Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Okay after much arguing with catia we settled on this* grimaces* I myself would've prefered the Faust costume.. but whenever she wants something bad enough.. she can give me a migrane .. so what can I do*shurgS* anywho Happy Halloween All !

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Stage 6

Following the echo of the scream I was able to find the source rather quickly. So.. this monstrosity was the machiene I would've fallen victim to. But I was not the one strapped to that thing.. I was nearly sick to my stomach as I saw who it was.. Adana.. A close freind of mine for many years though we had lost touch to be honest. She was in awful pain.. The thing was draining her force power..Damnit!

I felt Catia reach out and scour the machiene for any weakness what so ever.. Catia was so angry she was shaking .. I could feel it and it was not a good thing.. She never got this angry.. and with her being a sith.. Definitly not good.. I warned her to be careful .She could not disable the machiene with Adana still strapped to it. One wrong move even in a totally calm state could kill her. Well if that machiene wasn't shut off it would kill her, that much was a certainty.
Rushes of the force went from Adana, who's head was trapped in a clamp attached to wires like something out of a horror flick..

I heard Catia growl.. " Just like him.. the machiene design is his.. " she snarled.. Her eyes gazed out over the scene and suddenly she saw someone moving.. In a split second she had catapaulted to the other side of the room and slammed th e other man against the wall.. The hood fell back, I recgonized the man as one of the guards I had seen while in the past.. but it wasn't .. a descendant perhaps?

It was debatable who wanted to kill him first, Catia or me.. But Catia only grinned like the devil and I could feel she had a plan in mind.. She pinned him by the throat to the wall.. " where IS he?" she asked her eyes spitting fire and promises of death.

He didn't say a word, so she started tightening her hand until some of the bones of his windpipe began to creak and snap like twigs. " Now I will ask again WHERE IS HARUSAME?" She was in no mood for games..

" a-adromeda moon b-belt.. " he stammered, his face begining to turn blue..

Catia smiled almost cordially like she was taking afternoon tea.." Now one more thing and you can go slither back to the corner you came from.. the machiene.. shut it off."
His breath came out like a whistle .. " I- I can't Only my master knows the code... " he gasped wheezing ..

She tossed the guard across the room like a cheap rag doll and I don't know what she did, but in another moment there was blood pouring out of his ears, nose ,eyes ,and mouth. I asked her what she had done.. " I ruptured his heart.. He woud have only left here to hurt someone.. "We continued on.. Catia silent and her mind focused to a pinprick

I could feel at as soon as I got close.. the thing that gave the machiene power to pull force power from jedi and sith alike.. A sith holocron.. I opened my mouth to scream to Obi Wan how to disable the machiene but no sound came out.. I couldn't speak! I despretly clawed at my throat leaving bloody scratches.. Nothing.

I was absouletly desprete to tell them before it was too late.. I could feel Catia's anger growing.. it was palapable.. Dark waves of the force rolling off of us.. The warehouse began to groan and things began to fall.. She was ripping the place apart! I had to do something and fast.. If she keeps this up she will rip the whole place down and kill everyone inside !

" CATIA! CATIA! Listen to me! if you kill everyone here with your anger you will do his work for him! We need to face him head on and finish this!" I yelled into her head, pushing forward with all of my might..

I managed to break through her wall of anger and all of it dissapated in a hurry.. The next thing

I know I am falling forward off of a crate about 3 meters high and my head nearly getting cracked like an egg on the floor.. Theforce saved my life .. either that or sheer dumb luck I managed to roll myself into a protective ball which flattened like a pancake the moment my skin smacked the floor with a sickening sound.. I felt dizzy and half sick.. I brought my head up and screamed" It's powered by a sith hoocron!" . my head hit the floor..

I didn't know if anyone had heard me, due to the racket the machiene was making.. i only hoped they did.. I rested my cheek against the floor trying to regain my strength and get the room to stop spinning.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Stage 3

I headed into the warehouse, crouching behind an empty crate waiting as Ravenstone aclimated her senses. Now mind you the last time she was out was at the party and that was no battle. Hearing the clank of droids behind suddenly I was facing three monstrous droidekas.. Let me tell you those things are CREEPY with a capital C .

A quick flick of the wrist and both were a burning pile of scrap ash on the floor. Further into the warehosue I came across several more droids. for some reason Ravenstone would not move, but
I did not panic. Once we were completly surrounded, she simply stretched out her hand. Half of the droids went flying backwards towards one wall and another group went flying forwards . I saw our reflection in a mirior and her eyes reflected pretty much speaking, hate and malice. I knew that look, it was the look driven by rage and a desire for revenge.

Three hulking Super Droidekas blocked our path. Ravenstone's eyes flashed pure cold hate and bringing her hands together she smashed the droids into scrap. too late. I saw one of the plates flying towards a laser, undoubtedly an alarm. She tried to stop it with the force,but was a nanosecond too slow. " Damnit, well they would have known sooner or later anyway" she said with a helpless shrug.

Continuing steadily into the warehouse, Ravenstone blew away any oppisition without so much as batting an eyelash. She let me get my own shots in but it was mainly all her . Whenever she did switch back with me it was so fast I was hard pressed to keep up with the droid shots, thus much more racket than I would have liked . But when she took over again she said " If he is here, let him come.. it is time this battle were over once and for all. "

My saber flew in an expert arc over my head as she deflected four driod double blaster shots from over my head.A feat next to impossible for anyone but her.Deeper and deepr into the warehouse we headed, taking out any and all oppisition that stood in our path. The humans I insisted she not kill them but leave them unconcious. The only one I gave her free leave to do with what she wished was Harusame. I wanted to earn Anakin and Obi Wan's trust, soemthing that could nt be acomplished if I left a masscre in my wake. She understood this but didn't like it.

As we continued moving from one side of the warehouse to another taking out any droids I briefly glimpsed Obi Wan working his way up through the levels I had just cleared. He didn't see me as I did a soundless soumersault over his head and landed on the crate oppisite him on the other wing of the building. As she commenced her nowsoundless destruction of the driods, a piercing , bloodcurdling scream hit my ears. It wasn't Anakin, it wasn't Obi Wan... "Catia do you think?.." I aksed her in our head, my unfinished question hanging in the air

" I don't know , but we'd better go see.. as soon as we clean house here.. " She started taking out the driods faster and faster I felt like my arms were nearly about ready to pop right of their sockets.. " Remind me later to ask you how you acomplished this" I muttered as pain shot up and down both my arms.

Chow: Phobia(note to self, get droid to type next time)

Monday, October 16, 2006


Okay an hour is bad enough.. This place gives me the heeby jeebies to be perfectly blunt. Get this straight, I AM NOT scared of this, but it does creep me out. I crossed my arms and leaned against the wall, a vibroblade tucked under my arm in case anyone should try and jump me.. I'm not stupid, this is one place I would not live in a million years. All of a sudden I felt a hand cover my mouth and I was being dragged back into the alleyway.

My whole body tensed and my finger was just comming down on the blade's activation button to ram it into my attacker's ribs whenever I recgonized the person's force rpesence.. How could I not. I settled for an elbow in the ribs. How the heck could he be that stupid to try and sneak up on me? I could feel Catia bristling angrily wanting to rip his head off. I mentally shushesd her and spun on my heel to face him. Not amused was an understatement.

The seccond he let me go I spat "Skywalker, what the heck do you think you are you doing? Any faster and I would buried my saber in your ribs! What took you so long?" Gods I was pissed off. I mean anyone seeign a woman hanging around a warehouse would've just mistook me for a lady of the evening and I coudl've snapped a neck if nesscary.. Besides the place was deserted.. I tend to follow the adage, " hide what you can in plain sight"

I heard his next comment and Catia groweled lowly" he hasn't tried to take me on.. the nerd.. I'd put him flat on his back in a second"

"I don't give a Sith's head who was stalling, bottom line, you're late!" Phobia said, her lips in a thin line. "I've been here a long time!"

I was tired, wanting to rip a few heads off, and I was freaking freezing! i wrapped my arms around myself trying to keep warm.. And people gripe about my lack of timing!.
Anakin's next words made me shut my mouth for the present "Snapping my head off will only make me mad, and I don't need that. Either you calm down and focus here or go back to the Temple."

God he was so full of himself! but I calmed for the moment and nodded " Fine" I wanted to get going" what's the plan?" someone had better have one goddamnit!

"The plan is this: you are a distraction. You head in, and do what you do best. You're the bait; let them come to you. But don't take on more that you can handle, and comm me or Obi-Wan the second the odds are not in your favor. Do not go after the machine, I'm doing that, and do not go after Dooku if he's in there. Most importantly keep your head. Whatever's going on with you, and there is something, keep it under lock. We don't need you losing it in there."

" I'm fine" I grumbled slightly.. He meant Catia, but that was my problem, not his.. He didn't hear me or chose to ignore me*snort* as he continued

"Obi-Wan is the second half of the distraction. He is going the back way. I'm going in from up there." I pointed to the roof. "The second I comm you to tell you get out, get out! I don't care if Dooku is licking your boots. Get out. Got me?"

I heard Catia object , but I shut her up and nodded, but not before Catia rolled her eyes.. " All right.. Can we go already? " This was it, Catia I was going to let her have full control. .. My hand rested on my saber jilt and I slipped into the warehouse. Looking around I saw about 50 or 60 guards at least.. The place was heavily guarded, that was something.. I let a smile curve my lips and whispered to Caita " all right, all yours.. I trust you.. don't let me down"

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Rest,Recouparation, and a discovery part 2

The moment my face smacked against the floor I felt a wave of power shoot through me and I was on my feet. next to me stood.. Ravenstone.. She stood tall and regal as ever, her eyes fixed straight ahead at the stone throne at the other end of the room.

There were sixteen jedi all lined up there. Battered, bruised and broken both mentally and physically . Their eyes were fixed ahead at the man who stood at the head of the room. He had a huge sword over his shoulder. The man was about six foot 5 . So that sword was huge. He walked with ease up and down the row looking at each one in turn. Then he came back to the throne and spoke.

" All of you have comitted high crimes against freedom, against common human decency and against my family. you have endured my torutres which porves that you are no more than devils and demons. I promise you this, all of your kind will be extinguished and the galaxy purged of you and those who would aid you so this can become the dawn of a new age, a new eden. in that knoweledg despair and die"

Suddenly the sword began to glow.. That was a lightsaber? In one swoop he took off the heads of all of his prisoners . " Get them out of here" he spat and shook the carnage from his sword. He took a seat in his throne . " bring her here" he said motioning to someone in the shadows. A young woman was hauled forward. Ravenstone?

I turned to her ghostly image . She had retreated into herself and backed away ,her palms to the wall shaking her head. All of a sudden a book slid across the room to my feet. i piecked it up and then I was back in my own body. I was home.

" Ravenstone, what did he do to you?" I asked quietly as I shut the tome . I reached for the soft leather diary at my side.. I had retirved the diary of Harusume .

" I.. Please don't ask me .. I don't want to talk about it.. just know he made me what I am now.. He must die for what he has done.. what he will do.. he will attack the temple, his dream has not been realizied.. now that he knows I am alive he might try to use you for the machiene"

"Me ? Why ?"

"Because in his own tiwsted way he loved me.. it would be the perfect revenge against me. He could never reach the heights I did, and he was always jealous.. "

Something in her voice changed.. it was laced with pure hate and intoned revenge.

"Wait slow down... We need to take one thing at a time , this could all be a trap. We need to read Harusume's diary and find out more cirtical information"

At that moment my comm went off. It was Anakin

" yah what's up? "

" Pho get down to the city now.. we have a lead on Dooku cooridnates to follow" the com clicked out. I was on my feet in a few moments and after a quick change I ran clear to the garage not missing a beat . Gunning my speeder I nearly busted the keypad in my haste to type the coordinates in . While I was on my way I had a little chat with Ravenstone

" you know this is a trap"
" do i look like I was born yesterday? Of coruse I know that this lead is probably a trap.. If anything the diary will tell us more"
"well we don't have a choice. At least I get to burn off some energy "

I snickered. the first person that got in my way inside the warehouse that wasn't another Jedi would meet my lightsaber.

Landing my speeder I ran up without a sound behind Anakin and poked his shoulder. The look on his face whenever he turned was pretty much priceless,. He probably would've jumped a foot in the air if circumstnaces wern't so dire..

I looked from one to the other and then suddenly the whole idea became clear.. I wrinkled my nose at Anakin. Mildly irrated with me being the bait as I was., I was grateful that they trusted me with this.. well sort of...


Monday, October 02, 2006

Rest,recouparation and a discovery pt 1

Okay finally after that last escapade I was able to heal my ribs which might I say where bits and pieces of their former selves It took me about three or four hours to heal just one side . Hurts like a saber to the head let me tell you. I got a call from the healers that Lisette was alright and miracle of miracles walking alright now. If I wouldn't have been hurting so badly I would have ran clear to the healers to get her. I had to walk with a slow pace clear down there, but I had the most stupid grin on my face.

There she was , curled up on the bed, purring contentedly and whenever she saw me she raised up on her tiptoes and stretched langoiusly and ambled over . She rubbd and rubbed all over me an I couldn't help picking her up and hugging her no end.. I suddenly saw a glimpse ofsomething flash across my mind . Three white haired men.. I knew all of them.. Sidious, Dooku and .. Force, no it couldn't be...i could hea Ravenstone's audible gasp of suprise..

" so that leech is still alive is he?" she asked, venom dripping off of every syllable. I had seen pictures of him in the tome hidden away in my room. His hair was long , and his eyes were bright green, those of a demon itself. I shivered and gently set Lisettedown. If he was working wiht Dooku and Sidious, then we were in for real trouble. His nickname" The Jedi Slayer" he was even more feared than bounty hunters, a jedi's worst enemy.

His name.. is Harusame

I picked Lisette up , who curled up in my arms and promptly dropped off to sleep. I headed back to my room and after I had set her down for a nap , I went to the chest. I ran my fingers over the runes and then opened the chest, dust flying everywhere. I didn't know i it were some trick to distract me or not, but the risk of not looking into it was too great.

I removed the heavy tome from it's resting place among the other artifacts and set it out on the desk.Checking to make sure no one was near, I changed into a black halter top with fake diamonds and perls on the bustline.

On my back is an intricate tatoo that looks like tribal flames. I have kept this hidden from everyone. When I was younger I just assured everyone it was a black henna tatoo that I kept up with since I liked the design. I lifted the heavy leatherbound cover and it fell back onto the desk with a loud "whump " noise. the reason why I wanted no one near was I was going to send my soul back in time as well as Ravenstone to see just excactly who and and what Harasame is, or was.

As I began reciting the ancient language runes began to appear, glowing golden white on my body until I was covered from head to toe. My shields were peeled away by sheer force and I prayed no one was looking for me. I would be like a shining beacon in a dark storm. As I felt my soul being ripped from my body I gritted my teeth to keep from screaming at the feeling and then suddenly the next thing I knew I was on a cold stone floor.

To be continued