up there.. I let out such a bloodcurdling scream I think my own eardrums burst. Now much doesn't shake me, I will be the first to tell you that . Not even the sight of a Sith lord shakes me one iota. But how I found Lisette I was ready to kill the first thing I saw.Ignoring the note I ran as fast as I could with Lisette in my arms to the healers. She had two broekn back legs , and someone had tried to poison her with Belladona.

My arms were shaking as Dolie told me that I had gottne her here just in time. She would recover, which was the good thing. After several hours, the healers told me I would do Lisette no good hovering like a worried mother hen and they sent me away to my room. I AM NOT some thing they can send away on a whim!.. I went to the arena to try and burn off some of my anger. As i worked at the bags that hung in the room a voice entered my head..

" Why didn't you tell them?"

I shrugged while continuing to pummel the bag,imagining it was Dooku " I don't know what you're talking about"

" Yes you do"
the voice replied " you care for him, deeply"

My face turned beet red "Do not!" I exclaimed .I looked around.. It wasa good thing I was alone in here"do so"

"Do not!"

" You do so, and don't try to lie to me, I am inside your head, I know all you know and all you feel.. it's okay to care for someone. Even though you are a jedi you are only human.."I sighed and let my hands fall onto my head " Jedi aren't supposed to have attachments. And that includes atachments to people! I was lucky to be allowed to keep Lisette!"I heard the voice sigh " you sitll don't get it? The code can be intrepreted in many diffrent ways. No one way is right and no one way is wrong.. This is why I never was a jedi."

This intrugued me" then what are you? Or should I say who are you?"The voice chuckled " You don't remember? The red book? I am Sith emperess Ravenstone. though I am not evil acutally but I do like t pull pranks now and again. I have sith and jedi powers alike. I will help you get rid of Dooku and Sidious fair? I have a title to reclaim after all you know.."I have to say I was suprised. She , a sith emperess would help me? The book she spoke of was locked in a trunk in my room. People wonder why I keep such old things. Well one of those advantages was no one would look for a magic book in a locked trunk.

I let my memories take me back to that day as I kept pummelling, my fist puncing a hole through the bag

The day I had found the red book was a strange one indeed. It was just a few days after I had been brought into the temple. I had been brought before the council and tested to see if I would become a padawan or if I would be sent to Agri Corps. After I had been tested I was told I would be infromed of the council's decision late that afternoon. So I wandred out onto the grounds and into the woods. I found an old wooden box covered in runes. I opened it carefully to find a red book engraved with golden runes which I recgonized later as Sith runic.

Common sense told me that I should put this back and leave, but my curiousity got the better of me. I opened the book and began reading.First slower as I tried to pronounce the runes and then faster and faster until I was reading like an occult crazed lunatic. I remember my feet left the ground and I kept reading page after page, faster and faster.

Once I got to the last page I remember something like a lightning bolt hitting me and I screamed which must've echoed all the way back to the temple. I felt some sort of spirit enter me and then I felt normal except I could barely stand. The last thing I remember before passing out was seeing Obi Wan....Later when I woke in the infirmiry I was told that Obi wan had brought Anakin out into the woods to hunt for some herbs for the healer whenever they heard my scream and had found me.

Once I had been released from the healer's care I went back, in the middle of the night and retirved the book and hid it in my room. the next day I was told I had been accepted as a padawan by Master Paradox. I have always considered that book my good luck charm, but is it really? Now I do begin to wonder, but all I know for sure is that the day I got that book and the accident happened, something in me changed. For the better.

" So why do you want to go after Sidious and Dooku so much?" I asked after destroying one bag and moving to a second one.. Oh I'd make them pay.. and pay dearly... " Mainly because they shame the name of Sith, and in general they are Sith wannabes. "

"Okay, next question....." Why do you want me to tell my secret so badly?" I looked around.. Even a jedi woudd think you were crazy if you heard the voice of some dead emperess in your head.

" This might sound strange for a Sith Phobia, But I want you to be happy. You've lost a lot. But I can tell now, that yours isn't a secret that shouldn't be told. He would not accept you, for he already has turned away another"I was shocked into silence and then a tear or two fell down my cheek but I wiped them away." Why do you want me to be happy Ravenstone? I'd think you'd want to get back on your throne as Sith emperess.. Not hang around a jedi!"

" I don't honestly know Phobia. Ever since you found the book I was trapped in, I felt a kinship to you.. You are like a daughter, sister and best freind to me."She does have a habbit of shocking me into silence doesn't she?It was then I remembered the wise words of a Shaman on Quellor " Watching over someone from afar is a kind of love too" and I was able to feel a sort of calm peace .. for the moment.. but I couldn't take inactivity much longer.finally pummelling the last of the bags, my strength went with it and I sank to the floor.. I lashed out at anything that was not nailed down.. " Damm I can't take sitting here doing nothing!" I said pulling my hair with my hands.. Then I felt a pressure at the back of my head.. " then let me take over for a while" she said.. I nodded and she rose in my body. together we left the gym after a quick shower and headed to my room to dig out some old things.

More later( If I don't rip someone's head off first) Phobia

Thursday, September 07, 2006

A new layout....

* bows* I'd like to thank Jasmine Storm for giving me the link and DJK for helping me fix the links.. A new laytout which suits me much better and shut my counterpart up for a while.. header pic is subject to change.. but for now* floucnes in the chair and dozes off*

More later: Phobia