Thursday, May 31, 2007

Troubles on the Horizon

The ship shuddered and touched down on planet several hours later" Will you actually tell us where we are now?" I asked Godfrey with a verry thinned patient smile. He'd been so secrative for the past hours it was driving me bananas!

Before he could answer, Belda started jumping up and down pointing" We're on Ragoon 3 Master!" she said exictedly. I turned to Godfrey, hands resting on my hips. " And you didn't tell me this because?" one eyebrow was raised.. I was rather amused.. and just a trifle annoyed.. He knows how I hate to wait.

"Because I wanted to suprise you?" he says with a hopeful goofy look

A smile and I pick up a few of his bags and my own" Nice save Fafnir.. Now shall we? I can see your pratically bouncing with excitement"

We headed down the gangplank of the ship into the huge crowd. There were people everywhere and I used my freehand to hold onto Beld'as .. " Keep close to me Belda.. I don't want to loose you in the crowds.

No sooner than I had said that then her head whips around to one of the vendors who is selling sweets. She keeps her mouth shut but I can tell she'd like something.Godfrey sees my look and he says to Belda" I think there's something over here you should see.." Taking Belda with him he dissapears through the corwds..

Moments later they both return, Belda is on his back, the hugest lollipop I've seen in my life in one hand. She grins and from out of his pocket Godfrey pulls a candy bar " I know how you love the Calabaranies.. This is the best place to get them"

Grinning like Belda, I begin munching on my candy as we make our way up to the grand palace on the top of the hill. After a while Belda hops down off of Godfrey and is walking alongside us again. It's when we spot him.

" Lantos!" Godfrey cries, stepping forward and embracing the shorter man. Turning to us he makes the introductions.

"Lantos, this is my wife, Phobia.. and our daughter Belda"

At this I'm rather caught off guard but what does it really matter? We are like family anyway.
Lantos smiles greeting both of us in turn and then the two fade off into talking as they walk ahead of us.

The path to the palace where all of the contestants and their famlies would stay was in sight. I whispered to Belda" does it bother you what Godfrey did? introducing you as our daughter?"

She shook her head" it's a little odd but I feel like I am.. I don't know if I should though.."
I motioned for the two of them to go on ahead and I stopped kneeling so we could see eye to eye" It's perfectly fine you feel like family.. I wouldn't have it any other way in fact... I think.." I paused" I know your mother and father would be happy knowing that you are happy and safe.. And that you're loved"

She smiled broadly" yes.. My mother accepted my decision to remain with the Jedi.. If she didn't trust that I would be well cared for she could have made me come with her.. "
Rising we continued our companionable walk for a few more minutes until we caught up with

Lantos and Godfrey who were by now at the doors to the palace with another group of men.
Apparenlty from what Godfrey told me later, they had all trained here together on Ragoon 3.. They were the first generation Daishujo.. That ment for all of them this was their first time being allowed to enter the tourtament. The rules state you must be 18 or older to enter.. not because of maturity, but for strength.. and the fact there are some if entered younger wouldn't stand a chance.

The man to beat .. his name was Khali. there are two factions of the DaiShujo.. Yin and yang.. or much like with Jedi and sith.. lightside and darkside.. He was of the yang side.. Preliminaries would begin tomorrow.. but for now Lantos and Godfrey parted ways and we went to get settled in.

" When can we find your grandfather?.. This thing on my back.. it's sore.. I think it's starting to heal finally "

" As soon as we get something to eat.. now go to sleep.. there's a few things I need to take care of.. Belda will be here if you need anything."

At that point I was so tired I didn't complain as I drifted off to sleep on the sky blue silk sheets.. Last thoughts of the comming day and for his safety.

Until Later

Sunday, May 27, 2007

A scare and a ray of hope

( NOTE: I'm going to be out of town Tuesday so instead of normally splitting this up into two parts, today's post is a bit long. My apologies)
Blood pounds in my ears, louder than a raging storm.The vision.. it's happening again.. Please.. someone .. anyone make it stop!

I was in the training room with Belda and Godfrey when it started again. It began playing before my eyes like a horror holo. Her screams made me pull at my hair in anguish.. My little one.. my baby!

It was over just as quickly as it had begun. Godfrey was at my side, asking what had happened, what I had seen. As I tried to rise to explain, pain erupted down my spine. My skin felt like it was on fire and I struggled to get my tunics off. When I did manage to do so Godfrey let out a low gasp." What? what's wrong?" I couldn't take the silence.. It was too much.

He guided me to a full length miror and then I saw the cause of my pain.. It looked like I had been burned in intricate patterns straight down my scar. The skin was pitch black and in some places if it was touched it was still burning." what .. what is it?" I asked, looking from one to the other. The stench of burned flesh hung lightly in the room.

"Normally this would be a mark of maturity in your spirit animal, but it is never this bad and it isn't supposed to be this deep" Godfrey said, studying the markings.

I pulled my tunics back into place respectably and turned to him. " is there anyone else who would know more about it?"

He looked thoughtful for a moment" The Onkichi Budokai will begin within a few days.. I've been wanting to go.. It's a tourtament strictly open for the DaiShujo.. There might be people there who could explain this better than I could.. My grandfather is supposed to be there as well.. i was hoping to be able to go but I didn't want to upset you.." he looked away shyly.

" Of course! Godfrey you should compete! Will I at least be allowed to watch?"
He nodded" Since you're in the family .. They'll let you in. We can always bring Belda as well.. Your niece.."

I nodded" So it's settled.. You'll compete in the Onkichi Budokai and we can find out more about this.. thing.."

I could see the excitement on his face, like a little child at Christmas.. i was happy to see him this excited. Though I had the distinct feeling that I wouldn't be seeing much of him for a few days.. When he got to training he was all but religious about it. Didn't matter though.. to him happy , that was reward enough for me.

The next two days passed in relative peace. Debbak and Harroka never far from my mind. While he trained I scoured the city, often going alone while Belda was in classes. I always left my com number with her teachers but asked they not call me unless in an emergency.

I hunted and hunted for my father throughout the alleyways and city streets. Sometimes I would see the flit of a cape or an irregular step that would make me turn with my saber in hand.

All that would greet me was empty air.

The third day in the afternoon I found Godfrey stretched out on the couch ,shoes off, asleep.He was so adorable.. So sweet.. I didn't try to move him but instead I draped a blanket around him and propped a pillow under his head.I headed into the other room and got me a pillow and a blanket too, with a book.
Returning to the couch I spread the blanket on the floor and propped the pillow behind my back.

The book I had gotten was "The little Mermaid" for some odd reason.. Sitting there.. I started reading quietly, one hand looped through his.I had reached the part where the princess gave her voice to the witch to win the prince's love whenever I began to doze finally, book falling into my lap.

When I woke I found myself in bed, the book resting next to me. Something caught my attention and I sat up gasping.. The mark that was on my back had spread down my arms, but much less severe.The tanktop seemed a little too scanty for me and I changed quickly into a longsleeve top and headed out to the living room.

The crono read 0330 .. Godfrey was finishing packing things up in a few bags. I could see his bo staff, a few smaller bags which I figured contained his kamas, sais, tonfas and so forth. There was also a duffel bag resting amongst the others as well.

I placed my bag down with all of the others sitting there and Belda, who I had explained this to a while ago had packed her bag as well and was waiting for the two of us" where are we going?" she asked curiously

I smiled" that I don't even know myself.. Only Godfrey knows.. In fact he hasn't even told me.. Where ARE we going if you don't mind me asking?"

He smiled mysteriously" That's a suprise.. Now come on.. can't be late in getting out of here" We both followed him down to the hangar bay, my mind whirling of where we could be headed. We boarded the ship and he didn't say a word but had us both go and sit in the main room of the ship while he went to the cockpit and set the coordinates before rejoining us.
" What's the.. O..onki..Onkichi Budokai Master Godfrey?" Belda asked him, a puzzled look on her face

He smiled and had her come sit with him while he told the story I had heard hundreds of times. When he tells a story he goes into great detail. The picture the two of them painted made my heart melt.. He was always so good with children, even before I really knew him. I sat and listened, sipping a juice, the atmosphere quiet and relaxed for a change.. Nothing really troubling me, nothing calling for our instant attention.

It was just the three of us.. well five if you want to be picky.. It was cozy it was warm.. We were a family without realizing it.
The ship's engines thrummed under our feet, lulling everyone into a safe secure feeling. If I could simply freeze time here.. I might. I wondered if this is how a mother felt watching her child.. .. But then the thought passed out of recgonition and time..

To freeze time wouldbe both a blessing and a curse. To not see them grow and change.. to become the wonderful people they were ment to be.. That would be among the highest of crimes.. My eyes watched them both , smiling.. feeling content.. No evil could touch us here .We were free, for the moment. Free to be our true selves.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Horrid discoveries and some downtime

I was sick continiously on the way back to Coruscant. Whenever he wasn't busy with the ship,Godfrey was sitting with me. My fever, from what he said had reached 107 by our third day and was still climbing..

When I came to myself again I felt cold, so cold.. He had wrapped me in blankets and put me to bed.. I was cooking from the inside out and it had taken water frozen to almost below freezing to bring my fever down.

" by the gods, you scared me to death" he said to me whenever I was coherent.. The first thing I knew I was enveloped in his arms and he was hugging me breathless.. " Please, don't scare me like that again.. I.. I thought I was going to loose you"I returned his hug with what strength I had in me. He pulled back enough to rain kisses all over my face, whispering nonsense and little endearments to me. I let myself lie against him, happy to be alive, and in his arms.

My hands began roaming his back restlessly and he groaned before releasing me" Not now.. firstly you are too weak for anything of the sort, and second.. Belda is right in the next room, you don't want her to hear us do you?"

That caused me to giggle to no end. " you're right, how much longer before we reach Coruscant?"

His face became grave" We've allready landed, but I asked to keep you on board until your fever went down.. There's .. there's something you need to see Pho.. Yoda told me.. Belda hasn't been told yet either.. They found Debakk and Harroka"

Despite my legs wanting to give out like matchsticks I got up and with Godfrey's help I went down into the hangar bay and followed him to a private room where Yoda waited for us. " Sorrowful this is.. Two innocents these were.. Break this to Belda gently you must"

They removed the cloth from the two forms in the room. There lay the two missing girls, both dead. What made my heart freeze for some moments in my chest was the emblem stamped onto both their faces. I could distinguish the mark of my father on them both. "Oh god.. oh.. " I collapsed onto the floor crying and shaking bitterly " No.. how could this be? I killed his form on Telos.. I.. I killed him"

"Loose in the temple he was thought to be, now we know somewhere on Coruscant he lurks.. Working possibly with two other known criminals.. Marsui and Octavia" I faintly recgonized both the names but I was too sick to care.

" Bring him down you must.. Leave I give to use whatever means nesscary.. May the force be with you all"

I was inconsoliable as I was lifted and carried by Godfrey back to our apartment. Belda followed, confused as to what was going on. When I could speak without wanting to be sick I told Belda in halting tones what had happened.. At first she didn't want to believe me but I opened my mind much as I dared at this point and showed her what I had seen. She collapsed sobbing into my arms where we both cried for some time.

Godfrey was pacing ,feeling rather helpless I could tell. Belda cried herself to sleep, but it was an hour maybe more before I realizied this. Her head rested on my lap while I was seated back against the wall of my bed. When I realizied this, Godfrey picked her up and together we put her to bed before I had to rest some more as well , the sick and paniced feeling never really leaving.

When I woke again it was nightfall. According to Godfrey I had slept at least three days, though the visions had granted me no true sleep From what I heard Yoda put a special message in to Anakin to come back as soon as he was able. God I hated the fact others had to be pulled off missions just for some little psycho brat. DJK still wasn't home.. So I decided to go yank on a certain todler's ear..

" Look I don't give a flying bantha's rear end what the hell demon is causing trouble! I want you to fix this fucking mess you made with the time stream and get her back NOW you thumb sucking coward! Or so help me by god I will be making sure you have to hunt for a new head because I'll stick it on a pike!"

His reply was one that if I wouldn't have been so pissed I would've laughed myself silly" Yess ma'm I'll get right on it.. But if my father finds out.."


He hung up.

Satisfied for the moment I took to going to the gym with Belda to drill her on her saber lessons. Now keep in mind I'm usually an easy person to get along with when it comes to saber training, but I think Godfrey's training methods are rubbing off on me.

I drilled her nonstop from 4th chime until almost 10th, the only breaks being for the fresher and water. I think Belda was more than a bit suprised at my actions. She seemed to be more confused than anything.. I explained over a late dinner" I don't think I should've pushed you this far this soon, but I think you need to keep busy.. as do I..Tomorrow we'll have a three way sparring session.. if there is anything that will sharpen your focus it 's that.. No sabers for now.. we'll use bo staves"

As I was cleaning up I looked out over the sky of the city.. Where could he be? Were Obi Wan and Adana somehow tangled up in this? If so were they safe?
I was jerked out of my thinking when Godfrey slipped up behind me and planted a soft kiss on my neck." you're worrying again.." he said gazing at my reflection in the window

" If I don't worry who will?" I asked him as I turned, wrapping both arms around him, back resting on the kitchen sink.

" mmmh.. you're tense too.. too tense.. I'll have to do something about this" a grin quirked his lips and I knew what he had in mind

" Let me just check to make sure Belda is asleep.. Green tea after dinner almost always puts her out like a light, and she gets a peaceful night's sleep"

He nodded , eyes sparkling" Okay.. but don't take too long, I'll be waiting darling"

Drying his hands on the towel he dissapeared into our room, shutting the door.

I checked on Belda quickly. She was sound asleep. A gentle mind touch sent her into a deeper sleep still to ensure she would not wake until morning.. I adjusted the dreamcatcher I had placed in her room and gave a single tap with spirit energy to activate it before I headed to our room..

There were a few candles lit and soft strains of my favroite song " Once in a Million years" were floating through the room.. He smiled and took my hand.. " you need to be pampered.. let me.. "

He handed me a terry cloth robe and told me to go slip that on while he finished arranging things.. I did as he asked.. when I returned.. he had arranged every pilow in the room just about into a veritable mountain on the bed which he had me lie down on before reaching for a bottle that sat on the nightstand.

The robe slid slightly off my shoulders, revealing part of my upper back. Hycantith oil.. by the gods he is ammazing..

Some hours later after he had finished my massage and wherein I insisted on returning the favor, we were lying in bed,my arm wrapped around his neck from behind, his draped over my waist.It was moments like these I treasured.. moments like these that gave me the courage to get up and face the day again when everything seemed lost and forgotten.

Without him I would not have the resolve I do.. Without him.. I'm not the woman you see, I would be nothing. Just a scared and frightened little girl who is always in the wrong place at the wrong time.. Let me stay in this moment forever.. Let me stay in his arms.. this.. this is truer than any miracle. the fact he loves me and I love him


Til Later

Monday, May 21, 2007

Return of the Raven pt 2

Atris stepped from her hiding place. I sprang back, saber at the ready. I was no fool to come here unarmed.

" Ready to fight are you? But your opponent is not ready yet.. I have my mistress' orders.. No one fights you.. except for the one who rests within."

" Demonic harlot!" I shouted before going after her though she flipped out of my reach easily.

" Oh yes, wear yourself out.. it will be so poetic.. the sognbird killed by the raven.."

I had it.. no one was going to push me around anymore.. NO ONE. Out of every cell of my body power,raw untapped, fearsome power came.. It was like a thunderous tidal wave. This time it was not force lightning but fire.. Pure white fire that exploded out of my hands and I threw it at Atris with all of my being. She screamed as she was released from that body .

I ran to the maulseoum doors and thew them open with a bang. There was Marasha and Hoth, and..

I ignited my saber again and pulled another weapon from my belt. I pushed the button and three tendrils of light whipped out. " GET OUT HERE! I'm giving you three seconds or I will come in there and drag you out by your lying tongue!"

A sneer on her lips Marasha appeared, saber in a low ready stance. " Aww, upset that we're hurting your poor pathetic father?"

Something snapped.

I went after her, blue blade moving in a blur as she raised her saber frantically trying to swat away my strikes." that all you got?" she sneered, raising her red blade to meet my blue one as it came down to strike her shoulder.Adrenline was pumping through my body , blood rushing in my ears. I would not stop, not until this little demon was dead.. she had brought misery upon the temple, she was the apprentice of the demon who made MY life hell.. She would die, and by my hand.

I could hear Godfrey shouting for me to stop, that I couldn't keep up this pace.. I could hurt myself.. I could hear Belda as well begging me to let her handle Marasha. I heeded neither of them. I had stood back while others had fought my battles. it felt like my body was on fire.. bright hot and burning stronger still.

"Marasha move. This fight is mine"

My eyes turned to the maulesoum and my heart skipped a beat.Blood, adrenline , fire and power swarmed in my body and my brain making for a bright super nova. " So she's done it.. she's brought you back.. Father"

" You will adress her as her highness, Emperess Ravenstone!"

Double blades ignited, he charged me, black cloak flickering like a raven. Snapping the whip I caught the first blade round the hilt and ripped it from his hands. " She is evil father! Please! I know you feel the council betrayed you but look! I am here I am alive! I am a JEDI!"
He sneerd" you are no daughter of mine! You are weak!"

Blood became lava burning my insides. this was not my father.. this was not Xanatos. this was a demonic creation of that sith dog.I could hear my heartbeat pounding in my ears and it as excactly five beats later that my saber grew hot under my touch and snakelike whisps of fire coated mybody and became red. It was like .. feathers..?

Godfrey pulled Belda back when she tried to run to me" No.. she has to deal with this on her own.. It won't be near as bad as when I change"

I was changing.. morphing.. into..

Xanatos gasped as I rose into the air above him.. I could see my reflection in his eyes... I had become a phoenix!

All of my rage,all of my anger and hate made my body burn brighter and brighter, eyes becoming sharper and sharper.. I could not speak, but I spoke through the force " I will set you free from this, return you to the good man you once were"

I dove straight down, the fire catching and burning at only Xanatos and his cape. He screamed as I dropped to the ground, a human now, clothes only semi torn." I'm sorry dad.. I'm so sorry"

The last look he gave me was anger and hate.. pure evil...More destruction.

I turned on Marasha and Hoth" you both want me? come get me you bastards.. I'll kill you both"
Saber and whip raised the three of us battled fiercely until the tide turned.. Hoth stepped left when he should have stepped right.His head went flying off his shoulders hitting the maulesum wall.

Marasha and I locked eyes. " I have my orders.. your evil ends here"Sweat poured down my face and body, my amrs were shaking..

Godfrey stepped up next to me" Rest.. You won't be able to stand for much longer now after your first change.. She's mine"

I nodded falling back onto the grass next to the gothic looking tomb. Belda knelt next to me" Master are you okay?" I nodded, then I promptly passed out.

When I woke something was diffrent.. I couldn't pinpoint it.. I sat up stiffly" Oh.. what.. what happened?" I felt like I had been sick for years.. I couldn't get my head to stop spinning.. " She's gone.. I almost had her.. Pho I'm so sorry.. "

I shook my head" It's ok.. We just need to get home.. "

I was so weak Godfey had to carry me back down the mountain and back to the ship. I felt like a fool, arguing the whole way telling him I could walk no problem. Stubroun man wouldn't even listen.. So I figured, I might as well enjoy this.

I rested my head on his shoulder, the sound of his heartbeat lulling me into sleep. Sleep was the best thing for me I would guess.I needed my strength. Espically for what I would find when we reached Coruscant..


Til Later

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Savage Garden

They think they have her cornered.. The fools. What they do not realize Is I have manupliated this for years. Long before i was imprisioned in that acursed book. It all started in one foolish emotion which began the grand scheme. .Even now he sits unawares, not knowing that sooner or later he will fall to his deistiny and become my true right hand.

Marasha the pathetic brat fits my purpose for now. Her childlike looks fool many into feeling sympathy and pity for her.

Their mistake.

But when the time comes I will destroy her like I have destroyed countless before her. I trust no one save myself. Anyone who gets close to me will be exterminated.

And I will laugh.

Bit by bit I am bringing those back who are needed to my side. The most anicent of Jedi, or those who the council has turned their backs on one time or another. bring them into the brotherhood of Set.

Together with the brotherhood under my control once more and the gryphon cannon at my beck and call, the galaxy will soon be back where it belongs . Under my control..

A long time ago I found that all men are fit for are procreation or to be used as servents. They have no free will of their own. They have proven this time and again by the countless crimes they commit. The galaxy flourished under a woman's hand once, it shall again.

Sidious.. I know the mask he hides behind.. A pathetic one which will soon crackle like wood on a fire.

Even as my right hand he will have no power.. Not power like mine anway. I made a costly mistake once many years ago and brought a man known as Bane up like a son.

That mistake almost cost me ly life. In a way it did.

Soon the skies will rain with brimstone and lava.. Once again Mustafar will feeze in an eternal ice age. Wails of the suffering will rend the air. The anguished cries of a mother as her child is stolen from her arms.The sorrow of a family.. Water becomes blood,wine turns to ash...

Soon , very soon.. I will reclaim my rightful place as emperess.. And this time there is no one to stop me.

If you want to blame someone for this.. look among your own.. Look no further than Phobia Deimos. The harbringer of destruction.

Dance in the Devil's garden

Return of the Raven Pt 1

The nearer we got to Telos, the more shivers danced down my spine. I had explained to Godfrey and Belda we must not reveal we were Jedi knights. I was the last surviving heir to Xanatos' fortune and my husband and I needed to come and make some arrangements before moving to our new home on Naboo.

"but why must we keep secret the fact we are Jedi?" Belda asked me

" Because, the circumstances of my father's death left many Telosnosians feeling bitter hatred towards the Jedi of the Repbulic..We need to be careful"

The ship landed and we disembarked, dressed in typical civillian clothes. I wrapped an arm around Godfrey's waist and took Belda's hand." remember no using the force unless we are in danger"We walked down the ramp to greet the head of the Offworld Corpration.

" you say you are the daughter of Xanatos?"

I nodded" yes.. I only found out a little while ago and have come to claim my inheratance.. I have fallen down on my luck and need the money.. We don't want our daughter to grow up starving and having to resort to stealing for food.."I pulled Belda close smiling sadly.

" Well we just need to perform a small blood test ot make certain and all will be arranged"
I nodded and the man went out of the room. A kind woman with blonde hairand green eyes walked in with a syringe and a small vial. I rolled up my sleeve and offered her my arm." this might hurt a bit miss.. plese try and hold still." The needle was one of those 6 inch long ones and

I paled a little but nodded.I turned my head away and felt the pinprick and a few moments later I was bandaged up and out of the way.

When we were alone I looked around the room. This had to have been dad's room.. it spoke volumes in the force to me. When the man returned I asked" um.. I was wondering.. I know my father died under suspicious circumstances, but I was wondering.. can I see where he rests? please?"

" Of course, and the blood test came out fine.. You can collect as much as you need within the hour"

"Thank you. .Belda, come on. We need to go place some flowers on Grandpa's grave"
We exited the room and made our way out where a redheaded woman waited for us. " Come, I'll take you to him"

We walked the wild paths up into the mountains. Above the city the view was breathtaking. " I will wait for you here.. it's at the top of the hill.. when you are ready come and find me."
I went ahead of the others, climbing the path as though I had been here before. An old song haunted my steps.. one I remembered hearing him sing.. I don't know from when or where though..

" Ma di la yo pan yon gonsi o da kesta dway bi ming milan les sa v ya fe ous su nigh o don give in to a crus sa gan lo gas sa to di la pin yaro may dor gin gway la di li cho me da la le la ya fin yarro ba le ma mor ma day bre ghan"

The sun was dipping lower in the horizion as the song echoed over and over form my lips like a broken record. finally when it seemed to unwind itself from my being, I could hear a hollow laugh and claping from the shadows of the mauseloum.

" Bravo.. voice of a songbird.. shame I'll have to cut it out"

I turned to see...

Til Later

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Out of the frying pan, into hell pt2

We moved seamlessly as we dueled the two newly arisen masters. A fleeting thought crossed my mind that Anakin and Obi Wan would have been jealous of how well we were doing. My eyes briefly flickered over to Belda. Apparently those kata lessons had been paying off well because she was not only holding her own against Marasha but she was winning.

Let's finish this

A brief smile tugged his lips Double Heilix or the Armegedon twister?

I was feeling particularly vindictive Armagedon Twister.. these two had it comming
We moved back to back, sabers raised in a defense position.I stepped just behind Godfrey's left leg with my right and let him sweep my balance from under me as though it were a seemingly stupid mistake. As I tumbled to the ground I held my saber up straight, embedding itself in Hoth's stomach.

Godfrey jumped over me and Atris gave chase. I rolled to my feet and jammed my saber in her back , getting clear before she could fry me.

There was something suprising about these two.. They had no blood in their veins.. They were all sand.. The two looked up at us and just, disentrgrated.

Belda was still locked in combat with Marasha. They were batteling at the edge of the pit. I could feel the anger and frustration pouring off of Belda. Torn between normal emotions and wanting to fufill her destiny. I ran forward just as she was about to shove Marasha over into the lava

" Belda stop!"

She turned to me, anger flashing in her eyes" Why? she deserves to die! I want to squeeze the life out of her with my bare hands!"

I knew that tone, it was one I knew well" Belda listen to me, she is confused.. she has had nothing but evil as an example"

" She made her choice!"

" No! she only HAD one choice. She only sees one path. Belda.. you are the hope and light.. it is people like these who need your help the most."

" But.. but.. Master Qui Gon.. how could she?" Belda was stuttering now.. confused herself..

" If you want to blame someone.. blame me.. if I had never opened the grimorie She would still be trapped" My voice grew quiet at the end.. It was the truth.. if I had never opened it.. all this would not be happening..

Belda shut off her saber and tucked it on her belt. " I see what you mean master.. But it is not your fault.. you only sought a place to belong.. you were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time."

Marasha grinned and dove for Belda, saber ignited.

" BELDA LOOK OUT!" I dove in front off her to try and block the blade but even I wasn't fast enough. I could feel the red blade singe my thigh. I cried out and dropped to my knees, hands over my wound.

Marasha threw back her head and laughed wickedly" this is perfect! now I get to kill you both!"

Before I realizied what was happening, Godfrey was standing in front of us, double bladed saber humming quietly" you want to fight Marasha? You fight me." His voice was deadly calm and that yellowish glem was in his eyes like before on Endor.

She raised her saber in the form of a Makashi duelist. " so be it".

The fight didn't last as long as I thought, Godfrey was in no mood for games with this spoiled sith brat. Maybe a minute or less and Marasha's saber was spinning out of her hands.

Then it was just us.. Catia gone, Hoth , Atris, Marasha all gone. Dissapeared.

I rose with help from both of them and returned to the ship. once I was settled Godfrey went to go look for some bacta for my leg. Belda turned and asked me" Where are we heading now master?"

I knew where she would go next, I would stop her there, if I had to kill her myself" Telos.. she intends to bring back someone I will NOT allow !"

Godfrey returned and knelt before me, placing the bacta patch on my leg" You don't mean.. "

" Yes.. she went to her homeworld. .now she will go to mine.. She wants to bring back father.. "

" Who?" Belda asked puzzled

I took a shallow breath before answering" Belda, my father.. he was Xanatos. Qui Gon's first apprentice"


Til Later


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Out of the frying pan, into hell pt1

The first thing I remember is the heat. The heat was stifling so much I could barely breathe.I had changed into the lightest robes I could find. Godfrey and Belda had done the same thing When we walked down the ramp the heat was even more intesne.

We climbed through rickety outcroppings towards a huge volcano in the center of the ground. . Belda stulmbled and started to fall forward towards the lava, but I latched onto the back of her tunic and pulled her back.

" Down there!" Godfrey called over the roar of the lava. I could see Marasha and a hooded figure next to her rushing for the tunnel. I'm not quite excactly sure how I got down there so fast but I reached the mouth of the tunnel first.

I saw them about 50 yards ahead of me. I looked back despretly at Belda and Godfrey who were just behind me and then to the two who were growing smaller and smaller in the distance.

"I'm going on ahead!" I didn't wait for a response, I rushed down the tunnel.

My mind was zeroed in on the two figures nearby.I launched myself into a spinning corkscrew turn and landed smoothly in front of Marasha and her" freind"

" It's over Marasha. Return the urns"

She laughed and the figure threw back it's hood.. My heart froze in my throat.. how could this be? Before me stood both master and apprentice..

" So suprised to see me Phobia? I have power beyond your wildest dreams.. Welcome to your tomb"

She raised her hand and the rocks began to shake. NO! I wouldn't let her hurt the two people who I had come to care for most!

I raised my hand identically" Go ahead Catia, shake down the walls, but I swear to god you kill them I go too.. and your back to square one"

She lowered her hand.. Well that was something.

" Now I won't ask you again. Give the urns you stole to me!"

Catia sneered" Go to hell, oh wait you're allready here.. Welcome to the demon's playground.. Now I'll show you why NO ONE CROSSED ME!"

The ground began to shake and glow.. I looked down.. oh crap.. this was not good, I had walked headlong into a trap.. I sprang backwards just as Belda and Godfrey caught up with me.

" Are you out of your damn mind?" he asked me, yanking me back from where the chasm was growing wider" you could've gotten yourself killed!" He was mad at me and , truthfully rightly so. I just couldn't let Marasha get away though, not when she was right within our grasp!

A stone like coffin rose out of the ground, swirls and symbols painted on the lid. As it cooled the coffin opened to reveal a man..

I quickly covered Belda's eyes while I took a guard stance. He was about the same size as Qui Gon but it was not him. Elder by a few years.. Silver hair tied into a warrior's bun atop his head and piercing brown eyes. A gasp left my lips.. " Hoth..".

The ground shook again and a second coffin revealed itself. it was slimmer , a female coffin. As Lord Hoth stepped from his coffin and took the bundle of clothes offered to him the second coffin opened.

A woman rose out of the coffin, snow white hair and blue eyes. She was dressed in white robes of a Jedi Historian. There was no doubt in my mind who she was. " Atris.."

Both walked to Catia and dropped to one knee, arm across their chest. Grinning manically, she handed them both elgantly crafted lightsabers.

They nodded their heads in unison and rose from their positions, turning towards us. I moved back against Godfrey and Belda. " Godfrey, Hoth.. Belda.. Marasha is yours.. Atris is mine."

We moved as one, my lightsaber was already ignited, spinning in my hands. Atris proved to be a formidible opponent, matching me blow for blow. Suddenly a red glow came into her eyes and I just narrowly missed being fried by a blast of sith lightning. " So you want to play rough eh?
Well I didn't get stuck with Catia for 20 years with nothing!"

I jumped back , flipping over Godfrey and Hoth who were dueling in a fast and furious blur and felt the force crackle around me. My mind was clear as it had ever been. it was like.. God unless you experience it it's nearly impossible to explain but the force moved with my will and shot for Atris from my fingertips. You guessed right.

I just used force lightning. On my own volition, not with Catia's aid.. on my own .

Atris was blown back into the rock wall and collapsed into a heap.. I turned just as Godfrey somersaulted over my head and reaching behind his back for something. Hoth came barreling for him and I parried the blow just as Atris rose and twisted towards me.

Two blades of blue light ignited and parried Atris's strike at my head. I was momentarily shocked and rather impressed as well. A double bladed saber? Well.. He's full of suprises.

Until Later

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Nightmares and Dreamscapes

The trip from Naboo to Endor was a silent and tense one. I wasn't paying much attnetion to anyone or anything really. I only took food whenever I was pressured to by Godfrey or Belda. The rest of the time I either simply stared out the window or slept.My spirt felt run down and ragged.

I could tell in my apperance too, there was no " life energy" I was like one of those macabre statues that served the necromancer's bidding.

We finally arrived on Endor two days later. The moment I stepped off the ship the warm air hit my face like steam. there was no doubt.. She had been here.. The question now was.. Was she still here?

With some help from the Ewoks and a few humans who had decided to call Endor their home we found out that yes. She had been here, and yes we had missed her. But she left with someone who apparently she had met on planet.My stomach sunk through the ground..

We were taken to where she had stayed. A spartan cabin. Her childlike looks had decieved them all into thinking that she had "been seperated from her papa" as she had told them and if she stayed here he would come and search for her.

" What did the person look like she left with?" Godfrey asked, , a muscle was working in his jaw. ire building.

" He was tall about six feet with brown hair, dressed like you two.He had a beard "

Belda's cries of horror pierced my brain and I dropped to my knees shaking uncontroably.. Had she done it? Had she commited the sacrilige?

Godfrey helped me to my feet and looped an arm under mine. " Did she give any indication as to where she was going?"

The young man shook his head

So here we were , at an impasse. Did we go back to Coruscant? Or did we search further, hopefully yielding a clue as to where she was heading now?

It was just then a small foot kicked inside of me, causing me to jump.I turned to Godfrey who was studying the cabin with a critical eye. " one of the twins just kicked me" I mumured, giggling like an insane girl on chocolate.

His eyes lit up, a grin breaking across his face" Really?" he placed a hand on my stomach. I wasn't all that far along,but they were stronger than any usual children. Another kick and I blinked, whichever of them it was, they were pointing towards the right. I went over, kneeling by the corner of the cabin. thee was a small red stone there" Firestone" I said holding it up for the other two to see..

Belda nodded" There was some that used to grow on Catia's homeworld! I remember reading about it in the archives!"

Well we were going from one extreme to the other. The next ingredient she needed was lavarock. And there was only one place in the whole galaxy to get that..

Bidding our goodbyes to the Ewoks, who had given us each a present, despite our protests we left the planet within a few hours..As Godfrey steered the ship out into orbit I relxed in my chair.. There would a break in this mission on Mustafar one way or another.
Til Later

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Too Late

The trip to Naboo was a quiet and solem one.Belda was deeply upset whenever we told her all of what happened and I had sent her to bed for the time being, she seemed like she wanted to be sick, and no one could blame her.Godfrey and I were up in the cockpit talking quietly.

" What do you think we'll find when we get there?"

" Honestly, or do you want the best possible outcome?"

" Honestly"

" I think that the second urn will be gone too. Marasha didn't take the first without reason. Catia does nothing without reason"

I could only nod,wanting to cry. Was nothing sacred anymore? How far would she go?

" We'll stop her Pho. We have to."

I did start crying then" but Godfrey what if we CAN'T? What if she carries through whatever plan she is concoting? i'm sick of fighting her. I'm sick of this whole thing. I just want peace. I want to be able to have my childen without having to look over my shoulder every second of every day. I don't want to have to worry that my family will be ripped apart just because of some stupid tradition or because of a two timing bastard who I now consider my brother! is that too much to ask? I just want everyone to live in peace"

My whole body collapsed to the floor of the ship like a puppet and for the next few minutes I could do nothing but cry. I cried for myself, I cried for my children, I cried for Godfrey, and I cried for everyone who could not or would not shed tears.A moment later Godfrey was kneeling next to me and pulling me back into my chair. " We can get through this Pho.. You're strong, so am I. Together we can defeat anything. there's hope yet, just believe. I know that's hard for you considering all that's happened. But please.. Believe for us.. Believe for your children.. for the family we'll have soon"

I looked up from where I was hiding behind my hair which had fallen down into a mess. " Yes.. your right.. for Tai and Mara.." A small alarm beeped letting us know we were on approach to Naboo.I went into the other room and woke Belda before gathering my robe from the chair.

We made or way down the ramp and were greeted by a shaken Queen Jamilla. All three of us bowed but she waved it off immeditly" Forget the formalities .. I heard what happened.. I regret to inform you, you are too late."

She explained that just hours ago a young girl with curly blonde hair had claimed to be a gardener had stolen the key to the zen gardne and broken in , stealing the urn. And when Jamilla had tried to stop her Marasha had held her hostage in order to escape.
We took the key from Jamilla and walked past towards the locked door.

All of us took our shoes off and bowed in respect before entering.The floor was cool bricks and foliage and flowers grew everywhere. Deeper and deeper into the garden we walked, flowers reaching out towards us. One lone rose brushed my cheek and a ghost of a smile corssed my face.Finally we came to the center of this marvelous garden.

It was a place that had been well and lovingly tended. The living force thrived fully here. A place Qui Gon would've truly loved. There was a fountain nearby, the sound of water splashing up against a stone pedastal. I could feel Marasha's taint here. The pedastal was empty

I turned to Godfrey who stood there, arms at his sides, eyes wandering over the garden, looking for any other clues I suspected.Belda stood next to me, clingingto my free arm , looking dejected as ever. I didn't know what to say or do. For the first time in my life, I had no idea where to go next.

Godfrey's eyes seemed to glow greenish for a moment before he turned to me" Com Master Yoda and tell him we failed to recover the second urn.We need to head to Endor next. See this dirt here?" he pointed to the bootprint I hadn't noticed before. " It's red soil, native only to Endor. There's something else Marasha needs there, black silt soil. It's abundant there"

I comed Master Yoda and explained to him that we had made it too late and where we are headed next. When I told him what Godfrey believed Marasha needed next, I could hear a choking sound across the com.

" Master Yoda? Master Yoda are you allright?"I hoped he hadn't gotten ill or anything. When he answered again he sounded every inch of his 830 years. " Go to Endor with the speed of the force you must. Stop this sith child at all costs you will. She must not reach her master alive."

I then realized what he was saying. I was given the order to do whatever I had to, even kill Marasha, to stop her from commiting this atrocity.The thought of killing a child made me sick but I knew in the end I would do whatever I needed to.

We left bowing to Queen Jamilla once again . She had outfitted our ship for the trip , food, clothes and spare parts for any eletronics.

" Well that was awfully nice of her" Godfrey said as we rocketed into orbit.

I snorted" yah only because she was making goo goo eyes at you.. stupid painted hutt doll"

Godfrey looked at me confused then I rather snapped" Are you freaking blind? she probably would've tried to cop a feel if she thought I wouldn't kill her"

He turned crimson and had the good sense to keep quiet.. Thank god we had a dart board.. and I found a picture of Sidious.. the thing was filled with holes within minutes.. pissed off much? Yeah I was so sue me.. it would blow over before we hit Endor.. I'm like any other woman, I don't like other women fawning over any man I'm with and definitly NOT my husband. You hear that? screw off Jamilla! He's mine!

Til Later