Saturday, October 20, 2007


It took an age it felt like to get back to the temple. I was greeted by Belda who was almost etatic to see us.

" Master you're home!" she cried, beaming from ear to ear. I scooped her up into a big hug tiwrling her around the hall. My back objected but I didn't care I was glad to be home . Godfrey had my bag so I didn't have as much to carry. I was getting so big it was a chore just to go to my morning classes.

" I'm really hoping you get to stay here for a while now master. I missed you"

I smiled huging her again" And I missed you too Belda. I should be able to stay for quite a while, but I have a meeting. And I think you ought to come along.There are some visitors here who might be able to help us catch Catia. I expect you to be on your best behaviour. Ok?"
Sh nodded and together the three of us made our way to the council room. I knocked and we were admitted by Master Windu.

" Phobia these are the new Avengers. Spider Man, Ronin, Ironfist, Wolveriene, Spider Woman and Dr Strange.."

The man called Dr Strange came forward and I bowed. " I am Jedi Master Phobia Auora Deimos. This is Jedi Master Godfrey Zebulon and to my right is my apprentice Belda Pinik." Belda bowed to Dr strange. I smiled. She was learning fast.

" What can you tell us about the sith Emperess? The more we know the closer we can come to catching her"

I sat down on one of the benches, smoothing out my robes. Belda sat on one side and Godfrey on another. Calmly I began to speak of the past 12 years in detail. What she had done, of her power and knoweledge, all of it

Every kill she had made using me as a vessel, I recited names, dates and places.I could see some of the Avengers were unnerved by my calmness of the whole affiar Espically Spider Woman .
When I finished I felt as though a great weight had been lifted from my chest.I would have leaned on Godfrey's shoulder but we were in public, so I just leaned my back against the wall.

" You're sick" Spider Woman muttered
My eyebrow rose" excuse me?"
" You're sick How can you sit and talk of death like you're discussing tomororw's stock prices? It's psychotic!"

Master Windu jumped to his feet but I shook my head " Tell m somthing Spider woman. How many buildings have been destroyed becuase of a villan you failed to stop?
She stared at me blankly.

" My point excactly. Death is commonplace for me as destruction of cities is cmmonplace for you. I do not question you so please do not question me." I could see Spider Man looking at me , eyes meeting, knowng mine.

Dr Strange bowed to me" You truly posess the wisdom of ages. But for now I think you ought to rest. Perhaps your apprentice can asist us in finding our way around the temple"
Belda nodded and we were excused by the council As soon as all of us were outside I leaned heavily on Godfrey's shoulder. He wrapped an arm around me, a light smile on his face. Footsteps behind us caused us to jump apat. It was Dr Strange.

" I .. uh.. I ws just tired.." I said trying to make up an excuse.
Dr Strange smiled " It's allright, the Jedi Council wil not hear a word from me .But you should truly rest, your little ones are tired as well"

I looked at him for a long moment, before I nodded" Thank you"

Spider Man smiled behind his mask I could tell " Leave the grunt work to us, you've done too much as it is"

My eyes drifted closed, and when I woke again I was tucked in bed, out in the living room I could hear the dull thud of computer keys as Godfrey worked on another Senate report. He had dressed me for bed in my favroite pair of pj's. I couldnt stay awake for long , so I snuggled down into the warm blankets and in a few minutes I was asleep again..

TBC( I promise!!)

Black Heart's twilight

Mustafar, 2 days later

I had made my escape from Coruscant , but I knew I would go back. For many reasons .

Firstly I wasn't going to allow the Avengers to thwart my plans. Second there was something I needed there.

And third, this was the most ludicrous of all.

I found myself obsessed with Spider Man.

I don't know why this was but every moment I was thinking of him. Even as I dialed in some numbers of freinds who owed me favors. They wanted to send the Avengers after me ? Fine! I would bring those of equal power against them. I dusted my hands and began the transfusion. Slumping against the wall my newest project rose from his place on the table" I brought you back out of my good graces. you will obey every command I give you. If you do not I will not hesitate to strike you down where you stand. " I snarled comming closer to the 7 foot tall man.

" Yes Master. What would you have me do for now?"

I glanced halfheartedly at his current state" For now get dressed. though it's not like I haven't seen it before"

As I left Bane to his devices I walked into the holo projection room to speak with my " asscoiates" I might be crazy but not crazy enough to try and take on the whole Avengers squad by myself. I needed help. And I knew who to call.

" It is good to see you again" I said softly" I call on you now to cash in my one favor with each of you. Help me destroy the Avengers and you will have what you desire. Taskmaster. Fame beyond your wildest imagining. Each of you a planet of your own to rule..they are here on Coruscant after me. I need your help"

I cringed just saying it. I hated asking for help.

" What do we have to do?" Moonstone asked , clearly skeptical.

" Just come here to Coruscant. I will provide transport. Then follow my lead, but do what you do best. in short. Arrive, Raise Hell .Leave"

Deathstrike smiled" And you say I will get my hands on Wolveriene?"

" All that my dear and more."

" that's all we have to do?" Diamondback questioned.

" that is all. And I will provide it all, including gold and a safe place to hide." I stepped aside to show them the mountain of Telosnosian gold behind me" All of this I have much more.. One roomful of gold to each of you. "

They all nodded and the holos blinked out. I grinned rubbbing my hands together. Good.. The wheels were begining to turn at long last.

Bane came back out now dressed again. I smacked his old lightsaber into his hands" Make sure everything is prepared. We're having company. "

I stalked over to the end table and picked up a black glass looking ball and it's twin, , pure white. I placed each onto it's respective box. I did not dare clash the orbs together without Dr Strange being present. I could rip the galaxy to pieces.I locked both boxes the keys dangeling down into my suit. If anyone dared get that close to me they would be dead.

With the arrival of my new" apprentices" the end was comming for the Avengers. This thought made me giddy as a drunk.

But why then did my stomach clench in knots and my vision want to blink out at the thought of any harm comming to Spider Man? What the hell was wrong with me?

" Damnit! I don't need these kind of distractions!" A glass vase late 6th centuary hit the wall smashing into a million pieces So ? there was more than that one came from. I needed a nap but in this heat that was as likely as it starting to snow.

Sure enough I look out the window and Mustafar has iced over. The volcanic planet is one of a frozen wasteland.. And .. it was snowing WHAT IN ALL THE SEVEN MONKS?

Bane returned and knelt before me" Master they have arrived"

Finally something going right.

I petted the parts stacked carefully in the corner. I was only missing two more things until the cannon was complete. I had the main pieces and the couplers now. one the charging generator for the startup boost and the second was the power crystal. Without it the cannon would not operate. A cursed gem, now residing on a planet called Earth. It had changed many hands ofver the millenia.

The Hope Diamond.

Black heart's dawning

So I figured, they'd send a strike team after me. Is the best they can do? pfftt I've decimiated entire armies with out breaking a sweat and they send a strike team? What am I a child?

Anyway I guess I should go back a bit. After I had made my escape from the eyes of the temple I knew I had to lay low on the lower levels for a while. It was too dangerous to try and leave the planet with their forces out looking for me. So I rented a room at one of the more shabby hotels and kicked back , one foot lying on the bed, counting the cracks in the ceiling.

The Black Hawk had been seized instantly by the Jedi, so my old baby was going to have to bite the dust taking a few with her. The remote in my pocket ensured that she would reveal none of my secrets. The screams of the dying were music to my ears. It was then I decided I would make my way to the Orange district and wait there til nightfall then steal a transport and slip away.

But I didn't count on him.

Apparently I had gotten too careless. He sniffed me out like the dog he was. though he wouldn't have remembered me. He was just a boy back then. Right after he had been gifted with his adamantium skelton. Wolverine.

" The Jedi Council wants ta see you lady. Yer commin with me" He said stepping into my room, blocking off my only means of escape. Well time to play the charm card.

" I would gladly go with you but I'm afraid we haven't been properly introduced. I'm Catia.. but some others call me Kit.. a select few.. And you're the great Wolveriene right? Part of the X men?" Hey I do my research.

" Part of the New Avengers now. But it doesn't make a diffrence yer still commin with me!" He snarled stepping closer to me, claws comming out.

I smiled" I'll go quietly.. but first.. a beer? I have Canadian.. Rare import these days"

He nodded" Yah thanks.. chasing after you is thirsty work"

I sauntered over to the fridge. I knew he was watching my hips moving against the leather. " I'm sure it is " I mumured popping the top on the beer can. An old slight of hand trick sent a sleeping pill strong enough to take out a heard of thirty bantha into his drink and I handed it to him taking a beer for myself. I never really drink the stuff but this time I needed to play the part.

" To a good hunt, and an even more successful capture" I said raising the can in my hands.

He nodded and chugged the thing down without even a thought. Odorless , colorless , and tasteless. The only way verilium would be dectected is by a talented force user.To my known knoweledge only Mace , Yoda, anakin and Obi Wan could pick it up. Possibly Godfrey and Pho too, but other than that no..

" So tell me.. which bike do you prefer.. A chopper or a Harley?"

He raised his hand " Harrleeyy" he slurred before he slumped to the ground.

I got up quickly and knelt over his head extracting information from his mind. I found out about the Avengers . Dr Strange, Spider Woman,Iron Fist,Spider Man and Ronin. My greatest possible threat would be Doctor Strange. His powers nearly rival mine. And I could not afford to throw it all on the line again. The others would not be a problem.

Rising I raced from the room. I needed to put as much distance between Wolverine and myself as possible before he woke. I doubled back and put my scent everywhere. One of the upper level hotels near the 500 Repbulica. I needed a change.. and a plan.. I knew where I could get the materials I needed to defeat Doctor Strange. and I would need to return to the kilms on Mustafar.

I needed my old apprentice back. Together with the power orbs of creation Doctor Strange would be neautralizied . Iron Fist and the others were no problem. Merely child's play. I had to be careful that Iron fist didn't stick with Godfrey, then I might actually have some trouble.

I saw their diffrences, their weaknesses.. So why was it as I sank lower into the rose and hycanith scented bubble bath that my thoughts were on Spider Man?