Saturday, October 20, 2007


It took an age it felt like to get back to the temple. I was greeted by Belda who was almost etatic to see us.

" Master you're home!" she cried, beaming from ear to ear. I scooped her up into a big hug tiwrling her around the hall. My back objected but I didn't care I was glad to be home . Godfrey had my bag so I didn't have as much to carry. I was getting so big it was a chore just to go to my morning classes.

" I'm really hoping you get to stay here for a while now master. I missed you"

I smiled huging her again" And I missed you too Belda. I should be able to stay for quite a while, but I have a meeting. And I think you ought to come along.There are some visitors here who might be able to help us catch Catia. I expect you to be on your best behaviour. Ok?"
Sh nodded and together the three of us made our way to the council room. I knocked and we were admitted by Master Windu.

" Phobia these are the new Avengers. Spider Man, Ronin, Ironfist, Wolveriene, Spider Woman and Dr Strange.."

The man called Dr Strange came forward and I bowed. " I am Jedi Master Phobia Auora Deimos. This is Jedi Master Godfrey Zebulon and to my right is my apprentice Belda Pinik." Belda bowed to Dr strange. I smiled. She was learning fast.

" What can you tell us about the sith Emperess? The more we know the closer we can come to catching her"

I sat down on one of the benches, smoothing out my robes. Belda sat on one side and Godfrey on another. Calmly I began to speak of the past 12 years in detail. What she had done, of her power and knoweledge, all of it

Every kill she had made using me as a vessel, I recited names, dates and places.I could see some of the Avengers were unnerved by my calmness of the whole affiar Espically Spider Woman .
When I finished I felt as though a great weight had been lifted from my chest.I would have leaned on Godfrey's shoulder but we were in public, so I just leaned my back against the wall.

" You're sick" Spider Woman muttered
My eyebrow rose" excuse me?"
" You're sick How can you sit and talk of death like you're discussing tomororw's stock prices? It's psychotic!"

Master Windu jumped to his feet but I shook my head " Tell m somthing Spider woman. How many buildings have been destroyed becuase of a villan you failed to stop?
She stared at me blankly.

" My point excactly. Death is commonplace for me as destruction of cities is cmmonplace for you. I do not question you so please do not question me." I could see Spider Man looking at me , eyes meeting, knowng mine.

Dr Strange bowed to me" You truly posess the wisdom of ages. But for now I think you ought to rest. Perhaps your apprentice can asist us in finding our way around the temple"
Belda nodded and we were excused by the council As soon as all of us were outside I leaned heavily on Godfrey's shoulder. He wrapped an arm around me, a light smile on his face. Footsteps behind us caused us to jump apat. It was Dr Strange.

" I .. uh.. I ws just tired.." I said trying to make up an excuse.
Dr Strange smiled " It's allright, the Jedi Council wil not hear a word from me .But you should truly rest, your little ones are tired as well"

I looked at him for a long moment, before I nodded" Thank you"

Spider Man smiled behind his mask I could tell " Leave the grunt work to us, you've done too much as it is"

My eyes drifted closed, and when I woke again I was tucked in bed, out in the living room I could hear the dull thud of computer keys as Godfrey worked on another Senate report. He had dressed me for bed in my favroite pair of pj's. I couldnt stay awake for long , so I snuggled down into the warm blankets and in a few minutes I was asleep again..

TBC( I promise!!)


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lol.. yeah I tend to be cute.. this is new? Maybe you forgot the time when I was six and you found me on the back of your speeder with Miss Morgie .. lol

padawanbeldapinik said...

welcome back my Master! I am so happy to see you so much to tell you!

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nice to see you're back Pho
I know from a recent expierience that Belda missed you more than I can imagine if we could just get Ani, Jinx and DJK back to the temple...