Friday, November 16, 2007


I finally arrived at the temple, black robe hiding my face, eyes peering out at the world before me. I went to the garden and sat, trying to meditate. I looked up as I heard footsteps draw nearer. It was Peter
He whispered my name and that did it.. my resolve cracked that I wasn't going to cry.

I jumped looking at him" Pete.. I .. I just found out.. I'm so sorry..I came to tell you straight away" I held my breath, scared to death

"Cat, you have to tell me what's wrong... I can't help if I don't know what the problem is" You have no idea I thought, feeling green allready and my stomach was wrapping itself in knots.

My hands shook as I cupped his face, finding his eyes" Peter..I'm .. I'm pregnant" I whispered eyes wide with fear

I broke down crying in his arms" Oh god Pete I'm so scared! I don't know what to do!" and I didn't. I was the most hunted woman in the galaxy right now. I shook hard" You, you're not angry?" I asked in a tiny voice.I had never cried, not since.. well. him
I nodded listening to him, being comforted by him " I believe you" I kissed him softly, only finding peace in his arms." We need to leave Coruscant, and quickly, but I'm not sure where to go. The Avengers will kill me if they find out, so will the Jedi council. They will believe our child will be the next sith lord or lady, depending on if it's a boy or girl"

When he asked me where would we could go my mind started to work thhough it was like a turning of wheels in an empty shoebox.

My voice was cracking, I was loosing it" We could go to Ryloth, Tatooine, Danthomir, Endor, Corellia..We'd have to be on the run always. They always find me" I whispered eyes full of fear

"They won't stop until I am dead, they will hunt me forever" I whispered" There is always changing sides..." I whispered mind frantic
He pulled me up and led me back to the quarters the temple had given him. I was starting to shake I was so cold I never felt the cold or the heat, ever.

I could only nod, feeling slightly calmed" Ok" I wrapped his coat tight around me, shivering

" Things will all work out" he whispered " I promise"
What had I done to deserve someone as caring as he was?

I nodded" I believe you.. Your the only thing I believe in right now"
"No one will harm you, or," he rested his hand on my stomach " our child" man that had a nice ring to it, maybe after 6,000 years I was ready to be a mom?Well ready or not in 9 months I was going to be one.

I smiled, truly smiled" I don't know if it's just one Pete" I said giggling
He grinned mischievoulsy.. God If I had any doubt I was in love with him then it went out the window, I love that smile. "We'll be certain to have our hands full, then, won't we?,Not that we don't allready"

I grinned" got that right" When we got to his room I sat down feeling a bit dizzy. My head snapped up when there was a knock on the door
He said he would get it and the second he was out of the room I hid myself under the bed shaking like a dog in a thunderstorm none the less.

I heard whipsered voices and I could hear the woman, that twit who I tried to kil comming closer, why didn't I finish her off when I had the chance? She'd be my death. Just like Bane had been....Who was still out there, I had to stop him before it had become aparent what I had done.
"Hiya, Spidey... I haven't seen you without your mask before," she giggled. "Uhh, hi... Listen, right now's not a good time for an Avenger's meeting, can we talk tomorrow?"

" Dr Strange was insistant you come now. Catia is in the temple, it seems Dr Strange has this crazy idea she's after you" she snickered" Crazy old crackpot"
I heard every word , letting out a tiny whimper shaking covering my head

" What was that?" she asked hearing the small whimper in his room.
My hand snaped for my saber. I would kill her to defend my child
She nodded" ok, I'll tell him, just be careful Spidey" she walked away
I was shaking as I crawled out, saber handle in a deathgrip" I always hid under the bed as a padawan"

I grinned" yah.." I leaned my head on his shoulder, sniffling softly. I was petrified
I nodded. Suddenly I felt sick. Running to the bathroom my lunch and breakfast came back up on me my whole body shaking
I looked up at him wiping the back of my mouth" Thank you.. thank you for everything... " I threw my arms around him huggung him tightly

I couldn't help but cry, falling into his arms" ergh I feel so bloated in this outfit" I muttered waving a hand at my body. I did and I saw the room spin before my eyes
I rose, just stripping off my outfit as I went, pratically falling onto his bed" Got a spare shirt I could borrow? " I asmed, underneath I only had on just some skimpy underwear

I moaned in protest at having to get up but I did and rummaged through the dresser On finding one I muttered" Yano what would be good? Chicken Alfredo with Escargot and chocolate" I mutered absently

I smiled" mmh thanks" I snuggled into the covers, beckoning him to join me. I was so tird right now.. so sleepy.. and these sheets were so comfy....

I nodded, eyes sleepy" Yeah, your going to be a daddy pete. " I kissed him softly, one hand cupping his cheek
My eyes were closing fast, but I wanted to share this with him, this perfect moment

" We will find peace Pete... We can go back to your world... I know you have a city to protect..I could hide there...mmh send Goblin after the Avengers.."
My arms wraped around him holding him close against me. I could live as a normal woman.. all I needed was him..