Thursday, August 30, 2007

Steping back through the ages part 1

Later that same evening I found myself in the Alderanian library Doing more reasearch I looked through anything and everything. Myths I would've normally set aside I read through vorraciously time and again. there was one I found that excited me particularly "The Universal Keystones"

Godfrey entered the library wearing a loose shirt and a pair of thin sleep pants. The tempetures on Alderian were hellish for this time of the year hence our light state of dress. I balanced the book on my knees and turned to give him a kiss. Needless to say I almost ended up letting the book get knocked off my lap as he tried to pull me over the couch to him. After I finally managed to break away I pointed to the book" Godfrey listen to this. I might have something here. ;"

There were three sisters. One with hair of spun gold, one with hair of onyx and one with hair of fire. They were close, but they were also ambitious. One day while walking on a bridge they met Lady Death. Death said to them " I have come for you three. It is time to cross the gate" The flaxen haired one broke down weeping begging to be allowed to stay. the flame haired one stomped her foot in anger demanding" What right do you have to say when we must die?" But the onyx haired one said nothing but regarded death with a kind stare before she stepped past her sisters.

" I will make you a deal lady death. if I can answer three riddles you let us go free. " Death agreed then her first riddle was spoken.

"Time stands still but yet it runs on.Keepers of time reaching from dusk to dawn. "

The woman smiled" Simple. It is an hourglass"

Death looked a little suprised but then smiled" One riddle you have won but 2 more to come"
" Hidden both beauty and horror, a mask of many colors"

She titled her head and looked at death puzzledly then she grinned" Makeup"
Death was flabbergasted! No one had ever answered those riddles before ever! But her smile grew wicked. This one would not answer her last riddle.

"Wise beyond their years,these guardians possess no fears"
The ebony haired one stared at her"Jedi Knights"

Death let out a terrible shirek. Bested at her own game! But she sighed. " A deal is a deal" As the sisters made to cross the bridge she stopped them again" but I have a gift for the each of you, though your sister is the only one who deserves it."

She raised two glass balls from her hand" For you two. Theese are the power orbs of creation .Born from the stars at the creation of the galaxy.These orbs can strip powers from anyone, cause great pain. But they will only respond in need of justice and mercy. "

The sisters took them, greedy looks in their eyes.

The ebony haired one turned to death." I need no gift, the lives of my sisters are gift enough "
Death shook her head " You alone deserve a gift and a powerful one I bestow"
She took her aside " This key is the key to the library of knoweledge. Here you can find many many things. You are wise enough to use them when need arises. "

She waved to the three women" Farewell I take my leave of you"

The sisters took their leave of the bridge and went their seprate ways. The fire haired one went to a tavern . She got into a bar brawl and was killed for her orb.

The flaxen haired one went into town and met up with her lover. During the night he killed her as well and took her orb.

The ebony haired one upon hearing of the deaths of her sisters was sad but tracked down the orbs and locked them away in the library. Years passed and when lady death came for her again she was surrounded by her children, husband and her grandchildren. She embraced Lady Death as an equal and went unto her embrace.

They were reincarnated years later, their roles reversed. The flaxen haired and flame haired ones led good lives but the ebony haired one led a life of woe and misery. But when she died once before Death sent her back . This time with a promise of a good life but she must be patient and wait. She heard none and to this day death watches and waits to give the wise one what she deserves.

I turned to Godfrey" you don't think? Could this myth.. The ebony haired woman.... " I looked at the picture and I almost dropped the book.Staring back at me were shining blue eyes and a face with short black hair.

A shiver passed up my body. the woman in the picture bore the most striking resemblence to Catia it was scary. All except the eyes. The eyes were happy, full of love, joy and wisdom. Hers were always filled with saddness, hate , loathing and darkness..


Sunday, August 26, 2007

A little something for the avengers to consider...

If only if only.. then maybe I wouldn't be so evil.. He looks simply delicious here wouldn't you agree? *smirks*

Monday, August 20, 2007

Salvation and a vacation

Hours had passed dizzingly. I found myself walking down the gangplank of our ship to be welcomed quite warmly by Bail and Breha. The woman looked shaken and scared" She's here? Is it true?" she asked me, fear in her eyes.

" We would not have come it it wern't. I am sorry to frighten you like this Breha. We will either finish this here or chase her from this world. " I started forward but there was a sharp pain in my back and my knees buckled. Bail and Godfrey both rushed forward supporting me as I steadied myself on my feet" It's Catia, she's close.. "

Breha looked at me a determined look in her eye. " Scared though I may be you will not overexert yourself. At least not on Alderann. Come you need rest "

I was about to follow the woman's adivce when a lightsaber hissed to life just behind me. " Yes.. rest.. it will be your last!" I shoved Breha down and turned snapping my own saber to life as Godfrey rushed Bail and Breha into the palace. " Marasha don't you see she is misleading you? Listen to me!"

Marasha leapt at me and I swatted her saber aside easily." You're letting her mislead you!" Blue fire licked at my palms. There was something about her that made me want to cry. To scream that I couldn't do this. But duty came first and she was an innocent in evil's sway and it had to be done.

"Marasha please, take my hand! I can save you!"

" I'll need your help when hell freezes over you----------"

I sighed ,letting the flame blossom upwards and outwards.She had made her choice. I was sad it had to be this way but there was no choice.

"What're you doing ? stop! stop!" she screamed as she was pulled to me. Blue fire was clensing fire. In a person it burnt away any trace of evil like paper. since her core was evil.. I squeezed my eyes shut and prepared for that final moment. When the hate was burned away and she was the sweet innocent girl she had once been.That moement I didn't know if I could stand.

The flames engloved her I held onto her frail body as the saber rolled to the ground. I could feel the sweet girl struggling in my arms , then she burst like a ballon. Ashes caked my hands. Then for a moment the puff of ash spoke with a gentle voice.

" It was her.. she ruined you from the begining.. Catia"

She split my parents apart. She's been the cause of my nightmares since the begining. I didn't know weather to curse her or thank her. Godfrey ran out and pratically pulled me to the bench.

" Are you okay? What happened? Where's Marasha?" His face was a mask of worry.

"Marasha.. gone.. saved.. soul.. Catia.. still.. near.. " My back was in blinding pain . It was because she had saved me on Utapau that I could feel her presence now.I had to be above hate, above anger, above these petty things.. But I could feel it building.. I didn't want it.. The only thing I guess you could say I feared now is fear itself..

Godfrey lifted me clean off my feet. I'm still amazed he can make me feel light as a feather whenever I feel like a bloated beached wale.. pregnancy issues aisde I was never really comfortable with my body until we met.. Long story short he was the only one who could actually make me like myself for who I was no better or less.

"You're going to rest. I will deal with Catia. No arguments you hear me?" The hallway flew past as he strode into the room Bail had been gracious enough to give us apparently and dropped me carefully on the bed.

" But!- I wasn't letting him go this alone!

The next thing I knew I was sleeping.. again.

When I woke Bail was shaking me . " I'm sorry to wake you Phobia but Godfrey is back.. you.. you need to see this"

I lurched to my feet and ran to the entrance hall" where is he Bail?" I asked tensely.
He reappeared suddenly covered in wounds. Blood ran from a cut on his head, his shoulders were slashed up.. My fists shook in rage but as I came closer to him I found myself crying

" Don't you EVER EVER EVER do that to me again!" I threw my arms around him carefully due to his scrapes. He returned my hug without effort. Damn him he scares me more than I'll ever admit sometimes.

" she's gone.. "

" Dead?"

" No I chased her off planet.I think we're taking a small vacation Pho..I'm tired and I know so are you. Just a day or two.. Like it was before.. "He leaned very close" Just us"

My eyes probably popped out of the sockets at this. Though our wedding had only been six months ago give or take I felt like we hadn't gotten any time to ourselves in a while. We were always busy. If it wasn't a mission it was my training Belda. And with the twins draining what energy I had as it was ... Well needless to say Godfrey had been more than patient with me.. bless him.

I leaned against his shoulder" Yeah.. just us.. no council, no Belda.. just you.. and me"
He grinned pulling me to the other room. Bail nodded smiling" I'll see to it you're not disturbed . Dinner is at 7"

How lucky am I to have a man like Godfrey? I quit questioning a long time ago.. I just.. Live in the moment.


Monday, August 13, 2007

Lines on my face, blood on my hands

I love my ships and speeders. The faster the better.

Currently I was in my refurbished ship from the old days. The Black Hawk hovering over Coruscant.

My plan was clear in my mind. The first killing would be close, very close.

I pulled up the cloaking device and slipped past air traffic control around the upper atmosphere. I landed close to the temple and pushed open the hatch. I saw her in the gardens. She was nursing a sore head after Phobia had slammed her into the wall. I knew those bruises all too well.

I walked up to her, a smile on my lips but not in my eyes. " Hello Samantha"
Her head snapped up" How do you know me?"

" Oh I saw the little fight in the hallway. I want to help you teach that whelp a lesson. Your jealous of her aren't you?"

I saw the light in her eyes. Corrupt greedy woman. It would be her downfall. She nodded" Good follow me"

I began to walk away, towards a nearby back alley. It would suffice. If she resisted I could always place her under mind control. One of my specalties. She followed at a quick pace, zealous for knoweledge.

I stopped and my hand reached for my blade. " So you want to know how to teach little Phobia a lesson?"

" Yes, I want what she has. The blood scum. She doesn't deserve what she has!"

" You failed"


"Allready you have proven you are more stupid than she is. Lesson number one"

The red blade shot up, taking her head . It rolled to the ground, her eyes open in shock.

" Never trust a stranger"

I flipped off the blade and tucked it back on my belt. I retrieved her lightsaber from her body. Then I took her outer robes and tunics, leaving her in a pair of shorts and a shirt. For the next part of my plan to work I needed her Jedi robes.

I found a box and placed my suprise in it. After charming it to say what I wished, I hurried to the temple keeping my force signature down. If I wasn't careful Phobia or Godfrey could spot me from a mile off.

I knocked on her door and then dropped from the window across from her door into the gardens. From there I crept around the outer edges, avoiding the stupid politicians though my blade itched to cut down Godfrey who was sitting with them, talking to Bail Organa. Not now. I would have time enough for that later. For now I needed to get off planet and quickly. I had buisnesson Yavin.

I needed the power crystal and the couplers. Then I had to return to Rattak and do away with that fool Kipling, the so called Jedi assisian. there I could begin work on the greatest creation of the sith, and the bane of the Jedi.

The Gryphon Cannon. Then I would do away with these foolhardy " apostles" and plunge the galaxy into eternal night.


Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fading into grey

I wanted to rest so badly but there was work to be done. And I'm of the type I won't take a moment off if there are pressing issues. Right now there were two matters that demanded my immediate attention.

Catia and Marasha.

So the next morning I was up early before Godfrey even was and I was down in the archives. I had a holo map of the planets in front of me little red dots glowing where Catia had been that I knew of and blue dots where Marasha had struck as well.I sat there for hours staring at the map, pacing, trying to find a pattern. I pulled books on old sith symbols, even dating back so far to the founding of Coruscant. There HAD to be something here!

My eyes zoned in and out while I started getting frustrated . Why couldn't I see it?? Time was running out and it would be my fault if Catia or Marasha killed again. There was no hope for Catia this I knew from 10 odd years of experience. Marasha though...

I could save.

I sensed it in her, the only reason why she turned to Catia is she had no one, much like at one time Belda had no one. But because when she was ressurected she wa imbued with evil .. If I saved her I would kill her mortal body but I would set her soul free, beyond Catia's reach.I heard my spirit whispering while I was in meditation.. She told me how to do it, she showed me how to save her, with soul fire.
Now I just had to find her. The longer Marasha was out there the more and more she was falling beyond my reach.

I heard Godfrey behind me, a low growl meeting my ears. " I can't rest, not now.. She's shown me the path.. I can save Marasha. You know I would show the same devotion if it were Belda or one of my own children"
He caught my wrist, eyes flashing dangerously" You won't HAVE any children if you keep this pace up! Phobia you're wearing yourself thin! You've got to slow down, you're scaring me.. " I tried to slip away from him, to not look anywhere but in his eyes. I could see the hurt and the pain, and it made me hate myself for what I was all the more.

He caught my chin in his hand, forcing me to look at him " I will help you Phobia, just ask me, you know I 'd do anything for you. But I'm begging you, slow down before you kill yourself, before you kill our children"

That did it, I couldn't take anymore. I broke down crying in his arms.

I didn't care who saw me, who'd ask questions and who wouldn't.He let me rest against him while we headed back to the couch in the archives. " I don't hate you for wanting to help. I couldn't. That's one of the many things that made me fall in love with you in th e first place. But listen, I can take your burden as well if I need to. I'll just find someone to teach my classes for a few days. We can do this, together. Don't shut me out Pho.. please.. Force I want to be here for you.. for them"

He stared up at the map while one hand rested on my stomach. Today I was four months along. Pretty soon I was going to have to go into hiding as it were,only leaving my apartment at night and then only if nesscary. He was right, I needed to slow down.

He stood for a moment and walked to the map" I know this symbol, its of the Royal House of Corellia.. The old Sith Repbulic, you know what it looks like today.. "
I nodded eyes wide" Of course! I don't know why I didn't see it before! " I turned and threw my arms around him" Now this means if there's three points left in the symbol, then.. "

I traced the symbol in the air with my figner tips" There's three places they haven't hit. Alderann and Naboo are in the path of the lineup. As is Geonosis.. " I scribbled a list of the planets in the path of the last three points. I shivered as I remembered very clearly the day the clone wars started.I was with the 212 along with my master in the arena where Obi Wan ,Anakin and Padme were sentanced to death.

Mace had given me an important task, namely because Anakin and I had worked so well together. A high powered sniper blaster in my hand I was stretched up flat against the roof of the arena, taking careful aim at the top link of the chain that held Anakin. I raised my blaster just as Mace raised his hand in preparation to the Jedi who were hiding . I saw something just as I was about to fire. It was Dooku, his back turned, saber at his side. I could've shot him then. Put the war to an end.But in my minds eye I saw the pain of the force, the dead bodies of Anakin and Obi Wan.. The pain in my own heart too much to bear. It ripped at me like a wolf. So as much as I knew how many lives would be lost, I lifted the blaster and took dead center aim at Anakin's chain. As the shot echoed through the air I remember closing my eyes and a few tears falling. With that one shot I had sent over 150 Jedi to their deaths.

In a way I still hate myself for making that decision. What right did I have to decide who lived and who died that day?

We both left the archives and I headed back to my rooms . I was exhausted and pratically fell onto the bed. I curled up and fell asleep, not even bothering with my boots.
I woke to Godfrey shaking me. " I got clearence from Mace and Yoda. We're to check every planet in the sector that falls under the pinpoint line.. But we're posing as civillans.. or in our case.. Time to step back into the political ring.." He sighed exapsperently and ran his hand through his hair. " We just have to be careful.. and we 'll report to the council bi weekly. Hurry and get packed. Our transport leaves in a half hour." He left me to pack.

I was ready to go in 5 and met him down in the entrance hall.Our lightsabers were tucked safely away in a safety holster( mine under my dress) and his neatly tucked away under his shirt.We were met by Mace at the landing pad

" Go and find her quickly. We all know how dangerous Marasha is alone, coupled with her sith master .. I don't want to think on it.. May the force be with you both"

We boarded the ship quickly and I set the coordinates for Alderann. Godfrey comed Bail to let him know what was going on . After that we could do nothing but wait. I sunk to the couch on the ship.I couldn't even form 2 words before I was fast asleep.. I was really getting sick of sleeping all the time, that and having to cover half the galaxy looking for those pests.

She was loose because of me

And I was going to shut her back where she belonged. In limbo, for good.

No matter how long it took. But you can't blame a woman for being sick and tired of space travel.Can you?


Monday, August 06, 2007

Slipping through the fog

The ship shuddered and goraned as we landed in the hangar bay. I felt cold, very cold. Godfrey supported me as we walked down the ramp. I was shivering nonstop. Thngs were floating at random intervals and moving back to the floor. I recieved odd looks from the other knights passing me in the halls.

Then it happened.

A fellow knight who had been the bane of my existance since I was just a todler appeared seemingly out of the depths of my mind. " What's the matter Deimos? Still need people to baby you? I can't see why you're hanging ot with such .. respectable people as Ivan.." She clearly had the look of someone who had the odor of something bad under their nose. " you and that Skywalker guy are all alike. the prophecy is trash.. The only reason why the order wanted him is because they felt sorry for him . He's trash just like you.. all of you misfits.. You're not worthy of the rank of knight"

Now Samantha Harris made one big mistake there.

She picked the wrong damn day to piss me off.

The shaking stopped and I felt my hand burn.. and it kept burning until I screamed out in pain. What I felt wasn't rage.. You could call it anger I don't know.. maybe just simple .. fact?
" You picked the wrong day to make me mad Harris" I snarled, stepping away from Godfrey, eyes narrowed.

"Aww what's the widdle baby gonna do? go cry to Master yoda?"

I didn't even actually call on the force, it came to me with only a thought. Samantha hit the wall with a sickening force and slid down the wall. There was a crater sized dent in the wall where her head had hit. Godfrey ran over and checked her pulse. But I knew there was no point anyway.
She was dead.

I remember falling, being caught by Godfrey I think. When I woke up again. I was in my room . Alone.
A knock at the door. Who could that be? Anakin? Obi Wan? I ran to answer it. there was no one there but I did find a brown box on the doorstep. I picked it up in my arms and opened it. My body went rigid and I dropped the box onto the floor, the contents rolling out. I began shaking in a seizure as my eyes went totally white for what seemed like minutes on end . When I came to I saw what had happened. I saw her last moments.

For in the box was the head of the woman who I had just accidently killed earlier that afternoon. Samantha Harris.
********Earlier that Afternoon******************
When I woke up the first time Godfrey was with me in my room as was Master Yoda.
" Tell what happened you will" he said in a calm voice, clearly troubled by what I had done.
I explained all that had transpired on the Black Widow, down to Zan Arbor saving me from Catia. At that point Yoda interrupted.

" Why did you not tell the council of what you had done?" he asked.
I looked him straight in the eye" Can you honestly tell me that you would've helped me? Not kept me like a dnagerous dog at arms length only to be used as you saw fit?I know you wouldn't personally, but the will of many can override the will of one. I stayed silent bearing the torture on my own for my own preservation. And to save others"

He nodded for me to go on and I did, explaining how my powers had come back so viloently and so fast they had made me sick and how Godfrey tended to me on the way back.
Yoda turned to Godfrey" Just a freind she is?" with a look on his face that plainly said he knew more.
He blushed around his ears a little" Yes, just a freind. for now"

Motioning for me to continue I told of our encounter in the hallway and how other knights and masters had seen Samantha provoke me first into a fight when I had no quarrel with her. My powers had simply gone out of control. End of story. She should have known better than to push me.
"Speak to Master Windu I will about this. Rest you both should now" He turned and let himself out of the apartment with a small sigh.

Godfrey's com beeped. It was Bail" I'm so sorry hon but I have to meet Bail downstairs for a meeting. I will be back as fast as I can okay?"

I nodded" Just make it quick.. maybe once you get back we can find out the good uses for these new powers.." I trailed off meeting his eyes.

He smirked" I'll be back before you can even say quicksilver" He kissed me quickly and was off for his meeting. After pacing the apartment for a while I settled down to sleep on the couch. I had been woken by the door knock
************ present***********************
The eyes were open but she stared up at me with a malicious smile. " You're next bloodfilth!" she screeched before falling silent entirely.

I slumped to the floor in a dead faint.

Voices.. voices around me..

" Is she okay?"

" How long was she out for?"

" that's one nasty bump on her head!"

"Geezus who'd be sick enough to leave a severed head in a box?"

" She looks a little paler than before"

"Pho? Pho? you have to wake up.." I could feel the warm energy of his hands in mine. Slowly I managed to wake.

Crowded around my bed in the healer's ward were Belda, Mace,Cin and Godfrey. And hovering next to my head in a hologram was a welcome face I hadn't seen in some time .


He smiled thinly" Glad to see your awake Mis I don't sleep in past 9 am.. Geez and they said I was bad."

" It's good to hear your voice again Anakin. I've missed you"

Mace cleared his throat" um.. as much as I hate to break up a reunion here. there are more important matters at hand. "

Anakin smiled apologetically through the holo. I saw he had his headset on for his fighter. He must've been en route.

"Phobia tell us what happened" Mace said quietly, eyes searching my face.

Slowly I began to retell the story of what had happened with Samantha right up to when I had fainted in the hall. apparently Godfrey had come back from his meeting and found me passed out, blood seeping from the wound on my head. He had brought me to the healer's at once.

"How can we be sure she didn't have something to do with this? " Cin asked suddenly, the whole room fell silent.Tenshion was thick. I could tell this had been on everyone's minds. Well most everyone.

"Search the force Cin, Phobia would not do something like this. No matter how much she and Harris might not have gotten along. "

I breathed a sigh of relief, at least most believed me.

" We need to let her rest. Godfrey will you stay with her?" Mace asked turning to him
He nodded and the others were ushered from the room. Anakin smiled sadly" Bunch of nutters the lot of them. But I'm glad they aren't trying to pin this on you. I'll see you as soon as I can" With that the holo clicked off.

I shifted in my bed facing Godfrey for a moment." You know I wouldn't do this but you know who would?"

He nodded meeting my eyes" Catia, no question"

Had she broken into the temple to murder Samantha? or had she lured Samantha to her? The cut had been clean but the blood what there was of it had been applied after, like some morbid canvas.It was a lightsaber cut.

Was Zan Arbor releasing Catia such a good idea? It really didn't matter now did it? What was done was done. And there was a psycho Jedi slayer on the loose.