Sunday, July 30, 2006

A brief interlude

As I struggle through this fucking god awuful swamp I thought it would be a good time to tell all of you how I came to be a jedi padawan.

10 years ago I was homeless on the streets of Coruscant with two suits of clothes to my name , a small com unit I had stolen whenever I was 3. I stole to survive and had managed to become the best known bandit on the streets. Well I was only 5 whenever some of those stupid goons from Offworld decided they needed child laborers. In this case having such a reputation on the streets sucks big time ne?

Well here I was backed into a small corner with six or seven big hulking men surrounding me on all sides. I was claustrphobic because of being stuck in a drain pipe when I was two but I was managing barely. So here I am backed into this tiny corner my heart in my throat scared out of my mind. Then I don't know what it was, and still don't but something inside of me snapped.

The next thing I knew I had blood covering half of my body and all seven of the guys were dead. I didn't know what to think or do. I was brought to the temple and questioned by the council. They had put me on probation for two years and then I was apprenticed to Paradox. I still think the council watches me closely. I remember Mace saying something about me being still close to the dark side. I didn't buy it for a moment.

I sitll have nightmares about that night. I've been able to control the screams since then. Whenever I had just come to the temple I would wake up screaming and crying and one of the masters would usually sit with me until I fell back asleep.I remember the last night I woke up screaming, apparently It was Qui Gon who sat with me until I fell back asleep. He even tucked me back into bed. The next day he and Obi Wan had been sent off to Naboo. I never got a chance to thank him.. I remember crying on Paradox's shoulder for hours after the funeral.

Now that you know my gruesome past as to how I came to be at the temple, I 'll bring you back to the present.

I have a feeling that if Mace were here he'd be bitching about his robes being dirty. He's such a diva.. It's slow going here , this mud is so freaking thick! I hear a screech of a bird overhead and I think I'd better get moving before it decides it wants a meal.

More later

The curses (or blessings of having your ship worked on)

(was off for a while.. to catch up with the great hunt for Kriss.. here ya go)

I pulled my black X Wing into the shop late that afternoon. There I was thumbing through the latest edition of Mecanics Digest whenever the raido they had just installed had picked up a new transmission. I could briefly hear Skywalker shouting over the com to.. Ah yes! there it was.. I knew that force signature! It was Kriss!

As the mecanics hustled to finish their work, I called the temple with the news. I knew no matter how much they gave Skywalker a hard time, they would still want updates, but I wasn't going to put them on the right trail just yet. For Mace's mouth he could sniff out clues one by
" Masters.. I have a lead as to Kriss' wearabouts.. "

I could see there was a vein buldging in Master Windu's forehead.. He was pissed, big time.
one just like the rest of us!

" good this is. where are you now?"

" I'm at a mecanic's shop on Tatooine, in fact I'm at Watto's"

" Following in Skywalker's footsteps you are?"

" Yes master, I'm terribly worried about Kriss.. And I fear the Sith might be involved"

Audible breaths from them, thought that would get their attention. " know this you do how?"

" Firstly, it would take someone of great strength and power to kidnap Kriss, secondly before you even say it Mace she has not run away nor is Anakin in on this. He's as worried as I am. And also I can feel his anger clear from here.. That can only point to Sith involvement"

Nodding Master Yoda said " Wait there you will. Others we will send to assist you"

I hated to do this to Yoda I really did but I said " I'm sorry Master I cannot. I will go on alone" with that I cut the connection and slammed my mental walls up, blocking Yoda and the rest from trying to forge a connection with me.I knew there would be hell for this later but I'd take my chances.

Making my way over to the mecanic I asked " How much longer?"

Straightening his back he wiped the sweat from his brow with a ratty rag. " She's done now, top of the line boosters. This baby could travel half the galaxy in a day."

Smiling I asked" What about say from.. Here to Jabiim?"

He grinned " Half hour at least an hour max"

I stuffed a fistful of credits into his hands and jumped into my newly repaired X wing. As she warmed up I could hear the engine's purring. Wait til Skywalker got a load of this!

5 minutes later I was well on my way to Jabiim and within 10 I had landed. I opened my mind to try and find Skywalker's force Signature and did with relitave ease. But with a whispered message I said " you might want to pay attention to your surroundings a bit more "

Flipping out a special scanner I picked up at the shop I scanned for force containment chambers. If this was Sith related would they be stupid enough to let her run loose? Hell no! A little beep from my handy dandy scanner told me I needed to head north.. through a swamp.. ugh.. if I got first crack at the moron who was behind this.. he would suffer a similar fate akin to Darth Maul.. grr..

With my lightsaber in one hand and my spare blaster in the other I began my trek through the swamp heading northward promising death to the next thing that tried to eat my boots.