Monday, January 29, 2007

The Curse of my Family pt 3

Cold feelings shot up and down my spine. I knew this was not good, not good at all. I could hear Omega calling out to the spirits of the graveyard.. Wait.. graveyeard? A sudden shock of horror made me realize he had dictated this fight all along, where it would be what terms, all of it. it made me sick.

I moved in front of the cave where Belda was , as a means of protection. There was no way that girl would be hurt so long as I still drew breath in my body. I reached for Catia and found her waiting and eager to fight. " Cut loose with all of your power.. hold nothing back. Omega does not deserve that sort of pity" An evil smile was etched on my face.. I hoped Belda was not watching this.. Wave after wave of dark power rolled off of me.. and I notced a change. .my hair was becoming darker and my eyes.. in the lake I could see.. they were blue now..

" So it seems I am in the presence of my old master" the voice of my brother sounded over the valley like a sonic boom.. That was not Omega.. A force presence similar to Catia's was in his place. One saber near the shoulder the other dragging slightly she locked eyes with him . " well I didn't think I would see you again still in the land of the living Master Ravenstone.. but I see you have become weak"

We circled each other" That makes two of us Bane, but I am not the one who is weak"

" Oh really? then what are you doing with a Jedi? Take over her body and follow me so we can rule together as it should have been!"

A cold icy glare stopped him dead in his tracks. " No Bane, I have my own design and you are not part of of it. Now stop this foolishness and come with me. I do not want to fight you.. "


Darkside energy was so thick you could cut it with a hundred sabers. Wave after continious wave. The valley was soon pitch black with energy. In the nearby cave I could feel Belda's fear through the force. I knew better than to reach out to her now. I could infect her with the dark.. Ghosts of numerous dead sith swirled around us and the only lights were from our sabers as we dueled . There were some torches lit. That was all the light we had.

I could retell the fight blow by blow but that'd take all week. Hours later, omega had given up on Bane and sent him back to the Netherworld. Next he called upon an evne older sith.. Naga Sadow. He was even before Catia's time, being the cause of the Great Hyperspace Wars. Omega began calling fourth ghouls to go after Belda.. He had found her!

I did a backflip over Omega's head and landed next to Belda who had powered up the light whip but was not using it. She stood there shaking in fear. My sabers swung in a powerful harmonizing movement and I called out to her through the howling winds" They only have power over you if you let them Belda! fight! You must fight to overcome your fear!" I was tiring.. this much was certain .. " Please.. Belda I need your help! I can't do this alone! " too much more and Catia wouldn't be able to sustain this form and I would be on my own.. if she couldn't sustain it.. I was as good as dead.

More and more spirits poured around us. I swung my sabers wildly, trying to fend them all off.My arms were growing heavier and heavier. It was all I could do to hold myself upright now.. any second this form would be snuffed out.. Then Belda began to glow. I could tell she was tapping into the force , calling for aid.

Whenever I thought I could bear no more I felt someone guiding my arms, like I was a padawan just learning my first movmeents with a saber again. I knew those ghostly hands as well as I knew myself.. I wanted to turn but the voice spoke to me" do not turn around whatever you do. He would take the chance to strike you down." The voice was female. Belda didn't quite know what was going on I don't think.. But all of a sudden she elt out an exicted cry.. " Master Qui Gon!": I caught a glimpse of him out of the corner of my eye. Just as I remembered him that day in the archive.

" Join your power with ours. together we can defeat this demon!" my master said to me and I did as instructed and suddely I felt like I could fight like this for years.. eons.. "You don't have that long.. only until sunrise.. then we must leave you.. " Qui Gon said, looking sad for the first time in.. many many years.

Together I fought off the ghouls easily. Time passed and soon it was sunrise. Just as my master and Qui Gon departed the living world I struck down my brother. I collapsed to the ground , exhausted and depelated of almost all of my force strength. There was no way I could reach out to let anyone know I was allright. So I weakly motioned for Belda to come over to me. Patting the ground next to where I was . She knelt down and in a hoarse and raspy voice I told her to go back to the fighter and bring me the holorpojector .

Once she came back with that and some blankets and supplies for camp I set the projector up and wearily realyed my story to the council . I told them that if they wanted Belda back there right away someone would have to come to Korriban because I would be in no condition to travel for at least 2 days while my force strength recovered . Once I had sent my message to the council, I leaned back on the makeshift cot Belda had made for me. Since we had no where to go for a while I began telling her my story in between getting drinks of water. Then she told me her story.. Her new master recently going missing.. her trying to fit in..

What troubled me the most was about this Phantom Evil that kept haunting Belda.. He didn't sound like a ghost , because she tried telling him he had no power and he just laughed. normally with 99.9 perent of ghosts.. that works.. To me it sounded like an astral projection.. I told Belda to sleep for now. I placed some candles that warded off darkside energy by the cave just in case until dawn. then I ended up droopping off like a lead brick.


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The curse of my family part 2

Ctd from last post

Chills raced through my body as I stared in utter horror at the image before me. I recgonzied those eyes. So like my father's, but they were not. These eyes belonged to those of a madman." Hello what do I owe the displeasure of this call?"

At this his face scoweled and it looked like he would have used force lightning on me if he could have. But he calmed himself in a hurry and placed his hands behind his back in a true CEO fashion" simple sister. I want to see if you are Jedi enough to meet me somehwere for a duel"

I snorted and began pacing slightly" And what makes you think I would do that?"

He sounded smug.. too smug " Simple.. The lives of all of all Coruscant are in your hands. Will you let yourself be responsible for the deaths of millions?!"

Okay I was getting pissed, and fast. Ripping his throat out sounded pretty fun right now.. " Allright spill it, what did you do?"

He smiled. .the rat bastard smiled at me then continued" Simple, my workers have planted 2 bombs, one inside your precaious temple down in the basement.. I believe right where that machiene is.. "

I was just about to run out of the room and go take a look to see if it was true, whenever the sound of his voice stopped me.

"ah ah.. I'm not done yet, the second is planted at the core of Coruscant. These bombs are specially made that if they are tampered with using the force, wires cut, or fiddled with in any way, they will go off. And each bomb has enough power to blow up several planets. So think carefully sister. Here are my terms. you fly to the Valley of the Sith Lords on Korriban. There you and I will battle to determine who is better. Once your ship reaches the sector I will raido the codes to disarm the bomb to the council .Once your ship touches down, you must cut all have one hour to decide":

His hologram clicked off and I turned to the council members, all wore grave and worried expressions. " Let me see the bomb, I might be able to disarm it!" Yoda's head shook in disagreement" Too dangerous it is for you.. Also we must worry about the safety of all the citizens."

In utter desperation, I turned to Obi Wan.. "I'm about the only person here who could even stand a chance at disarming it.. let me at least try.. I didn't hang around with Anakin for nothing you know.."

Ever so reluctently, he nodded and I was lead downstairs to the basement of the temple where the machiene had been kept.More like the pieces that was.. Sure enough, right where the holocron would have been there was this gigantic bomb.. wires all over the place and it looked like a big steel lunchbox to be honest. I looked it over.. " Type A class 66 bomb, thermal detnator.. crap.. " I turned back to Yoda..

" I'm sorry.. I can't dismantle it on my own I would need help , and not to be rude to anyone present, and forgive me if this does sound rude, but I would only trust Anakin with something like this. Any chance he got back yet? "

Master Kenobi shook his head negative.

I stalked back up the stairs, infuraiated. I tried hailing anakin on my com.. Nothing.. tired getting R2 to relay him a 911 to get back here immeditly.. Nothing..

I rubbed my temples with my free hand.. He had me backed into a corner and he knew it. Damnit Anakin why did you have to pick NOW to leave?

------------------ An hour later

" Omega I agree to all of your terms, but if you do not keep your word, there is no rock that will hide you from my wrath. I will be there in a few hours"

" Good then sister I shall see you soon" the holo went dead

I turned to the assembled council " Look to be frank I know you don't want me going. But I did not ask for this.. I did not seek him out to antagonize him. He found me. Okay? But I will be damned if I stand by and let him wipe out millions of lives. "

Before I left the council room I said to Obi Wan" If my bastard of a brother ends up killing me, do me a favor, kill Anakin .. please"

He didn't say anything but he looked at me worriedly and said" Please, be careful. I don't know why but if Omega is anything like his father he will pull any trick in the book. Expect the unexpected."

That remark rather ticked me off but I realizied that he was only worried about me but kept my mouth shut for the sake of time and just replied" Look, the real reason why Xanatos turned wasn't because of power. I don't have time to go into details, but I will explain it when I get back okay and for future refrence I am NOTHING like him got it?" I ran out of the room leaving a stunned and probably a rather angry Obi Wan.

I went back to my room long enough to feed Lisette and set out a few things before I headed to my fighter. I spared a passing glance to the kitchens as I passed . My stomach rumbled angrily at having been denied lunch.I wanted to get something to take with me to eat on the way but I checked my crono and realizied I didn't have enough time . Seeing the same padawan I had seen a while ago hurrying past I stopped her and asked her what her name was. .

" Oh.. my name is Belda Pinik.. You must be Master Deimos aren't you? The council is talking about you.. " she looked down at her feet, seemingly overcome by a bout of shyness.

" Belda.. that's a very pretty name.. can you do me a fast favor Belda? Can you run to the kitchens and get one of the small packs that they leave for knights and padawans who are departing and don't have time for a proper meal? I will write you a note in case this makes you late for classes"

" Of course Master Deimos I 'll be right back ! " she took off running and I reached to make sure I had my spare lightsaber. Crap! I didn't have it.. So that meant a fast trip back to my room. By then I was running so late I didn't have the time to wait for Belda. My stomach was going to hate me later but I had to go.

I got in my fighter which was detailed with rosevines on the wings and took off.Korriban was in the Outer Rim territory so I had a bit to go , even with the hyperdrive engines. Just as I was leaning back in the seat, my foot bumped the blanket I kept in the back which was strangely rumpled. I lifted and found... BELDA? My forehead hit my hand .. Gods I couldn't believe it..

As my fighter drifted closer to Korriban I knew what needed to be done. I shook Belda awake. at first she looked calm but then when she realizied where she was she cringed and looked down at the floor, wise enough to try not to make any excuses but she asked" what's going to happen to me now?"

I sighed running a hand through my hair. " It's too late to take you back to the temple Belda, you are going to have to come with me to Korriban . Listen" I rummaged in my robes and pulled out the lightsaber whip I had made . I handed it to her with a stern look." This is a lightsaber whip. It's more versatile and more dangerous than a regular saber.This is the only spare weapon I can afford to give you since your saber is not completed yet. Do not use it unless you must."

I showed her how it worked. She seemed awed and glad that I trusted her with such an important weapon. We were in the planet's atmosphere before my computer clicked on. I had instructed Belda to hide.. I didn't need Omega finding out I had a passenger.

" Allright. I am here.. now give me the codes"

" Of course dear sister.. but land the ship first."

I had no choice but to do as I was told . Once my ship touched down I told Belda to "stay hidden and do not come out unless you are in grave danger" The codes ran across the computer and I transmitted them to the council and then closed down all comminucations. I gave belda my spare com and told her if I fell in battle that she was to punch in code 211 to the council directly and tell them what had happened.

After making sure she was well hidden I followed Omega's lifeforce signature to a circle of caves. there was only one way in and one way out. One of us would never walk out of here.. and it was going to be him.

Igniting the blue and green blades I crossed them and waited, my hair whipping in the breeze. Omega ignited his lightsaber and reached for another sword on his back. then a dark presence swept the valley. I knew in the pit of my stomach what he was planning to do, but I couldn't fathom it. That power had not existed for millenia. The power to call ghosts..

Omega.. he was .. a shaman


Saturday, January 20, 2007

The curse of my family part 1

I had been sick for about a week straight now.. Anakin was still not back and I could tell those who normally see me mostly everyday were begining to worry. So it wasn't like I had much of a choice. I had to go the healer's. Barriss wasstill missing so I was with Dollie as usual. She was not frightened of me as she once had been whenever Catia had awoken from her 300 year sleep. needless to say I thought by the time Dollie was through with me, I was going to be dead.

Blood tests upon blood tests. By the time she was done I felt like a pin cushion. Medicine after medicine and hours of force trances to try and heal myself. Nothing worked. Dollie was just about to call for Master Yoda and a few of the others whenever she reached for a small flask on her belt and handed it to me" You better hope this works honey.. or else you're in for a worse road than you just were over."

I shrugged and took the flask. What did I have to loose?

A warmth spread over me as soon as I ingested it and a black smoke began to rise from my skin and cloud the whole ward. Dollie ran to open the windows and the more smoke left me, the better I felt. It was like a demon had possessed me and pratically drained all of my strength.

Finally oh force finally I felt like I could actually to move. I got up from the cot and walked around stretching trying to get feeling back into my limbs. I still felt weak, but I could function and my stomach didn't feel like it was on a constant roller coaster.

Patting me on the shoulder Dollie said" I am sure you have a lot of important thigns to catch up on darling.. I will get this blood to the lab as soon as I can okay? I'll call you whenever I get the results" Wrapping a thick robe around my nightgown i headed back to my room. My feet were bare, pretty much ensuring I would end up with a cold sometime soon.

I was stopped by a few of the masters, asking after me, wondering if I was feeling better. Heck even Master Yoda asked if I was feeling better. That made me feel really good.. I didn't think many really cared all that much. I just felt like I was a nameless face in the crowd.. It gave me a whole new respect for Yoda .

As soon as I got back to my room, I dressed and headed straight for the archives. The whole scenario with Omega was burning in my mind like a warning bell. I could not put my finger on it, but something was going to happen and soon . VERY soon.

It was almost early the next morning whenever the archivist Jocasta Nu found me, curled up on the couch reading.. Again.. You see when I was very little.. I would come in here and read and read.. hours and hours on end. I would read anything I could get my little hands on. By the time i was 9 I had read almost half of the archives. Even the most boring books to most were fascinating to me.

From the archives comes a special memory of mine, I should share it with you. It's funny in a way.But also really sad.. You'll see why..

You see, there was this one book on datapad I was looking for. It was high high up on the topmost shelf . All of the archivists were busy and didn't have time to climb up and get it for me. So me being my curious self.. I climbed up to get it . My little fingers had just managed to grab it when the whole bookcase tilted and I went crashing head first to the ground. . At that moment Qui Gon and Obi Wan had just walked in.

I remembered seeing a huge bookcase falling towards me and the next thing I knew Qui Gon had snatched me out of the way and had set me upright on my feet. Jocasta Nu and about 2 other archivists came running over to see what had happened.

I distinctly remember it was all Obi Wan could do not to burst out laughing .. Ms. Nu was livid.. but after much apologizing and explaining what had happened she did not ban me from the archives , but instead made me resort and refile all of the archives systems. It proved to be a valuable lesson for me, and also I pretty much knew where everything was from that day forward. And when I was pulled out of the pile of books, I still had my datapad.

That was 2 weeks before Qui Gon and Obi Wan were deployed to Naboo.. I never got to say thank you, or goodbye.. Force I miss him.. But back to my story.

Jocasta pretty much knows that if I am in the archives late I would be there all night. So whenever I dozed off with a datapad in my hands and woke at 3 am with a blanket around my shoulders, I wasn't really suprised. I kept reading.. I found all I could about my brother..

His full name was Granta Omega and he was born on the moon of Neirport VII.. His mother worked at a refuling station,well at least it was a step up from a paid call girl house...He left Nierport VII whenever he was about 15 to attend the All Sciences Research Academy on Yerphonia sponsered by senator Sano Saruo.. My skin was crawling at the mere mention of the Senator.. A number of times I had been present during diplomatic meetings and I noticed the senator watching me a tad closer than I would have liked . Thank the force Anakin had been quick to put a stop to his unwaranted advances.. I made sure to treat Anakin to an an you can eat dinner at Dex's just for that I was so grateful.

I was no ways near looking forward to having to even possibly deal with him.. he reminded me a lot of Darth Sidious.. Creepy? Yes.Ragoon VI was another time I remembered hearing of him.. He had tried to use bounty hunters to capture Obi Wan and Anakin, but they had escaped from his grasp.. Dear brother also had a knack for collecting Sith artifacts.. So one way or another he would come after me, because he would come after the artifacts and the trunk. if he figured out how to work the portal, we were in for trouble.

I remembered seeing a padawan early that morning before I had to leave for breakfast. There was an intresting light surrounding her, but she seemed sad over something. I didn't have the chance to ask her what though because after breakfast my com beeped and I was called to the council room . When I knocked I was given permission to enter and I waited for someone to speak. It is not good ettiquite to speak in the council room when the masters are assembled before being spoken to. It was Master Windu who spoke

" Knight Deimos, we have a situation, it involves your half brother, Granta Omega"

My stomach plumetted as Mace gestured to the lifesize holo standing in the middle of the room.

His eyes opened and he smiled.

" Hello sister"


Monday, January 15, 2007

Confusion, Mishaps, and the call of the Siren

For three days now I have done nothing but run tothe fresher and sleep.. My stomach cannot hold anything down, and I am weak enough to the point I can't even hold up my saber in both hands.. It feels like a lead brick. But if there is one good thing about being sick, it gives one time to think.

Early this afternoon I had a lit candle sitting by the Grimorie, and the window was open. A very stupid mistake on my part, but the Grimorie caught fire. Now you might be saying it's just a book right? No it's not just a book as I found out. When it caught alight, I .. I began to fade..

My spirit was leaving my body and my force signature was fading quickly. I thought I wwas going to ie, for real this tiem. But it seems fate had other plans in store for me because before too muchdamage was done, the wind from the open window snuffed out the fire.

Also.. I have tried to deny the call I feel tried oh so very hard.. But It becomes stronger with each passing day, more diffucut to resist. A part of me wishes I would have never went through the portal.

But yet another part of me wonders if I should go and never return. A taste of happiness, no matter how small can be a powerful thing. as more time passes a deeper feeling of dread fills me. I am comming to realize that i might have to do the one thing I would never have dreamed in a million years I would have to do.Force forgive me he is my brother and my freind and I fear that no matter how much love and freindship we offer him, it won't be enough.

I have never backed down from a battle. Not once in my life. Though I know and realize if I must become a reaper, I will not survive it.But if I die I die with honor, knowing that maybe with my death will save some lives.. Even if I only save one, then I will not have died in vain.I will leave the datapad out on the ledge of my room for him. I know the truth though I would give anything for it not to be so.

Not only have I been given a chance to think on those matters, but something a bit more pressing than Lord Vader. I know someone drugged my drink. And it was a powerful drug at that.

Only someone either brave, foolish, or desprete would dare try that with a Jedi. I ran through a list of possibilities.. Anakin knew better, besides.. He would know he would be raked over the coals by Master Kenobi if he dared.

I managed to do a bit of background searching before I became ill. I found out I have a half brother Omega... He is not force sensative.. It seems I inheraited that, but he can call up ghosts.

That does prove intresting since that would explain why I didn't feel any force signature at the cantina. He is a sith, and not like Catia. Evil through and through. He had attacked the temple once before when I was out on a mission. He had rigged a bomb somewhere inside to go off. But he forgot to think ahead. Master Yoda used the force to crush the bomb and Omega was taken into custody.

It suddenly rang clear as crystal. It had to have been. It was Omega who drugged my drink, but the question was why?A million reasons ran through my head each unlikely as the next. To be honest I wished Anakin was back..He was one of the few people who would sit and listen.. and maybe even believe..

I didn't want the past dragging me back into it's grip.. I wanted the chance to be free and move forward. I never looked for trouble, trouble always found me.. Can I help it if I have the uncanny ability to piece things together?

Kriss was missing, and there was no point in trying to talk to Obi Wan, he would just tear down my argument with logic.. i was backed into a corner with pratically no way out. that was the funny thing..

When I was in the future.. I felt Kriss.. It was an echo but it was there. It never occured to me until the other night. Force I am as confused as connfused can get. Two paths are open to me, only one is the right one. And yes .. the thought occured to me to burn the grimorie and take both of us with it..

That is still a possibility, but only as a last choice. If it comes down to either killing him, or burn the grimorie.. I will burn the book. i do not think it is in me to kill the one man who has become like a brother to me.. That may seem selfish, but I cannot do it.

If this is weakness, then I am weak. But if given the chance.. I have 3 words to say to Vader.. " I forgive you"

Chow for the moment

Sunday, January 14, 2007

The dress...(Catia's POV)

Okay yeah, Pho was sicker than a bantha to be honest. I found out after a little investagation that at the cantina someone had drugged her drink. Her body was fighting it voraciously as was I.

What disturbs me is who would be either bold or foolish enough to attempt such a thing. I had my suspicions as to whom it was, but something lurked in the back of my mind.. Anyhow that wasn't important.

I had given Phobia the opprtunity to rest whenever a knock sounded at the door. When I opened it I have to admit I was rather suprised to see Erifia standing there. She was wearing what I had to admit was a dazzling dress .

" Something wrong Erifia? " I asked in about as much as a smooth even tone I could. Phobia was not doing any better and soon I feared I would have to go to the healer's . She looked me up and down once , bathrobe on me and all.. " Well I guess you can tell me"

" What are you talking about?"

" The dress. I know you had to have sent it"

What in all korkiba was she talking about? A wave of dizzyness hit me like a tidal wave and I had to hold onto the door frame for support.

" Look Erifia I have no clue what you are talking about but I did not send you that dress! " I was getting really irratated really fast. Add to that my stomach was about to decide it didn't like me again.

" Oh really? It seems like something you would pick out.. But I have to ask, how did you know my dress size?"

I'm pretty sure I was shooting lightning right then.

" Look believe whatever you want, I didn't send you that dress and I would really appreciate it if you'd go hunt elsewhere.. I would love to stand here and chat, but my stomach is about to come back up any second. "

At that moment it did.

I slammed the door in Erifia's face and ran for the fresher. I swear to god if I find out who drugged her drink I will kill them...

Til Later
Au Revoir
Catia Ravenstone

Number guess? 33.. how old I was when I died

Friday, January 12, 2007

Parties, drinks ,dancing and sickness at my 50th

So to celebrate my 50th I threw a party at Dex's.. Pretty much everyone was there, even Yusuke Kurama and Hiei showed up, which was an absoulete miracle . And for some strange reason Koenma came too, in his cute form for a change.. Reminds me of the time when I first noticed guys.. It was nothing like what happened to Anakin . Believe me, I heard about it from various sources..

But a party for me and where did I find myself? Sitting off in a booth with Lisette curled up in my lap like always... Dex just adores Lisette, she keeps the mice out of the kitchen and gets a salmon all for herself.. but I was pretty much sitting all by myself.. Why I didn't know.. That was til I got yanked over to the bar by Anakin. He passed me a drink" Here sis you look like you could use one" I took it and the contents ofthe glass was gone in about a second. As he signaled Dex for another he let hisvoice drop a bit so no one else but me heard him" Look, I trusted you when you had to do what you needed to, now all I ask is trust me k?"

I felt a familiar tingle creep up my spine.. I didn't know what it was but it was familiar.. I turned and I saw Obi Wan.. I didn't understand.. it was the same feeling I got whenever I was around Ivan.. Ivan! I suddenly remembered what he had told me to tell Obi Wan.. As he took a seat next to the two of us I looked over my shoulder and said " A message from a freind, in the matter of DJK look to a gypsy.. "

I shrugged at his confused expression. " I don't know what it means.. I was told by a freind to tell you that" I held up my hand to cut off any more questioning.. " No it's not a joke, and I know he can be trusted"

The riddle kept playing itself over and over in my mind.. Mynock and Kyrat dragon..form 3 and 5... I used form 3 so half the riddle was solved.. .. I only knew one form 5 user who had a blue blade .. I slowly turned to him.. no.. no it couldn't be.. but in the deepest recesses of my mind the voice whispered that this was indeed the truth. My heart seemed utterly frozen. Like it had been dipped in carbonite.. I had to know the utter truth. I could not swallow the idea that that monster was.. was..

More drinks, more dancing.. I think at one point during the evening I danced with Obi Wan, Anakin and Tak.. Needless to say I was wasted by the time I got back to the temple. I think Catia managed to get us back to my room . Every movement seemed to take an age and a day to complete and bythe time I finally dropped into bed I had to use the force to pull the covers up over me.

Nightmares ripped at my mind the whole night through. of my father, of the future that seemed to be just looming over the horizion to doom us all, and of my own mistakes. I got little to no sleep that night and was awakened bythe sound of a starfighter engine hoovering overhead. I ran , or more like stumbled to the window just in time to see a familiar streak of yellow zip out of the atmosphere. I recalled Anakin's words and bowed my head in resignation. I did trust him.. but I would pray for his safety.. I did not ask him where he was headed , I knew better. Didn't mean I could help but worry though.

I watched him til he dissapeared off the planet. " Be safe bro"I whispered. The sound seemed to catch up with me and I stumbled to the fresher as the drinks , and pretty much everything came back up.. I ended up having to crawl back to bed on my hands and knees like a dog. The room was spinning badly. Something was wrong with me.. I didn't know what it was. I only a drank a bit and it should not be bugging me like this. I caught a glimpse of myself in the miror. I looked like a ghost and my hair was hanging around my face which made me look all the more ghastly.

By mid afternoon I was convinced my stomach hated me . I knew I had a class to teach that afternoon for Master Cin. I reached for my com and left a message for Yoda.. and then realizied in my infinite stupidity he was off planet. I would've called Anakin, but he was gone . I hated to do this to him but I called Obi Wan , who I guessed was in a council meeting.. sith..

" Obi Wan I'm sorry I have to bug you like this, but I'm in no condition to teach Cin's class this afternoon. I'm lower than pudu.. "

At that lovely moment my stomach lurched and I dropped the com as I ran to the fresher again. A few minutes I was back and sprawled across the bed .. I highly doubted I could move again if I needed to for a while. " I'm functioning for now.. Just find a sub for Cin's class okay? Yeah.. door is unlocked.. allright..Thanks.. "

I clicked the com off and tossed it into the small heap of clothes in the basket as Lisette walked up me and decided I would make a good pillow. .. I shoved her off for the moment.. She was too heavy for me to handle and I needed the room to breathe. Finally sleep claimed me , and this time I could sleep with no dreams. force knows I needed it

Chow for the moment( if i live)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

( Catia)* Topic* Whispers in the darkness

You're probably wondering why I have been silent for a while now, well let me explain.. You see even a Sith needs time to think. All of this has come on me so fast that believe it or not, has shocked me into silence. I don't really know if what I have seen will come to pass or not. To be frank, I was scared, and still am. I pretty much know I abondened Pho when she needed me the most. .. The whole Christmas party affair, that I had to admit, it was funny , but she needed the push in the right direction. She cares for him enough she will not risk way of life and reputation.

Not even to give him a clue..

By the way, you wonder why if you ever saw my pictures in the archives I always had cats by my side? Black cats? Smart creatures they are... let me tell you... I needed to stop off and find a good salmon shop and get Gar Gar a fresh Rylothian Salmon.. he earned it ... But it'd figure.. I have not one, but two lovestruck fools on my hands. I noticed this a few days prior. Lisette had a picture in her room and when I.. or should I say we went to look, it was all i could do not to bust out laughing.

In the little collar locket Pho had gotten for Lisette was a small picture of.. Lord Kittious, Dark Kitten of the Sith.. I heard rumors about this guy.. he was a lady killer to be sure. She was nervous.. When I asked she "said "she was thinking of calling him but was scared she'd stutter and make hersellf sound like an idiot. when I say said, I mean I looked into her head and read her thoughts.. Wait why I am even talking aobut reading a cat's thoughts? anyway.. . I shook my head and walked out of the room Force I could NOT believe this! was I the only sane one around here? I'm begining to think so.

Another call from the publisher's today. Pho was going to have to sneak out of the temple for a raido interview. She was bound to ge herself into trouble with these press junkets. Someone was going to find out.. I didn' think, I KNEW it was bound for disaster. I mean whenever Anakin of all people said he read her books.. She would've been tickled pink if not for her other problem..

The more people who read her stories.. the more famous she became.. And eventually her seceret would be out in the open and she would be devistated.

I admit I enjoy her books, force.. I get to meet some of her charcters in person.. let me say Stephen is one of the few men I can have an intelligent conversation with..

But anyway.. when recent events unfolded..I kind of went into a hibernation sleep. First of all.. I couldn't talk to Pho in the future.. you have no idea how much that unnerved me. and when she fought Vader.. I was scared for her like maybe a mother would be scared for her daughter. I couldn't get out of this cocoon cryscalis thing I was in.. It's hard to explain without seeing it first hand, so I am going to just quit confusing the rest of you.

As for the Sith lightning, that was me, and yet that wasn't me.

I didn't have the strength to tear free of my bonds alone and it takes a lot to hold me. But then there.. I saw him.. he and I shared power.. It was his last act before he moved on into the force at last.. Thanks Xanatos.. You have my respect.

Needless to say , these past few weeks have been an eye opener for not only her, but me as well. it has caused me to rethink a lot of things , and come to terms with what has happened and what might happen. I only pray that the force gives us the strength to see us through.

I saw her in the future you know.. She had aged beyond her years, poor woman.. Both physically and mentally. she had seen horrors no woman should have to face, made choices she should have never been forced to make.. and it's all my fault.. the only good thing about that whole bit is she finally found someone who loves her and she loves in return. I don't know the rhyme or reason of it, but he reminded me of someone.. Ivan.. i knew he did when I first saw that chip..

The only time I ever saw her smile was in his presence.. He lifts a great weight off of her shoulders and heart. She shines when he is with her. the rest of the time.. She is like a machiene.. dull ,lifeless, dead.. Void of all emotion and thought. Just gettingfrom day to day. Perhaps i should finish the job myself. I know the answer to the riddle.. I could finish off Lord Vader in this era easily.. But Phobia would not believe me.. I know she wouldn't. there is an old saying from my late master.. "There is danger for him who taketh the tiger cub,and danger for whoso snatches a delusion from a woman."

Oh my dear sister, daughter.. partner.. if you could only see.. He is not your brother.. He is your greatest enemy.. and I dare not breathe a word until it is too late.. Force forgive me and I pray when the time comes, we can make a quick end to him....
Til Later
Au Voir Catia Ravenstone

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