Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Forget the photographer job ...for the moment

I was just on my way downtown to look into this photography job whenever I heard news that DarkJedi Kriss was mising! you heard me right missing.. Not many could pull this off.. i'm really hoping this isn't Sith related.. if it is I 'm afraid the temple could be hit next and there's a lot of kids there.. Yes I'll admit I have a soft spot gfor the younglings.. but anyways.. back to Kriss

I was able to trace along how far the search had gone so far. From Tatooine to now Kashyyyk .. hoo boy.. He's going to need some help.. He's probably already in a volitile mood as it is.. tuskens... long story.. to long for now.. And whenever people are in a volitile mood they tend to miss clues they would normally see whenever they are calm.I was not foolish enough to think that I would be the only one helping search for Kriss...But one more hand around might get things done faster. So i went back to the temple and dropped off a few things and packed a bag..

Just as I was heading down to the hangar to get in my X wing and take off , Mace showed up.Gods I can't stand the man.. so in true mischief making fashion I was able to drench him in green slime before I ran off for the hangar.. sucker.. I could hear that windbag shouting after me but I paid him no mind.. I threw my bag in the bakc of my X wing and kicked it to life while throwing open the doors of the hangar using the force.. As i sped past i saw a black shiny X wing with skulls and flames on it.. I'll have to remember to ask who it belongs to later..

I made pretty good time towards Kashyyk bu at current i'm still about half a day's journey away, considering I left from Coruscant...Damn.. Well Perhaps if I stop off on Alderann on the way and get a damn upgrade on these piece of crap booster jets i might jsut get there by the end of the day

More later


Okay I just saw this news thingie about a new job and I've decided to go check it out since it's photography.. will let you know how it goes later