Monday, August 28, 2006

Passing on information and the road to recovery

Well I'm finally up and about and have met with Master Obi Wan about Dooku and Sidious' plans about the macheine. I was none too pleased myself whenever the council chose to leave me out of this entirely but it cannot be helped. For the moment I will try to avoid getting force fried again and help Anakin keep his cool as well as stay away from the chancelor. If he should discover my injuries.. It will not take much to figure out what happened and then everything will go to Mustfar and back.

Right now I am stiff as a tree branch and Dolie has me in the med wing going through physical therapy. The shot fried most of my muscles and a lot of my skin as well. I have healed well but still I believe it was only the will of the force I am alive..

"Move your legs dearie" she says to me as I am standing on one of those plank like things with the two rails one on each side.

" I'm trying "I tell her" But I can barely move"

All of a sudden I see the laughing face of Dooku in front of me and it is like a lightning bolt shot through my limbs. i was able to move and move a heck of a lot faster than I had before the accident. I gripped at the rails and they were crushed underneath my palms. is this the darkside? No.. It is me, but something in me has awoken... I do not know what.

The next thing I know Dolie is backing away from me, her grey eyes wide in fright. I reach out to her with a smile.She backs up even further " S s-tay away from me!" she cries, curling into a ball.

There is nothing more I can do so I call her assistant Marie and leave the med wing, dazed and very confused. I head to my quaters, only pausing to nod at those whom I pass by not speaking a word to a soul

I am pretty sure someone will speak to me about my lack of speech later on.. but for now.. I have other things to do.. Like trace where Sidious and Dooku are hiding.. I put a tracer on dooku that would automatically hook on to Sidious' force signature. the tracer is undectable and won't be picked up by scanners and is smaller than a grain of sand.. a thing of beauty really.

Not really caring about much else I went over to my bed and dropped off into a dreamless sleep, I think I even left the door open a crack for Lisette, my cat, if she should happen to wander in. She is no blimp like Gar Gar and can run rings around him... but is very shy, she will only come out whenever I am home... The last thought of mine was of a cat and a raven.

More Later


Saturday, August 26, 2006

Awakening, in a fashion

Since my host is still out of it.. I will take this oppurtunity to introduce myself.. I am Ravenstone 1st and only Sith emperess.. The reason why this is ? I became too powerful for the men and they sought to get rid of me..

Oh I have toned down my ways since then, but I still get up to some tricks from time to time... And somehow Dooku and Sidious think they are going to steal the spotlight from me? Hmph!

The only reason why I am letting dear darling Phobia contact Obi Wan about this new devlopment is
1) I despise the wrinkled prune and the ego manical moron, (aka Sidious and Dooku for those who don't already know)
2) this should be MY plan ,not theirs.. and
3) What can I say? after three hundred years or so of hovering in limbo.. I happen to have a thing for the jedi master... Yah I know what yuo all must be thinking me, the only sith empress after a jedi? Well don't scoff because then after you're dead for three hundred years and not any company of the oppsiite sex, I'll make sure to come and gloat at you.

I love my host to death, but sometimes she is VERY annoying.. Like for eexample she is SUCH a goody goody. I mean whenever anakin gave her that gag gift.. If that would have been me,I'm sorry but I'd have jumped at the oppurtunity.

Anyway.... Getting off subject here

The only reason why Phobia is alive is because my spirit is in her.If not for me , she would have died on Jabiim.Ah well.. I wonder what sort of mischief I can sow.. They are bringing me out of the bacta today.. or should I say us.. She is still mentally fractured, so I will be able to have some peace for a few.She was extreamly embarrassed over the gag gift Skywalker bestowed on her, spically whenever one of the temple's biggest mouths saw it and word got around that Obi Wan's picture was in it wiht his private com number on the back. So now I have gotten an idea and it will be sweet revenge, but.. ah crap she's waking up so it'll have to wait til later.

The next thing I remembered was Dorie bringing me out of the bacta and setting me on the table while I got my surroundings. She did remember that I had asked to see Obi Wan , because she had sent one of the healers out to find him, and the plans had been passed along. To make sure that they would arrive safely, I encoded them in an emerald ring. Now I need to get dressed and make myself presentable.It owuldn't do for me to be seen looking like a drowned womp rat, Anakin would get such a laugh.


Monday, August 21, 2006

Tagged by a jedi

Okay since I have time and a half to spare in a bacta tank... I was tagged by Kriss.. evviilll.....

1. Grab the nearest book.

*rumamges through stack of mess*

" How to tease a jedi" ... Anakin gave this as a gag gift I swear!

2. Open the book to page 123.

*flips through pages*

Chapter is called The ties that bind.. oh I am so gonna kill Skywalker

3. Find the fifth sentence.

Have it.. *blushes like a nut*

4. Post the text of it and the next 3 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.

By cutting off sight and sound from your victim, you send their blood pounding harder. With proper stimulis your jedi will be at your mercy. Listen to his/her moans and pleas for release to drive you on in your quest.

5. Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.

*looks around* I was just going to reach for my Lord of the Stars series.. sheesh

6. Tag three people.

hmm..*evil grin* Anakin, Obi Wan and Master Yoda..

(Oh and on a side note I think anakin gave me that book so I'd end up with MAster Kenobi.. what was he thinking? I found a picture of Obi Wan wiht his private comn number in the back.. I ask you.. Is Anakin cupid? I think Not!)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The thrills and joys of bacta tanks

I finally touched down on Coruscant late yesterday afternoon and the moment I had arrived Mace and about 3 other council members rushed out to my X wing and started yelling at me.. Well sheesh.. don't everything thank me at once!

Finally the healers came and took me to the infirmiry.. I had thrid degree burns over 20 percent of me I think they said.. Bacta tank for a week straight.. ..I had to tell them before they injected me..

" Tell Master Kenobi that as soon as I'm out of here I need to see him it's urgent.."

In the process of my little jont to Jabiim ,I had picked up crucial plans as to the REAL REAL reason why Kriss had been kidnapped. No not just for whatever the hell they said.. Here's the bottom line

Sidious and Dooku built a macheine that would affect all light side force sensatives males.. or females.. it depended.. The catch they needed a force sensative human to power the damn thing.. And it could possibly kill them. It hadn't been online yet.. they couldn't get anyone..

What did it do? Well let's just say those men who didnt' work right anymore and were force sensatives would work like whenever they had been a teen. Same with women.. If a male was strapped into the pod.. it would affect females only.. If they managed to get a man and a woman.. it would not be good is all I will say

So before they hit me with the Valium I handed them a holomap as to the plans.. " Get this to Obi Wan.. quickly.. " then I was out.. like a light

I woke the first time I think around midnight.. some of my skin had healed , and the healers were all asleep.. Oh shit the next dose of Valium wasn't set to kick in til 5th chime... I could feel my blood pounding in my ears and suddenly I could barely breathe.I pounded on the glass and screamed as loud as I could with the breathing tube in my mouth until biissfully Dolie came in and hit the button for the emergency knock out dose she kept for me just in case.. thank the force for that woman....

So you see why I hate bacta tanks.. god I swear I'm going to kill Dooku the next time I see him.. darkside or no

Deimos out ( literally)

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Why you should never go to an aldreann repair shop

I had found her.. Sheesh.. I had found her and then..


My X wing's engine blew up entirely, parts flying everywhere the whole thing totalled.

I swear I'm going to kill that repair man.

Thankfully I had spare parts in the back to curtailing my search for Kriss.. I went to work on my engine, because we'd need to make a quick getaway. I soon lost myself in the turn of the rachets and the humm of the welder.. Life is so much easier whenever you're fixing things and not out trying to save the galaxy.. One of the few things Anakin and I see eye to eye on...

So I had just finished the repairs to the engine.. Imagine a normally clean jedi with grease all over her face, her robes looking like they had been drug through a coal mine, and all around a mess. I reached up into the back and wiped my face off with a towelete that I keep for emerginces such as this and then the next thing I know.. I hear the hum of a lgithsaber behind me.

" Skywaker if this is some kind of a joke it isn't funny..." I started while at the same time reaching for my own..

" Don't move" said a familiarly chilling cold voice..

I knew that voice and I didn't want to even go there, but I froze..

" Sicne young Skywalker and his freind have escaped my clutches you will do nicely.. I'm sure Lord Sidious will be most pleased to see you..."

Sidious? Oh Sith!

I turned slowly not trying to give him a reason to kill me now and said calmly" Well I'm sure I 'd be pleased to see Lord Sidious too.. "I weighed my options.. try and make a break for it or go with Dooku..? Anakin and Kriss were gone, that much he was not lying about... But no one knew I was here except for I think Mace but him save me? Yeah right! he'd sooner see me turned.

So I walked towards Dooku calmly and extended my saber to him, blade facing him.. Now if this works I'll be a geinus. I was nearly flush against him and as he reached out to take my saber from me I slammed my finger on the button sending the blade right into his stomach.

Giving the blade a quick tiwst I yanked it out of hm and took off running. I could feel somthing or someone helping me.. who I didn't know.. I had reached the cockpit of the X wing whenever I felt it

Force Lightning

It hit me full blast and I think I screamed but I'm not sure... All I knew was every midichlorian in my body demanded I make it into that cockpit and get the living hell out of here and off the planet before it was too late.

I managed to push him back with the force and hauled my half fried body inside before slamming the lid closed and I gunned the engines.

I had to give all the juice they could handle but I maanaged ot get free of the swamp and soon I was in space. I flipped on my com unit and called the only person who I could think of...


I didn't know if he'd get the transmission right away, but I figured I warn him of what I 'd found out.

" Anakin? It's Phobia. Listen I found out that Dooku was planning something with Sidious.. It was a good thing you found Kriss whenever you did... I'll be in shortly.. Oh and Alderann X wing engines are junk.. Build your own.. Got it? Deimos out"

I leaned back in the seat gingerly as I set course for Coruscant . it was going to be a long couple of days .. Most spent in a bacta tank .. they knew to knock me out.. If there was flaw with me.. It's claustrophobia... Happened whenever I was little.. Bruck locked me in a closet and put a force restisant lock on it.. Moron.. thankfully.. I think it was.. Oh sith I forget who it was, but someone got me out..

The last thing I remember was someone saying" you're safe now.." before I dozed off

More later