Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dreams are realizied -part 3

Belda asked" can I go too?" she was eager to learn, I understand that but this mission screamed danger, even for her.

Godfrey answered for me before I had to tell her " Absouletly not. There's allready one Jedi master missing and two younglings. We're not chancing the risk of loosing you too."

"But I can fight!" she protested. I felt her place for a moment. I understood what it was like to be left behind.

" Who was the master who's missing?" I asked Godfrey, trying to change the subject before things got out of hand.

" Master Mundi didn't say, but for Obi Wan to be out looking for her I have a guess. And besides, Cin was the temple swordmaster. I pratically learned most everything from sabers from him. If they were able to get him, we're going to have a nasty fight on our hands"

I sucked in a breath. I reached out to steady myself on the bedrail. A flash of blonde and red flashed before my eyes. A huge wheel.. then nothing.

" But.. I have you and my master to protect me!"

" We're going to be busy, very busy. We might not have time to talk or do anything even kinda fun. You don't want to be around 2 boring people do you?" Godfrey interjected, trying to make this mission seem boring and unintereesting to her.

" You're not boring!"

I got fed up in a hurry with her. " Belda you're not going so that's that and don't even use the whole prophecy bit on me because it's not going to work! You're staying at the temple for your own safety!"

She shot a glare at me that could've melted durasteel and stomped off to her room slamming the door.

I sat down on the bed, head in my hands " Was I too rough on her?"I asked looking up at Godfrey

" Dear, she has to learn her place. If you say no then she's got to know you mean no. Period. and it's not like you're trying to exclude her or anything. It IS for her own safety."

I nodded " you're right.. and. .I'm very proud of you.. do you know that? You not only won the tourtament but you've proved what a great husband and father you are and are going to be"
He sat down next to me anbd wrapped an arm around my shoulders" How so?"

" Well you won the tourtament, and then when three wishes. .anything you could want. .and you use them for the good of others. Most wouldn't give it a second to wish for money, power and fame.. you know the whole bit"

That smile.. I could die seeing that smile and be happy " I have all I could ever dream of wanting , right here" I slid a hand onto her forehead" And here" my other hand came to rest on her stomach ." I have a beautiful, kind and loving wife and am going to be a father to two of the most wonderful children in this galaxy. What more could a man ask for?"

I leaned my head on his shoulder" Everything and nothing "

" All I did was to make sure I am able to keep these three things to the best of my ability. I am not stupid. I know one day I will loose you. But I don't want it to be form something I could have prevented. That is why I believe the council forbade attachments, because most are not smart enough to realize that."

He looked up at the crono and helped me to my feet the lateness of the hour approaching on my mind .

"Come on.. We need to go get mis grump and get going.We're expected back before daybreak tomorrow"


Friday, June 29, 2007

Note from the author

It's come to my attention that there are some people who have thought it funny to steal my ideas. Funny ,cute, amusing I don't really care. the point is I put a lot of work into this blog and I will not stand for people blatantly stealing my work right out from under my nose. I am a patient person. Heck, Ask nicely, and if you're having some problems with some ideas I'll probably even help you.

But the one thing I do not appreciate and will not tolerate is stealing.

Let me just say that I never intentionally steal anyone's ideas. And if I have in the past I am sorry. It was not my intent to do so.I am bookish by nature so the apparent choice for Catia's prision would be a book. The whole idea of a possession by a ghost I borrowed from an anime tv show that used to be on late night called " Yu Yu Hakusho" one of the main charcters, Suichi had the ghost of a fox spirit living inside his body. Yoko Kurama. Back in the Makai Yoko was a thief and a killer.

The reason why I just explained that is because at one time there were whispers of me stealing the possession idea from another blogger. I wanted to clear the air on that.

I will ask once and only once. Please stop stealing my ideas. It's rude, plain not nice and it also shows what kind of author you are whenever you can't even come up with your own creative ideas. I put a lot of thought and creative time into this blog. Most blog authors do.Some do their own thing like DarkJedi Kriss and Jon the Intergalatic Gladiator; others still play great versions of cannon charcters like Anakin Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi and Professor Xavier for some examples.

By stealing ideas from other peoples blogs, without even asking, it's a thumb to the eye of blog authors. It says " I don't care how much work you put into it, I don't care if this is your charcter. I'm stealing your idea because I'm too lazy to either come up with my own or ask for help."

So stop stealing my ideas.


End of story.

Phobia's author

Thursday, June 28, 2007


The universe spins like a great top, always in motion. For one to learn to take their chance on the rise and hide in the fall, that is true power. It is a power many have forgotten and few remember.

I.. remember

One of my first lessons, you rise and fall with the twist of the thread. You seize your chance when the dogs of Hades are at other's throats.

Some Jedi are smart, I will give them that. Even wise. " until possible becomes actual, it is only a distraction"

Never were truer words spoken. But.. in the heat of battle, in the flames of passion, all falls away into nothingness. Everyone has a weak spot. Everyone.

Even me.

It all depends on how well you guard your weak spot ,as to how long you will be alive and how far you will go.

Me ? I guarded myself well, very well. But I made one mistake the first time, one I will never make ever again.

I let someone in, I cared for someone.

It was my apprentice; not Marasha, but Bane.. I let him in, treated him as a mother would a son.

And he betrayed me in cold blood.

One afternoon while we had lunch, he was talking to me and the next moment he had stabbed me in the leg with a poison killed me.

For centuraies I waited, plotted my revenge. I watched the years pass by me, worlds becoming the Reupbulic you know today. What utter foolishness! With the galaxy under one hand one rule then there would be no war.i had suffered the anguish of being torn from my family for one reason, because of a madman. I will not let it happen again.

But I jump ahead of myself.

I waited and watched, trapped inside of this ridiclous book.Then my chance came when I had all but given up.

A little girl ,a curious girl. She was nine years old. She was frightened, scared. Easily impressionable.She wanted to live up to everyone's expectations.

And she loved books.

So what magics I had I called her to my hiding place. She opened the book. At last! Freedom!only a partial freedom but I was out of that book.

More years passed, she grew into a beautiful woman, strong willed and brash. Temperments which I rather liked but I knew needed to be curbed.

Then one thing came along which almost brought my plans to a complete sucess. I should say one person.

Obi Wan Kenobi.

She was so despretly in love with him I managed to use it to my advantage, drive her closer and use the fact she would do anything for him to make her turn in earnest.

But she grew wise to my tricks sadly, then the fight came.

My master an I fought tooth and nail. She killed him in the end, but I recieved no other power save what I drained from him.

A slow recoupration then she falls in love. Bah! Love is for the weakminded!

Then to even drive my plans further into the pits, she becomes pregnant wiht two squalling brats who are still even now trying to drive me away. Though the young girl I managed to mark with a brand which will ensure a miserable childhood for her. In the hands of Palpatine.

So I drew power from them and from her and called back the one who I could believe that would get things done in my in my time.


The arrangements were made with other old freinds of mine and the plan was put into mition. First steal the ashes of the revered Jedi Master Qui Gon Jinn.Not only would this serve in my distraction, but many in the temple would take it personally. Good, the fools need a reality check.Then Hoth and Atris were brought back.

For the final Coup de ta I also had Xanatos brought back. She believed her father to be a saint when he was anything but.Then I let them have a break so I could sit back and watch them scurry around like the rats they are scratching their heads in confusion. It makes for such a farce..

Now the final stages of my plan have been put into motion. That fool Cin is gone and of course they go after him because it is their duty.The trap will lead them many diffrent places, picking up the cheese at each hole until they fall right into the bearjaws. Tired and weakened they will not see the finalie comming until it is too late.

I will be truly free again.And the my first task will be to silence all of those Empire dogs. One by one. 800 huh? Numbers won't help you. Be it 8, 80,800 or 8,000 I will take you down just the same, one at a time if I have to.

The Gryphon cannon will fire again, The galaxy will know what true darkness is.

As I take my rightful place laughing..

Laughing at you pathetic souls

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dreams are realized- part 2

(CTD from previous post)

An elder man with long flowing white hair spoke first. Ancient eyes peered into mine, searchign every iota of me.. Knowing my deepest secrets " There are a few diffrent ways. First.. show him the compassion he has not known through the Jedi, their's is one way of living, show him the compassion he knew from his mother, from those he knew BEFORE the Jedi"

Then his son I guessed spoke in turn. His hair was brown and flowed over his shoulders "Then there is the matter of the sith lord.. He is closer than you think, Go to the 500 Repbulica, there is a place called The Works. there you will find evidence to lead you to your culprit."

Then the only woman besides me who stood in the circle spoke finally " If all else fails Godfrey you know what you must do. What BOTH of you must do. Search for the peaceful means first. Only then if you fail then should you result you the drastic."

Godfrey nodded in response to the council's wisdom . Then the youngest who looked no older than nine spoke after a great pause" And your last wish?"

He turned to me , questioning" What do you think?"

I laid a hand on his shoulder and smiled " Whatever you want Godfrey, I will not stop you from making your choice. My main concern is our future and the future of the order."

Which was the honest to force truth.

When his next words tumbled from his lips I nearly cried my eyes out.. I HAD found my true soulmate.. any doubt I had carried with me, even the smallest iota was erased then and there.

" My unborn daughter's future is clouded in strife and darkness. I humbly ask you to secure her future with the order and give her a good and happy life. For circumstances out of my control and my wife's.. It is possible we will not be there to help her"

I clutched his shoulder, trying to forestall tears I knew were comming. anna was weeping openly and I could see tears glistening in Belda's eyes as well.

"We cannot undo the events Phobia has forseen, not in their entirety. but your wish will be fufilled. Mara will have a happy and good life. She will return to the order one day and marry the son of the son of suns.The order will change and she will be happy with her new life. But beware Caedus, for as one stands on the brink now one will then and if he does turn, it will be family against family."

We headed back to our rooms to begin packing up for the trip back to Coruscant. Belda stopped us both in our work" You won the tourtament, shouldn't we be celebrating?"

I nodded in agreement with Belda's statement. Sometimes she sees what we do not.

"Your both right , what am I doing?" Godfrey asked , grinning. He scooped Belda up and twirled her around before setting her down, doing the same to me. I squeeled as he set me down on the bed, bouncing around like a rag doll. Our fun was cut short however when his com went off.
I could hear muffled mumurs and then he wrapped up the call " I understand Master Mundi, we'll be back as soon as we are able."

He turned to the two of us " I'm sorry but the celebration is off. We're needed back at the temple. Your master and I have another mission"

My eyebrows went up. Allready? I REALLY didn't want to know what was going on this time..

( on a sidenote.. I have offically been here one year!!!! There will be something on that soon I promise)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dreams are realizied -part 1

I woke to the tolling of a bell. Godfrey had been gone for a while now and from what I suspected, probably had let the final start without me there.

I had watched good men and women fight and die for acause they had believed in. I would not let the final match, this culmanation of warriors go on without being able to see it.

I dressed quickly and flew down the stairs Belda following me as fast as she dared. I truly did love the dress Godfrey had gotten for me but I wanted pants back!.. So here I was dressed head to toe in black zipping past everyone like a shadow. I heard a dragon's roar and a rush of adrenline hit my veins.

That wasn't just ANY dragon.. that was my dragon

Fafnir had come out to hunt.

I stopped at the ring's edge. They had allready taken their animal forms. My mouth suddenly became very dry when I saw Khali go in for Fafnir's throat

A scream echoed onto my lips but died instantly. I saw Godfrey take his shot, blood flying everywhere. Khali fell,but he was allright, the blood and the tiredness got to him and he passed out.

Godfrey came to the edge of the ring and helped me up next to him as the high council approached.

" You won Godfrey.. you won.." I hugged him so tightly I thought for a second his lungs would be mush.

" Godfrey you have done magnificantly, you have won the Onkichi Budokai. Name three things and if they are in our power they are yours."

Netsuki was standing there, hands folded but pride raidating from every millimeter of his being.

He puased for a moment then.. " My wife, she is a prisoner of a sith spirit.. Can you banish Catia from her?"

My eyes nearly fell out of my head.. He had been the youngest person in the history of the DaiShujo to win the Onkichi and his first wish was for me? I was astounded.

The council confered then, " We cannot do that, but there is something, tempt the panther with meat, she will come. create a new body for Catia ,she will leave you wife.We can give you what you need to begin"

Okay so not the best answer on the planet but it was a start.

" There is a sith lord from an alternate timestream.. here he is known as Anakin Skywalker. He wil not become evil for sometime yet. Is there a way to stop him before it is too late?"
My heart caught in my throat..

Could they save Anakin from the fate that lay before him? I would give anything for that future to not come to pass.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Vacation- sort of

While we ae waiting for the final match to start.. Which has bene postponed due to White cloud's death.. Godfrey and I are going out into the festival in town.. Netsuki has agreed to look after Belda while we're gone.

It won't be too long and I'll be back though.. I can't wait to be home.

Until Later

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Rise through the ashes

Hours passed since that bout. More rose and even more fell, until three were left. Lantos, Godfrey and Khali. It was announced the final bout would be a transformation match, which meant that they would take their animal forms to fight in. .

To be honest considering the state he was in I honestly hoped he would loose to Lantos. But in my heart I knew he would win.Though Lantos was his only other best freind left he was still hellbound and determined to win. As they took to the ring my breath stilled.

A hush came over the crowd.

Then like the first crackles of thunder the fight began.

My hands clutched the railing as I leaned over as far as I dared without falling.

The wind seemed suddenly so very cold and I turned just in time to see Xanatos and Marasha standing side by side.Belda drew her saber and attacked Marasha as I drew mine and lunged for my father. Netsuki was down stairs speaking with members of the high council whenever the pillar cracked.

I heard the stone crumbling under us and I used the force to lift Belda and shove her out of the balcony and into one of the lower levels.Everything was falling and fast.. I had no choice.. I didn't want to change.. But if I didn't I would be killed.

I let the fire take me, sweeping me upwards and into an eletrical white light. The dress became flame feathers and my face elongated to allow for my beak. I soared upwards and out over the ring.

Swooping down I caught Belda on my back before she hit the floor. She had been too scared at the suddenenss of it all to use the force to slow her down.I landed next to the ring and let her get off my back and she ran to the edge of the ring to warn Godfrey but I shook my head.

It was then I saw him..

A monster at some odd 9 feet tall. stringy black hair and a heavy set jaw. He towered over me making for a very intimadating presence. .His hands were so huge Master Yoda would've probably fit in the palm of his hand like a kitten!

"What you doing here?" he asked me" people watch up there" he pointed to the now rubble pile that had been the balcony

" Bad people try to hurt us, we come down here to be safe"

He nodded with a slight smile " you know them?" he pointed to Godfrey and Lantos who were still fighting in the ring.

I nodded" Yes.. one freind.. the other" I drew a heart on my chest" Love"

" They both very good fighters. You know I face one next"

I bit my lip" I know, please don't hurt them"

Netsuki appeared beside me " Up is down Phobia.. Since White Cloud went to the yang.. one must come to take his place in the yin" He looked to Khali.

" Yes.. way of the DaiShujo I take his place. I be yin now"

My eyes wandered to the ring. They were both powering up .. something..I saw Marasha whispering something .. She would not ruin this fight, not now!

Spirit energy began to hum around me , green light.. Blood Lust poured through my soul, and I let it take me over entirely.. I had not taken this form since.. Since I had died the first time.

Metal rasped on metal and the red jewel on my gauntlet glowed ,as the blade extended hooking around my hand.A gift which had proved invaluable from Yama himself.

The Witchblade.

When my change was complete I was in my batle demon form.. Aiashka

I caught Xanatos and wrapped one hand around his throat in a force choke and with the other I swung the blade low, finishing what should have been done a long time ago.

I turned on Marasha, adrenline pumping through my body." This ends now!"

She laughed and flipped on her saber" That's what you said oh what was it 4 times before? but I'm still standing"

The anger was taking me, I struggled against it with everything I had. This was the dangerous part of using the Witchblade, it fueld any spark of anger into an inferno.

Belda backed up, eyes wide as saucers. She had never seen me like this, this angry.. this enraged.. ever

I went after Marasha.She backed against the wall, frigthened.. scared of me.. And the scary part was..

I didn't care.

I was raising the blade to finish this little psycho whenever Khali changed.. Then my concentration snapped.

He was a panther.. His animal form was a panther.. A white panther, but a panther none the less.

I saw Mara screaming for me, I could see the nightmare playing out before my eyes.. I think I screamed.. I'm not sure.. then I tumbled into darkness.

When I woke it was mid evening, the air had cooled. We were back in our rooms, Godfrey sitting my my side, running a hand over my head.

" That was a nasty fall you took" He said. I felt a cold cloth dabbing my forehead.

" How long have I been out for?" what is it with me ending up in a dead faint lately?

" Most of the day. It's just me and Khali tomorrow. And the high council will be watching the fight, but for now rest."

Leaning back into the pillows I sighed. It was going to be a long day tomorrow. I just wanted one thing. He slid into bed next to me, sans jacket and shoes " just stay safe"

He nodded leaving a light kiss on my forehead" Anything for you darling anything. We'll be back in the temple by tomorrow evening. I promise"

I fell into a light doze, worry and the usual nightmares not giving me much sleep. I just hoped tomorrow everything would turn out okay.


Until Later

Saturday, June 09, 2007

The scales balanced

The bell tolled like an omen of death.

I sat in the box with Belda, watching Godfrey in the ring with a mixutre of worry and fascination. I have never been able to quite pinpoint where he goes when he fights like this.. It's a mystery to me but I guess some mysteries are not ment to be solved.

There were red lilies growing up in a vine around the pole nearest to me. I rose from my chair wandering over to take a closer look at them.

They looked and smelled wonderful, I think I could equate their scent to elderberries from the fields of spirit world.I found myself enraputred for what seemed like moments. It was then I could feel two tugs in my psyche.. no make that three

I looked down and my hand instantly went for my saber.. the phoenix fought to take over and strike out at the evil that was present.

Marasha was here.

Catia was watching

Fafnir was utterly enraged

Belda jumped up onto the rail of the balcony full well intending to jump to the ground and go after her. I grabbed her by the tunic neck" No! this is Fafnir's fight.. We will only intervene if we must"

What the hell was I saying? I wanted to be down there as much as she did.
Netsuki was standing also but he was leaning on his walking stick watching carefully.

"He has passed into the yang"

What was he talking about? Passed to the darkside? if so which one?

My answer was given to me whenever Godfrey's saber flickered once and White Cloud lay dead in the arena.I could feel Fafnir's anger building to insane heights and dress and all I rushed downstaits, throwing myself against him as he lunged for Marasha.

" NO! don't do this! Godfrey Listen to me it's over!"

That made him fight me all the harder. He was burning hot in comparision to me. For the very first time since I fought Harusame.. I felt a twinge of fear.. but I had to stop him.. I had to.. I knew in his right mind he would never do such a thing.

" Godfrey for goodness sake listen to yourself! your angry! Your hurt and understandably so! but if you strike her down now you'll become something you can't live with! you'll be like her!"

He started to calm slowly, but I could still see Fafnir in him.. insane with anger and wanting blood.

" you'll have your time.. I promise you this.. you'll have your chance and I swear to you then I will not hold you back.. please.. let it go.."

He had stopped , but he was like a big cat waiting to spring.. I could feel the tenshion in his muscles.. So I appealed to the side of him I knew was fighting.. to return to normal..

" you know I'm right love.. Listen to me.. listen to my voice.. you have to stop now.. beofre it's too late.. you have to.. for your children.. for me.. "

Finally he relaxed and the yellowish tingie in his eyes dissapeared. He turned to me, infintely sad and exhausted. I pulled him close and let my chin rest on his head while I led him upstairs to the balcony to rest.

I let him lay his head in my lap as I stroked his hair.. " I promise you this.. With everything that I am.. Before this tourtament is over.. Marasha will die. whatever it takes.. "

The sun was hot overhead when the next match started. I went about tending to him, preparing him for the fights that were sure to come.. And preparing myself for what I was now more than ready to do.


Until Later

Monday, June 04, 2007

The Die is cast, the tourtament has begun

I woke the next morning to Godfrey shaking me gently" Love? It's time. .come you need to dress"

He handed me a neatly folded.. something.. and went to wake Belda.. As I unfolded it, my breath came out in a low gasp.. Rainbow .. He knew I had been looking for this.. I had seen it when I was a padawan but had never dreamed I would..

I dressed quickly and waited patiently for Godfrey to reappear. He cut a fine figure in his unoiform. " wow.. " he breathed taking me in. I had sleeves to the dress thankfully. He took my arm as we headed out to the arena in silence. I felt nervous.. though I was not the one to fight.Perhaps it was due to our bond..

He escorted me to the stairs and pointed me up to the box where I would watch the tourtment with Netsuki and Belda. Belda grabbed up one of the big fluffy chairs far in the back. I took a seat with Netuski who had poured me some cold juice.

" He's terribly excited about competing" I said after a moment

Netsuki nodded" He's dreamed of this since he was a child.. I do hope he goes far.. I can't judge his readiness considering the changing forces of the Daishujo"

I could only smile slightly and my eyes wandered down to the arena as the preliminaries began. A part of me longed to be there with him, but another feared for his safety.It flew by in a blur until there were 10 left. The one.. the tallest.. he had darkside energy through out his whole body.

Godfrey seemed to move like water,avoiding every blow.I saw that monster raise his fist , which would've connected with his stomach if not for the whistle which blew.

I nearly fell over in relief as the 10 challngers lined up and the matches were set. His first match was against White Cloud. The man unnerved me to be frank. He reminded me of Mace whenever he was under control of the crossbreed.I watched the challangers miling about and Godfrey came up to see me.

" Are you okay darling?" I asked rising from my chair and rushing to him the second he appeared in the doorway.

" I'm fine. .but you look like you've seen a ghost"

" no no.. I'm fine.. Just please for the love of the force be careful.. I love you.."

" And I love you too.. I'll be fine.. just wait for me.. please.."

I gazed up at him, one hand resting at the bse of his skull" I'll wait forever Godfrey, now go and fufill your dream.. win the Onkichi budokai"

He kissed me softly, lingering for just a moment before he pulled away and dissapeared down the stairwell.. Around him I feel nothing can happen to me.. I felel so safe and protected..

As I sat back down I could feel the eletric feel of his kiss dancing across my lips. I took another sip of my juice. Netsuki chuckled knowingly.. It was going to be a long afternoon.

Til Later